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Default [08.2] Houses of Ahestere

Important Notice: Please be aware that currently, Ahestere is on hold as a playable area.

House Linnet
Lismore, Province Ruler
"We Forge Our Path"

Note: We are not accepting applications for new characters in this house at this time.

Rising from origins of a knightly house swept into exile, House Linnet were the original founders of Lismore and later on, Kings of Ahestere when they united the land under their banner. Just, honorable, and highly educated, the Linnets are a family that value the arts, especially that of painting and glass making as well as education. Those in the house tend to pride on making its members the most learned and cultured as they can.

The Linnets value diplomacy over war and are more likely to seek peace before an outmost confrontation. They are widely respected in Forsilvra, however they are characterized for their more “wild” province so to speak with its hot temperatures, spicy food and the morals of its people are known to be more 'loose' than other areas of Forsilvra. However the Linnets are noted for their olive tinted skin and dark features and boast both Ahestere and Hazir descent, however their skin is not as dark as other families in Ahestere due to frequently intermarrying with other families in Forsilvra. It was their quick thinking in uniting with their Hazir invaders that kept them in power and the Linnets have high undertones of quietly working agreements behind the scenes with those they seek alliances with.

Their motto is "We Forge Our Path."

[More: House Linnet]

[House Genealogy]
  • Jabir Linnet -- Josephine Fleurant
    • Aashiq Linnet -- Lorelei Fitzwulf
      • Aesha Linnet
      • Amira Linnet
      • Lina Linnet
    • Hakim Linnet -- Arilda Hachepelle
    • Reia Linnet Laroche
    • Osiris Linnet
  • Fahim Linnet -- Seline Dagos
    • Dakel Linnet -- Marina Naderi
      • Malik Linnet
      • Astera Linnet
      • Ramin Linnet
  • Ardeshir Linnet -- Cateline Fortescue
    • Ebrahim Linnet
    • Parvana Linnet Naderi
    • Nasreen Linnet
    • Jessamyn Linnet
    • Ehsan Linnet
  • Akela Linnet Hazdurin


Linnet Castle of Lismore
Represented by The Alhambra

House Dagos
"Wounds That Sting"

Note: We are not accepting applications for new characters in this house at this time.

House Dagos are informal bannermen, a military support to the Linnet lords of Ahestere. They occupy a great deal of settlements down the banks of the Ehsan Badieh River, between Enos and Nabaris. They are a relatively wide-spread house, living out in the open, they lead very rural and simplistic lives. They are known and held in fear [sometimes disdain], for their use of "tainted" weaponry. Their words are: "Wounds That Fester." But they often go by an unofficial motto: "We Sting!" as a way of mocking their vanquished enemies.

House Genealogy

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