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[OOC Information]

Your Name: Drea
RP Experience: Five years
Your Character's Player Base: David Giuntoli

[Basic Information]

Character Name: Rufus Ovidius DeLauncey (goes by Ovidius)
Character Age: 22
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year):
Home Castle/City: The Hollows
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: DeLauncey


Called Rufus "The Ruthless" for a reason, as a child Ovidius was often prone to erratic and extremely violent behavior. Whether it was catching and torturing small animals or persuading his cousins to play dangerous games with him, Ovidius displayed classic symptoms of sociopathy that have since morphed into borderline psychopathy. Ovidius is unable to empathize with or form true relationships with other people, often he is forced to mimick emotions to create an illusion of a relationship. Of course any relationships formed are always created and manipulated for his benefit alone, never the benefit of the other person. Even those made with his own family members were made because he realizes the importance of blood, not because he hopes they will enjoy his company or find the relationship mutually beneficial.

He's certainly not a scholarly type by any means but Ovidius does possess a high level of intelligence that's often seen in his manipulation of other people. Though the majority of his family knows better, Ovidius still has many other people convinced that he's not as ruthless and power-hungry as his title suggests. He has mastered the art of psychological manipulation, and while he doesn't speak as eloquently as other noblemen, he knows exactly what to say to make people think a certain way. And of course his bloody reputation can make him quite persuasive.

Ovidius' violent behavior is most often demonstrated in a sadistic form. He takes pleasure in the tormention of anyone he deems his enemy and is commonly known to take prisoners after combat for this purpose alone, never granting his victims the peace of a swift death. When provoked far enough he is prone to outburts of rage that can mean serious injury to the other person. This is a rare occurence because Ovidius is rarely bothered by anything, but it has certainly happened, and the consequences have been dire. He's surprisingly protective of his family members and will (usually) fight at their without hesitation, though this is always more out of concern for his own standing within the house rather than the safety of his kin. If he thought it would benefit him greatly either now or in the long run, he would just as easily turn around and stab his own parents in their backs.

Ovidius thoroughly enjoys women and drink and, if he's not in the training grounds beating up some poor squire who had the unfortunate privilege of being his sparring partner, he can most often be found in a brothel. Being a lowborn, Ovidius is quite convinced he can get away with anything he wants so long as he doesn't make too much trouble all at one time and unfortunately its often true. Many a prisoner within the dungeons of the Hollows have been made a victim of his ruthlessness and they often die long before their alloted execution time.


For a long time, Rufus Ovidius DeLauncey was known simply as "the other Rufus". From day one he was compared to his older cousin and consistently came short of his family's expectations. And of course when his aunts and uncles noticed that the "other Rufus" was not quite so well behaved as his cousins well, he was already isolated. As such Ovidius' attempts to connect with his cousins often failed, playing with Ovidius proved to be extremely dangerous as their cousin didn't quite understand the difference between "play-fighting" and real fighting or if he did, he didn't much care for play-fighting. It was clear to onlookers that Ovidius was remarkably intelligent but his erratic and violent behavior made him a danger. Thus, at about ten years old, Ovidius was purposely isolated from his cousins while his parents were charged with tempering their child.

There was only so much that could be done, however, when your son delighted in torturing small animals and often speculated on how he might take over the world. Fortunately when Ovidius was old enough to hold a sword he abandoned cutting animals open in lieu of learning how to cut people open. An art he took too rapidly. Despite his parents best efforts to introduce him to calmer activities like arts or politics, Ovidius convinced them that swordsmanship was the best outlet for his violent behavior and they allowed him to nurse his martial prowess.

Soon enough he had also managed to convince them that women and wine would would also do the trick and so long as they let him keep his sword sharp and kept his pockets filled with gold for the brothels, his temperament would stay in check. So long as there weren't any animal corpses laying around with their organs strewn all over the place, they seemed to be appeased. Of course, they never knew about the prisons.

He'd taken to visiting the prisons when he was around fifteen years old. At first he'd simply snuck in to watch the flayings, taking absolute joy in watching whip stripe the skin of the unfortunate criminal. Enough persuasion however, he was soon the one holding the whip. Punishment was an undesirable job, a few coins was all it took for the guards to look the other way while Ovidius himself finished the job. It became a weekly ordeal. And when the dungeons ran out of prisoners, Ovidius himself would volunteer to round up bands of bandits or other crooks, just so that there were enough prisoners in the prisons to sate his thirst for blood.

At 22 years of age, Ovidius is just beginning to exit adolescence and his sociopathic pesonality has only increased with time, evolving into something far more sinister. Just recently made an older brother with the birth of his baby sister, Ovidius frequently contemplates pressing a pillow over his baby sister's face, absolutely convinced that the baby is a bastardess and therefore a "taint" in the DeLauncey house. He's also decided its high-time to make his presence known and intends to cement a better position in the house, hoping to lose his lowborn identity in favor of something a bit more influential.


[Writing Sample]
"Well Landry, I don't know about you, but I certainly feel much better." remarked to his battered victim as he proceeded to wipe the blood from his face and arms with a the wet cloth the prison guards provided him, stepping over the sizable blood puddle to the cell door. "Learned a valuable lesson about murder today, didn't you? Well then, let's hear it!" Landry muttered something incoherent, spitting out another bit of blood as he did. Ovidius himself had done this enough times to know exactly what had been said however. The ever present smirk on his face widened into a grin. "Not quite. I was thinking 'Don't get caught'."

With that he exited the cell completely, handing both the towel and three coins to the guard who had so graciously let him in the cell in the first place. It was the standard pay. One for the door of course, two to keep their tongues from wagging to the higher ups that might inform his dear cousin Cassius. Silence was a guaranteed when he also added that if their tongues did wag, he would know, and he would cut them off. And it worked! He had only had to cut off two tongues before!

Of course, Ovidius was no fool. He knew it was only a matter of time before his antics did in fact reach Cassius' ears and he'd do something about it. But for now, he took his joys where he could. Explaining everything away to his cousin surely wouldn't be all that difficult.


[Timeline of Events]
Year 210: Rufus Ovidius DeLauncey is born
Year 240: Taline DeLauncey is born
Year 241: Game Start

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