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Default [02.0] Map of Forsilvra


Cities and Lords

Beauciel - House Valdez
Belleile - House Fontenot
Vale deLys - House Toussaint


Du Bois Royal Woods - The forests that cover much of the central part of the island

Mt. Lionneaux - The volcano to the north part of the island. Mt. Lionneaux is now dormant, or so everyone believes, as it has not errupted in thousands of years. The presence of the volcano keeps the lake and the springs warm or hot, resulting in some luxurious hotsprings around Vale de Lys.

Point du Nord - The northern fortress, manned by House Morely, knights in service to the king.

Westwatch - A western fortress built by House Beauciel and manned by House
de Lacroix

Foxguard - The fortress south of the Du Bois Forests

La Torteaux - The main river of Forsilvra that flows from the peak of the moutain to the north all the way to the south through Lake Bellelac and into the southern waters.

Straights of Lacharn - The waters between Lacharn and Forsilvra

Cliffs of Callidora - The high cliffs that run along the west side of the island. It is said that Queen Callidora threw herself from the cliffs into the sea after losing her twins in childbirth.

The Western Ocean - The large body to the water to the west of Forsilvra

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