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Default [241, 08: August Update]

[241, August]

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Owyn a'Murygh, Prince of Dun Eamrath (August 1st, 241)
Atticus Landalis (August 2nd, 241)
Sir Geoffry Tanear of the Iron Bow (August 9th, 241)
Sir Yusuf SanJar, Horn of the Burning Axe (August 9th, 241)
Tancen Alinar (August 13th, 241)
Alaine Blanchard Fitzwulf (August 21st, 241)
Rhiannon Prothero (August 25th, 241)
Eldric Storm (August 25th, 241)

September Birthdays
32: Griffith Nock (September 4th, 209) 32nd birthday
20: Marisée Forthwind-Esser (September 8th, 221) 20th birthday
37: Terrwyn Vaughan (September 15th, 204) 37th birthday
22: Reagan Morgandy (September 17th, 219) 22nd birthday
26: Darion SanJar (September 24th, 215) 26th birthday
25: Yusuf SanJar (September 25th, 216) 25th birthday


Month in Review: August
The month began with Adrien visiting House Montrose in Maldenham. Afterwards, while on the way to Mier, Adrien’s caravan was attacked by the mountain clans who were hired by Conor Vulferam to deter the king’s party from arriving at Mier, where Corbin Blanchard was hiding. The attack resulted in the death of Sir Geoffry Tanear, Captain of the Horns, Authority of Protection, and Horn of the Iron Bow, as well as Sir Yusuf SanJar, Horn of the Burning Axe. Victor Goddart took down the leader of the mountain clans, Bloodpaw, while the rest of the clan warriors fled with two of the king’s supply caravans. In a rage, Adrien ordered the arrest of all members of Ragnar Storm’s contingent, who had arrived on the tail of the mountain clans -- which was followed by an interrogation. While this was occurring, Corbin Blanchard and Conor Vulferam succeeded in rescuing Alaine Blanchard from Westerland before the king’s party arrived there. Upon arrival at the Wolf Keep, the king released all Storm captives and visited with Elanor Fitzwulf, before deciding to take his leave of the province -- knowing that war was coming, but not that it had already begun.

Unbeknownst to them all, House Brabant and House Storm attacked Ernsaw and killed Tancen Alinar, who had been reigning as bannerlord there. Aessa Alinar became a prisoner as the only remaining Alinar. The Storms then withdrew their forces and House Brabant claimed the keep. Word of the attack reached Ian Harcourt, who was marching North with his forces to meet Malcolm Montrose. He split his forces in order to meet Jager Brabant on the field. Meanwhile, Lisanne and Nikoline Brabant rode to Mier to bring news of House Brabant’s pledge of fealty directly to Corbin. On the way back home, they were waylaid and kidnapped by a merchant intent on selling information on Corbin Blanchard to House Fitzwulf, and brought to Westerland.

The East was rocked with a ship battle between Harcourt and Storm that resulted in the capture of Desmond Redwald and the fall of Kelailles.

Sadly, Alaine Blanchard Fitzwulf took her own life, unable to deal with the death of her husband Jon Fitzwulf and the loss of her pregnancy. Alaine blamed her brother; Corbin vowed vengeance upon House Fitzwulf...

Expected Events in September
What might be on the horizon? Formal declarations of war, an attack on Mier by Thomas Fitzwulf, and the surrender of House Storm following what might be the best ship battle in Arbrecht history!

Weather Forecast
9/1 - 9/8: Warm and dry with a wind from the south.
9/9 - 9/10: A cold front from the north comes in and drops the temperature. Torrential rain.
9/11 - 9/12: A storm rolls in with light rain. Nothing to write home about.
9/13 - 9/18: Cloudy, warm, muggy at times.
9/19 - 9/24: Scattered showers; cool to chilly weather.
9/25 - 9/31: Cool and dry, sunny, very nice out!

The Vandermark

Month in Review: August
House DeLauncey left the shores of the Mark by ship. On route to Demere, Caelain, where they attended the wedding of Marcheline DeLauncey, their ships sailed into a fierce storm. One of their vessels was sunk, yet after a harrowing night on the sea, the DeLauncey lords and ladies made it to land -- where they looked like drowned rats until they were able to make it to White Spires.

Once the wedding was over, they faced their fears of open water to return home.

In the Mark, Lord Atticus Landalis was murdered by his brother, Hector Landalis, but was stopped from continuing the kin-slaying by Marius Landalis, Maximus Landalis, and Lucius DeLauncey. Hector now awaits trial.

Expected Events in September
What is next? The Hollows will host the royal court, conduct a trial for Hector Landalis, and receive word of the war in Arbrecht. Will they be forced to join?

Weather Forecast
9/1 - 9/10: - Warm and dry with a wind from the south.
9/11 - 9/12: - A cool front.
9/13 - 9/18: Cloudy, warm, muggy at times.
9/19: - A cold front from the north comes in and drops the temperature. Torrential rain.
9/20 - 9/24: Scattered showers; cool to chilly weather.
9/25 - 9/31: - Warmth from the south makes it cool and breezy, sunny, very nice out. On the 27th there are scattered showers but otherwise, no rain!


