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Default [08.5] Houses of Lacharn

Important Notice: While apps are still accepted for Lacharn characters, please be aware the action will not be centered around there until further notice.

House Prothero
Llywarch, Province Ruler
"We Will Remember"

House Prothero has ruled the island of Lacharn since 556 BF, when the disagreements between the families on Lacharn, expatriots from Pelasaia, so strained the two islands that they decided to join as one. In 213 BF, Pelasaia, now part of the Linchao Republic, came back to invade and add to their lands, and Prothero fell. The remaining members of the family fled to the League of Arbrecht, where they lived in a smallhold of the Fitzwulf family for two hundred years, until the rest of what would become Forsilvra decided to drive the invaders out. They retook their seat, and quickly joined the new Forsilvran alliance. Returning the island to its peaceful, prosperous ways, they nevertheless bolstered the defenses that had so failed them before. Becoming very devoted to Quintism, members of the family generally believe that their recapture of their seat shows the gods have blessed their right to it. Because of this, there are many temples to the goddess Shai, in remembrance of their two centuries lost.

Like all Houses of Lacharn, inheritance is done by the first born regardless of gender. They trade in many things, but are known far and wide for their textiles. Their words are ‘We Will Remember’

[House Genealogy]
  • Blodwyn Prothero -- Bryce Morgandy
    • Rhiannon Prothero -- Balthasar Merrick
    • Rhosyn Prothero -- Padrig Vaughan
      • Aeron Prothero
      • Ianto Prothero
      • Lowri Prothero
      • Myfanwy Prothero
    • Cadfael Prothero -- Alice Fitzwulf
      • Eirian Prothero
      • Emrys Prothero
      • Meaghan Prothero
      • Gwyn Prothero
    • Ieuan Prothero Anrietterre
    • Saeran Prothero Davies
    • Cadwallader Prothero
  • Caradoc Prothero -- Ryanwyn Basileus
    • Nerys Prothero Morgandy
    • Gwilym Prothero -- Lynn Morgandy
      • Idris Prothero (twin)
      • Iefan Prothero (twin)
      • Rhianwen Prothero
      • Heulwen Prothero
      • Gwynhwyvar Prothero
    • Branwen Prothero -- Gilys Haven
      • Ginevra Prothero
      • Eira Prothero
      • Glynn Prothero
      • Rhys Prothero
      • Lleulu Prothero
    • Lona Prothero Ryderich
    • Fayne Prothero Haven
    • Howell Prothero -- Marguerite Toussaint
    • Rhisart Prothero
  • Aderyn Prothero Merrick
  • Anwen Prothero Foutenot


Heulwen's Keep, Llywarch
Represented by Cardiff Castle, Photo: Million Moments

House Aubrey, Unlanded Knights

[House Genealogy]

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