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Default [08.2] Houses of Ahestere

Important Notice: Please be aware that currently, Ahestere is on hold as a playable area.

House Linnet
Lismore, Province Ruler
"We Forge Our Path"

Note: We are not accepting applications for new characters in this house at this time.

Rising from origins of a knightly house swept into exile, House Linnet were the original founders of Lismore and later on, Kings of Ahestere when they united the land under their banner. Just, honorable, and highly educated, the Linnets are a family that value the arts, especially that of painting and glass making as well as education. Those in the house tend to pride on making its members the most learned and cultured as they can.

The Linnets value diplomacy over war and are more likely to seek peace before an outmost confrontation. They are widely respected in Forsilvra, however they are characterized for their more “wild” province so to speak with its hot temperatures, spicy food and the morals of its people are known to be more 'loose' than other areas of Forsilvra. However the Linnets are noted for their olive tinted skin and dark features and boast both Ahestere and Hazir descent, however their skin is not as dark as other families in Ahestere due to frequently intermarrying with other families in Forsilvra. It was their quick thinking in uniting with their Hazir invaders that kept them in power and the Linnets have high undertones of quietly working agreements behind the scenes with those they seek alliances with.

Their motto is "We Forge Our Path."

[More: House Linnet]

[House Genealogy]
  • Jabir Linnet -- Josephine Fleurant
    • Aashiq Linnet -- Lorelei Fitzwulf
      • Aesha Linnet
      • Amira Linnet
      • Lina Linnet
    • Hakim Linnet -- Arilda Hachepelle
    • Reia Linnet Laroche
    • Osiris Linnet
  • Fahim Linnet -- Seline Dagos
    • Dakel Linnet -- Marina Naderi
      • Malik Linnet
      • Astera Linnet
      • Ramin Linnet
  • Ardeshir Linnet -- Cateline Fortescue
    • Ebrahim Linnet
    • Parvana Linnet Naderi
    • Nasreen Linnet
    • Jessamyn Linnet
    • Ehsan Linnet
  • Akela Linnet Hazdurin


Linnet Castle of Lismore
Represented by The Alhambra

House Dagos
"Wounds That Sting"

Note: We are not accepting applications for new characters in this house at this time.

House Dagos are informal bannermen, a military support to the Linnet lords of Ahestere. They occupy a great deal of settlements down the banks of the Ehsan Badieh River, between Enos and Nabaris. They are a relatively wide-spread house, living out in the open, they lead very rural and simplistic lives. They are known and held in fear [sometimes disdain], for their use of "tainted" weaponry. Their words are: "Wounds That Fester." But they often go by an unofficial motto: "We Sting!" as a way of mocking their vanquished enemies.

House Genealogy

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House Fleurant
Enos, Banner Lords
"Destiny from Beauty"

Note: We are not accepting applications for new characters in this house at this time.

House Fleurant is an old and well-regarded banner house of Ahestere, serving under House Linnet. The city of Enos has been theirs for so long that no one remembers how house Fleurant came into power, and most consider them to be the original settlers of the city, even though they are not. They are deeply loyal to House Linnet, having always supported them. Though they were spared from war with the Hazir and have tried to isolate themselves, the city of Enos has felt the impact of their presence like everywhere else.

The Fleurant family has always boasted a large military, though they would claim this is not their focus. It is a necessary evil, and they look down upon those that revile in war and hold barbarians in contempt. Their military is a force to be used only when necessary, and should never be paraded or celebrated, and as such they have always been large patrons of the arts. In particular, the family emphasizes education even for their women. Every family member is well educated in numerous subjects and is encouraged to travel outside of the Province.

As a result, they frequently cross marry outside of the Province. They also have strong ties to many other families outside of Ahestere, which they are not ashamed to trade their fine goods with. As for their money making, the Fleurants have little direct businesses anymore. Though they oversee many trade operations with the city and have hefty taxes (it is a wealthy city, after all), most of their money currently is due to investments. They have always invested well and held close relationships with bankers and as such they are very stable in their funds. Though the banks of Enos are welcome to outsiders, they are some of the most restrictive and privileged. House Fleurant also officially backs them in collecting debt.

