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Default [08.4] Houses of Caelain

House Faerald
Caerthynas, Province Ruler
"Our Words Resound"

A proud and ancient house boasting its descent from the mythical Bard-King Faeral, House Faerald ruled as Kings of Great-Caelain from their ancient seat of Caerthynas before relinguishing that crown to rule as lords under the Fontenot Kings, once their most trusted bannermen. Their centuries-old rule over the Caelish Isles started when Brennan Faerald united the Island of Caelain under his rule, becoming the first King. Under the rule of various other kings, most notably Artur Faerald the Conqueror, who first landed on the isle of Cemria in 580 BF, conquering its coastline and enclosing it in castles, the kingdom gradually expanded to cover the whole of the Caelish Isles.

As rulers of a kingdom consisting of three isles, the Faeralds are skilled at keeping their lords together. They accomplish this through a mix of strength and political skill, and they have a reputation for being especially skilled at politics. They also have a reputation for being true to their word. In addition, they are very committed to family values, and loyal to the Fontenots, with whom they have a familial bond that goes back ages, most recently to the King's mother, Corenna Faerald Fontenot.

Faeralds are fair-skinned and brown-haired, with green or brown eyes. The House words are Our Words Resound.

[House Genealogy]
  • Maereus Faerald -- Lena Hughes
  • Aemrys Faerald -- Rhona Kyffin
    • Sir Teodor Faerald -- Elisa Tanear
    • Sir Kaye Faerald -- Gabrielle Toussaint
    • Matildis Faerald Delauncey
  • Sir Rhys Faerald -- Eira Meyrick


The Keep of the Harp of Caerthynas
Represented by Caernarfon Castle

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