Month in Review: August
With a dark cloud hovering over the province, stemming from the poisoning of Lady Ceinwen Prothero, Lacharn converged upon Cnaith to seek solace. The Founding Day Festival spark life back into the province as the Lotuses managed to once again impress with their prowess, this time cultural. May it had been a spectacular parade or a filling feast, fireworks or floating lanterns, notable guests from all around Forsilvra gathered to enjoy the splendor of the festivities.

However, the renewed energy of the province did not last long. Lady Rhiannon Prothero was discovered dead immediately upon her return to Llywarch. Visitors arrived in anticipation of the King’s visit only to discover another tragedy have marred the province. The son of the late Rhiannon Prothero, Maldwyn Prothero succeeded his mother and became the new Province Lord of Lacharn. As investigative efforts into the murder began by various councilmen of the realm and leaders within the province, Maldwyn Prothero and King Adrien pushed forward with the prior plans.

In an attempt to continue back to normalcy, the birthday celebrations of Lady Keyna Prothero proceeded as planned. A tournament of the King’s Horns was held as well in order to name their new Captain. Amidst these attempts, new leads in the murder case arose. However, the discovery of corpse of Lord Cuhbert Valentine leaves many to wonder if stability and normalcy are possible in these turbulent times for Lacharn.

Expected Events in September
With a number one suspect named as mastermind behind the assassination attempt upon the King and the murder of Lady Rhiannon Prothero, expect justice to be delivered underneath the King’s watchful eye as he depart for the Mark. Lord Maldwyn Prothero shall demand the reaffirmation of his banners’ oaths of fealty in a public ceremony. After such fealty, there are plans for a full-blown investigation into the poisoning of Ceinwen commences as Maldwyn expects key figures within his province to chase several leads. The month shall hopefully end on a good note as the province will gather together in Enyon for the wedding of Lord Cadwallader Prothero and Lady Cordelia Morgandy.

Weather Forecast
9/1 – 9/10: An extensive heat wave strikes Lacharn, with little wine and little rain. Only the occasional brief thunderstorm arrives to provide relief.
9/10 - 9/15: A sudden drop in temperature as a cold front moves in, bring in the first breathe of Fall. Furious storms with torrential rains strike at various times for each city. Minor flooding and landslides occurs in the mountainous areas of the province.
9/15 – 9/22: Temperatures rise to a mild temperature. Mostly overcast days with the occasional bout of sunlight.
9/22 – 9/30: A warm front moves in as temperatures rise to a hot, muggy level. Fog can be found often in the mornings and evenings in several cities. By noon, sun shines brightly and mercilessly.


Month in Review: August
The month began with the execution of Owyn a'Murygh, Prince of Dun Eamrath, for his crimes against House Kyffin and Caelain. The Faeralds then split, as some attended the Founding Day Festival in Cnaith along with the Alysworth, while the rest along with House Kyffin, headed to Demere for the wedding of Liam Forthwind and Marcheline DeLauncey.

The DeLaunceys arrived as well, storm-soaked from their near-death experience, and the wedding continued as planned -- until the corpse of Guy Wintour, the Authority of Coin, showed up marked with strange ritual symbols.

Expected Events in September
What’s next for the island? The traditional ceremony of Harptide!

Weather Forecast
9/1 – 9/12: An extensive heat wave strikes Caelain, with little wind and little rain. Only the occasional brief thunderstorm arrives to provide relief.
9/12 - 9/17: A sudden drop in temperature as a cold front moves in, bring in the first breath of fall. The same storms that hit Lacharn now move south into Caelain, but they are mostly rained out and the showers are lighter.
9/17 – 9/30: The rainy fall sets in, with off and on showers and mild temperatures for the rest of the month.


Month in Review: August
The court of Aashiq Linnet was in Lacharn for the whole of the month, attending the founding day festival in order to improve their bond with House Prothero after Ceinwen was poisoned and Nasir Linnet vanished in the middle of the day before he could be apprehended as a suspect. In the middle of the fesitival, however, Abrielle Laroche, heiress of Narabis was abducted, the only information known is that she was seen boarding a ship bound for Ahestere.

With this knowledge, House Linnet boarded their own ships to return to Lismore and begin the search for Abby.

Meanwhile the Eastern house of SanJar boarded ships of their own to travel to Hazirm, home of their ancestors. In meetings with Cyrus’ uncle, Baraz Al’Jar Ali-Zayn of Hazirm, plans were confirmed of support of Cyrus’s plans to become independent.

Expected Events in September
With everyone back in Ahestere, the Linnets plan to ensure that Abrielle is found and whoever the traitor in their midst is will be rooted out. House SanJar plans to return home to Susa, where very soon Abrielle will wed Darion SanJar.

Weather Forecast
9/1-9/12: Ahestere’s typical climate is in full strength -- dry and hot.
9/13 - 9/14: Storms rage on the coast.
9/15: Sandstorm rolls all across the province!
9/16 - 9/31: Ahestere returns to the relatively calm, dry, and warm climate it enjoys in fall. The nights are starting to become exceptionally cold.

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