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Default 8/15: Renate Fleurant and Nia Meifeng Vaughan

Our Featured characters of the bi-week are Renate Fleurant and Nia Meifeng Vaughan! In this thread you the players can ask the character's owners questions about themselves or the character!

Character Owners, feel free to add anything interesting you choose

This week:

Character: Renate Fleurant
Player: @Deek ( @Renate Fleurant )

Character: Nia Meifeng Vaughan
Player: @Collette ( @Nia Vaughan )

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For both:

1. What is the inspiration for your character?
2. What is your characters greatest fear/greatest hope?
3. Something we might not readily know about your character? (A secret, a preference, a favorite thing?)
4. Why did you pick this particular player base to represent this character?

For Renate:
1. Who is your favorite Fleurant family member (because you legit have a million family members?)
2. Greatest regret? (if any?)
3. If Renate could escape to any one place in Forsilvra which one would it be?
4. What does Renate see happening in his future, considering the Ahesthere drama/etc.?
5. How does Renate feel about the Vulferam family (AKA the Fleurants and the Vulferams, the two 'rabbit-producing' families in Forsilvra?)
6. What is Renate's deal with the de Valle daughters? Watch out for Octavius.

For Nia:
1. What do you foresee will be Nia's greatest challenge be in the near future?
2. Best memory? (Anywhere, with anyone, far past or recent.)
3. If Nia could escape to any one place in Forsilvra, where would it be?
4. What is the best part about being a Lotus? The worst? (I won't tell Bianca...)
5. Nia's worst habit?
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