Family members themselves are usually very haughty. They do not like to show too much affection in public, whether it is between themselves or with others. However, they are always aware of cultural procedures that vary and will always show up with the appropriate gift when going somewhere as a guest. Overall, they are rather cold, but intelligent. They are highly snobbish of culture, and will look down upon people who are not as well bred as they are. Though their women are allowed more free speech than what is typical, the men are still of higher stature. The Fleurants also hold strict laws for adultery, and if either party is caught in public they may be subject to execution. Mistresses for both women and men are accepted and even understood, but they must be kept in secret.

Fleurants are typically blonde haired with light skin, though there may be some with darker hair. It is unusual for them to marry people of darker skin, as it is frowned upon. The architecture of Enos traditionally resembles French architecture, with the Hazir (considered "nouveau riche") influence looking similar to Persian architecture. The Fleurant motto is: "Destiny from Beauty."

[House Genealogy]
  • Clovis Fleurant -- Treasa Onora Brigh Vulferam
    • Silvain Fleurant -- Adrienne Fontenot
      • Reynard Fleurant
      • Gaston Fleurant -- Adolie Alysworth
        • Renate Fleurant
        • Etienne Fleurant
        • Maurice Fleurant
        • Narcisse Fleurant
        • Ambroise Fleurant
        • Musetta Fleurant
        • Bayard Fleurant
        • Jolie Fleurant
        • Cecile Fleurant
        • Leon Fleurant
      • Rochelle Fleurant DeLauncey
      • Severine Fleurant -- Sophie Lennore
      • Elaine Fleurant Forthwind
      • Ludovic Fleurant -- Lisbette Fleurant
        • Bastien Fleurant
        • Leroix Fleurant
        • Miette Fleurant
        • Adelaide Fleurant
        • Olympe Fleurant
        • Pascal Fleurant
        • Aceline Fleurant
      • Solange Fleurant Harcourt
    • Andre Fleurant -- Alexine DeLauncey
      • Jacques Fleurant
      • Michon Fleurant
      • Natalie Fleurant Toussaint
      • Oceane Fleurant
    • Giselle Fleurant de Valle
    • Bardot Fleurant Landalis
    • Bernard Fleurant - Cornelie Hachepelle
      • Charles Fleurant
      • Angelie Fleurant Alysworth
      • Jovianne Fleurant
      • Germaine Fleurant
    • Josephine Fleurant Linnet (twin)
    • Caroline Fleurant Mazarion (twin)
    • Coeur Fleurant -- Alexandrine Blanchard
    • Giverny Fleurant Montrose
    • Corbeau Fleurant - Elettra de Valle Fleurant
      • Pepin Fleurant
      • Theoren Fleurant
      • Sequin Fleurant Faerald
      • Sophie Fleurant
      • Urbain Fleurant
  • Guillaume Fleurant -- Danette Fortescue
    • Marie Fleurant Alysworth
  • Lenore Fleurant Fitzwulf
  • Revanche Fleurant

Volontiers of Enos
Represented by Chateau Valencay

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House Laroche
Nabaris, Banner Lords
"Growth through Trade"

Note: We are not accepting applications for new characters in this house at this time.

Spices, fabrics, irrigation are three things that put Nabaris on the map! Well to be fair they always traded fabrics and spices, and they were always well known, but it wasn't until Tihir and his son Jacques started talking that they found out they could do so much more with their land. Getting water from wells and the river, filling buckets, it was all too slow and they were having a problem with waste backing up in their city. Between father and son they were able to lay out a map and dig a series of trenches that pass through their city twice and then out to the fields to make sure that their crops were well watered and their cities were cleared of waste.

[House Genealogy]
  • Tihir Laroche -- Parisa SanJar
    • Yasmine Laroche Naderi
    • Helard Laroche -- Lydia Naderi
      • Jacques Laroche -- Reia Linnet
      • Laurent Laroche
      • Milik Laroche
      • Mirah Laroche
        • Stillborn girl


Sanctuary at Nabaris
Respresented by Butrón Castle

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House SanJar
Susa, Banner Lords

Note: We are not accepting applications for new characters in this house at this time.

