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Default [07.0] Timeline of Events

Before the Uniting of Forsilvra (BF)

421 BF:The Hazir invade Ahestere and arrive on the shores of Susa.

422 BF: Basica is sacked by the Hazir. The Linnets gather their remaining banners and many Ahesteri flee to Lismore for protection. King Ehsan offers terms to the Hazir General, Kethan al-Zoqar for peace.

423 BF: Alliance between the Hazir and the remaining Ahesteri is made. The war ends. King Ehsan Linnet weds Yasmin al-Zoqar.

213BF The Linchao Republic invades Lacharn. The ruling family,House Prothero, is forced to flee where they take up residence on Arbrecht.

8 BF: The Linchao Republic begins to threaten the shores of The Vandermark and Caelain

7 BF: The Linchao gain significant ground in both Caelain and The Vandermark

6 BF: The Linchao send troops to Ahestere. Jondé Fontenot of Caelain meets with Gerald of Arbrecht and convinces him to that joining forces to free The Vandermark is in the best interest of all Kingdoms.

5 BF: The united forces free The Vandermark and push the Linchao’s invaders back into Lacharn.

4 BF: The united forces aid Ahestere and push the Linchao’s forces back into Caelain. From there, they descend on Caelain and free it from the Linchaoe.

3 BF: The united forces suffer defeats in Lacharn. Jondé spreads rumors in Lacharn that prompt a woman named Rhianwen to convince others to be free of their conquerors. She and others rise up in revolution inside Lacharn.

2 BF: With fighters inside and out, the united forces begin to gain ground in Lacharn. The Linchao raises up one last time to send troops out to fight in Caelain while feinting attack on the other islands, a way to take the attention away from Lacharn. Jondé and Caelain are successful at holding them at bay.

BF: The united forces strike hard at Lacharn and defeat the Linchao. Linchao surrenders and House Prothero returns to take leadership of their island. However, to protect against future invasions, the five kingdoms unite into one, and establish their new capital on Forsilvra.

After the Uniting of Forsilvra (AF)

1 AF: Founding of United Forsilvra and Crowning of the first king, Jondé Fontenot, former lord of Demere. The Five Horns are officially named. Construction begins on Castle Licorn.

2 AF: The city of Belleile is founded as workers on the castle build homes for their family.

3 AF: Construction of the Temple of Quintism begins

6 AF: Construction of the temple is complete. The Road of Five between the castle and the temple is paved.

8 AF: The first phase of Licorn is complete.

61 AF: The first Royal Council convenes.

70 AF: Construction begins on the council manors

72 AF: Council manors are finished.

89 AF: Castle Licorn is expanded.

231 AF: Plague starts in the north, in the city of Ernsaw. Named Turpis Morbi for the the tiny bumps that occured on the skin.

232 AF: Plague covers much of the Arbreckt and the Vandermark. Named The Ernsaw Plague because of the starting location

233 AF: Plague hits Belleile, Queen Corenna Faerald Fontenot dies.

234 AF: King Joseph Fontenot dies of plague. Adrien Fontenot becomes King at the age of eight. His uncle Stephane steps up as Regent.

236 AF: Plague reaches Ahestere

240 AF: (November) Last documented case of the plague

241 AF: (April) Game start, plague is declared officially over.

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