House Sanjar originally came from the lands east of Ahestere. When the Hazir peoples came across the , they first sacked Susa, putting to slaughter the ruling family of the city. They moved on other cities, intent on taking over all of Ahestere, when the Linnet King offered them peace and lands. Jawhar SanJar considered this and agreed, and in return his sister, Yasmin SanJar was taken by House Linnet as Queen. The SanJars took over Susa, and while in name they were subject to the King, for years they considered themselves independent. Even now, the SanJars continue to stylize their ruler as Ali-Zayn rather than Lord.

The House intermarries with others, but only for men in the branches. The men in the main branch of the house always wed those of Hazir descent, or foreigners from Old Hazirm. They claim they wish to keep the main branch of their bloodlines pure, and that by remaining pure, they can better facilitate trade between Ahestere and Old Harizm. At times the people think of Susa as New Harizm, but House SanJar reminds them that the city is Ahesteri, and they are Ahesteri peoples. That the culture of Ahestere has been largely influenced by the Hazir is something House SanJar often boasts of. The only house they do not get along with is House Fleurant.

Like many in Ahestere, the city prides themselves as a place of trade. As the westernmost city, they receive many of the imports from western cities. Because they have no mountains to the south to protect again invaders, House Sanjar has also worked to build a formadible military that uses the techniques and weapons of Old Hazirm. They also hold a number of mines in the Tahkt-te-Arash from which Turquoise of many colors, gold and copper, from which jewelry and weapons are made along with imported Tin. Also, like many cities in Ahestere, the Susaians take pride in the arts. They are constantly in competition with Enos, as the styles of the original Ahesteri art are a stark contrast to that of Old Hazirm.

[House Genealogy]
  • Naseer SanJar -- Spouse
    • Parisa SanJar Laroche
    • Raheem SanJar -- Asma Saneer
      • Darius SanJar -- Bahilu Al’Jar
        • Cyrus SanJar -- Anzira Fi’Ra
          • Tarik SanJar
          • Basima SanJar
        • Dima SanJar
        • Arash SanJar
        • Darion SanJar-Laroche
        • Yasirah SanJar
        • Jafar SanJar
      • Delina SanJar Zen'Li
      • Mejdan SanJar
      • Sarai SanJar
    • Omar SanJar -- Arzu Acosta
      • Suleiman SanJar -- Hadasa Bal'anhah
        • Yusuf SanJar
        • Ibrahim SanJar
        • Tahira SanJar Iravar
        • Zubin SanJar
        • Laleh SanJar
        • Umar SanJar
      • Jinan SanJar -- Geneviève Lennore
      • Arzu SanJar Mazarion
      • Parisa SanJar Saavadra
      • Aqlia SanJar Chandaka
  • Adnan SanJar


The Gardens at Susa
Respresented by Persepolis Palace

House Bal'anhah
Susa, High Family
"To Come Home"

[House Genealogy]
  • Hadasa Bal'anhah SanJar
  • Avizeh Bal'anhah ManJa
  • Adnan Bal'anhah - Dinadei Iravar
    • Bahar Bal'anhah Acosta
    • Mehrang Bal'anhah -- Mona Izel
      • Sepehr Bal'anhah
    • Navid Bal'anhah
    • Atosa Bal'anhah


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Default Chandaka

House Chandaka
Basica, Banner Lords
"Out of darkness, we rise"

Note: We are not accepting applications for new characters in this house at this time.

House Chandaka grew up from the tribes that came over when the Hazir invaded six hundred years ago. Dominating the lands between Basica and Susa, Chandaka was the biggest of all the tribes. Their wealth and status grew over the years, until they controlled the flow of gold in and out of Basica, despite the fact that House Hazdurin, lords of the city since the time of the peace between Hazir and Ahesteri, often tried to wrest control away from the tribe. They warred with other tribes for control as well, which kept their fighting skills strong, and gained favor with House SanJar for helping to protect the mines of the south when the Maélazan raided. In time they owned large enough portions of the city that House Hazdurin began to interwed with them. So did the SanJars. Recently, the last of House Hazdurin has died, bringing House Chandaka into power through a maternal link.

House Chandaka worships a growing religion of K'ai K'in, which migrated from the lower parts of Hazir to Basica with travelers a few hundred years ago. The beliefs are of a mystical nature, worshipping the fundamental forces of land and sky. The main goddess is the moon goddess who was reborn again and again on land. This goddess was to be matched with the Tribal leader who would represent the sun, in the form of a warrior priest or prophet. The leader is picked at a young age from the most prosperous and/or the strongest family of the tribe and they are groomed to become the Tribal leader, to go through a series of tests, and then to ascend to leadership with the moon goddess at their side. The Tribal leader is the Maharaja. He may go by Maharaja or Raja. His first name is reserved only for his consorts. He adopts a non-religious name for those of other religions to speak. He has various Dewan, which are his council and leaders of sworn Tribes. The Dewan is all male. His wife is the Maharani. She is called such only if she is also not a living goddess. In that case, she is called by her name or by her description - as in “The Moon Goddess.” Any female lovers that the Maharaja takes and does not wed are titled Esha. The head priest of the religion is called the Srivijaya. His ritual name is Ah’K’in.

[House Genealogy]
  • Acalan Chandaka -- Varina Hazdurin
    • Chimalli Chandaka -- Aqlia SanJar Chandaka
    • Anzala Chandaka Izel
    • Pandree Chandaka -- Marzilla Jar’nin
      • Coatl Chandaka
      • Tlalli Chandaka


Baygate of Basica
Represented by Mont Saint Michaels
Image copyright

Common Birth, Elevated to Goddess

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House Naderi
Avanesta, Banner Lords
"In the Center of it All, the Sea Swells to Meet Us"

Note: We are not accepting applications for new characters in this house at this time.

House Naderi was once the ruling family of a dwindling tribe in the deserts of Ahestere. Their people were starving in the deserts and could not seem to keep cool enough to survive. They watched as dozens dropped off each day, succumbing to the harsh effects of the elements, and they wept. The ruler was a good man, who cared deeply for the losses of his people, and he was determined to find them a place of respite. Day after day, he sent his men off into the distance, some came back, and others were never seen again. Finally, one returned and led the community to water. It looked like salvation, until they discovered that the water was filled with salt. Mothers cried out in fear for their children, but the place was still a positive change from where they had been.

The Ancient Naderi King was quick to realize this. His people learned to fish and to boil the water to make it pure, and the breeze that came off of the sea kept them much cooler. Soon enough, Avanesta became a home. When the Linnets came, Naderi pledged his fealty to them, and fought by their side whenever the need arose.

The Naderi men are known for their intimidating size and strong build .With their copper colored skin and often black eyes, everything about their appearance haunts everyone they meet. They generally do not fight unless provoked though. They are men of honor. The women tend to be somewhat less dainty than others, although they are still known to have a terrifying beauty. While they are not afforded the same respect as the men, Naderi women are no less frightening.

Although they have accepted Quintism with the rest of the province, the Naderis still honor traces of the religion their ancestors followed. Every few generations, a young girl of the line will be chosen to be groomed to become a prophet known as a visionary, and this is considered a great honor. She will serve the head of the household as a member of his counsel until the end of her days, and she will not be allowed to marry. This practice is common enough among the Naderis and their Vassals though that the girl will not be alone on her path, she will have companions who serve other families in the same way.

[House Genealogy]
  • Zeusef Naderi -- Yasmine Laroche
    • Belmiro Naderi -- Candace Hughes
      • Anahi Naderi
    • Zorion Naderi -- Kemena Torosian
      • Zador Naderi -- Parvana Linnet
      • Benat Naderi
      • Nasha Naderi
      • Lysander Naderi
        -- Noemi Acosta
      • Lirain Naderi
    • Tiago Naderi -- Arima Torosian
      • Naiara Naderi (twin)
      • Orren Naderi (twin)
      • Lydia Naderi
    • Zurina Naderi Mazarion
    • Morela Naderi Alysworth
  • Usuan Naderi -- Wife
    • Ovann Naderi
    • Marina Naderi Linnet
      -- Sarai SanJar
    • Yevin Naderi -- Paariza SanJar
      • Yadira Naderi
    • Rydae Naderi Torosian
    • Duhria Naderi
  • Lydia Naderi Laroche


Northwatch at Avanesta
Represented by Artist Jonas Dero

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