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Default [03.1] Worship of The Hero: Mythology

"Gerald The Brave"
This is mythology, not a history.

Gerald The Brave is the center of The Worship of The Hero, mainly renowned for being able to combine the forces of Arbrecht during the War Against The Invaders. A fiercely violent man, a great deal of Gerald's history, origins and habits are heavily debated, so this will include what is taught by the Worship in Westerland, the largest region of Arbrecht.

A Named Man from the land around the Heldenbrecht border, Gerald was edging into his fiftieth year when he heard tell of the invaders. He was an experienced man who had fought since he could walk. The Fitzwulf Family had been badly bloodied by a recent attempt to take Landerfell, and so came to Gerald, begging him to take as many volunteers as he could find and fight the Heathens. Gerald agreed, on the condition that the Fitzwulf family would honour his sacrifice for all the years to come. They swore on this, and offered their most warlike member, Morcar Fitzwulf, to aid the great hero. Morcar was a quiet but ruthless young man, with ice in his veins and a master swordsman. He challenged Gerald, one day, but the Hero refused, before suddenly striking out when the Fitzwulf's guard was down. So was the first mantra spoken: Attack When Most Advantageous.

The men who followed Gerald to the invaded lands were few, but by his courage and experience, the great man took control of the Arbrechtian forces. Gerald's most famous accomplishment is being first through the breach at every city he helped liberate. At one, he led Morcar Fitzwulf and his Knights, now experienced warriors of incredible skill, to kill the Grand General of the invading armies. The man was replaced, but Gerald marched on, and so was spoken the second mantra: Go For The Throat In All Conflict. The Arbrechtian forces supposedly marched fifty miles in one night to come to the aid of Fyrsbruckian soldiers, charging into the fray and breaking the invading forces with axe and sword. So was the third mantra spoken: With a Reason To Fight, Any Battle Can Be Won. Through it all, Gerald inspired his men to fight hard, to fight true, and instilled such a loyalty, such a unity, that Ernsawman embraced Maldenhamish, Fyrsbruckian and Westerlander shared stew, Morcar Fitzwulf and Guillaume Blanchard became blood brothers, despite the nature of politics back home. Gerald came across these two binding their fates together in the old way, and spoke the fourth mantra: Battle Forges Brothers As Surely As Fire Forges Steel.

It became an Arbrechtian Army, and this is perhaps why the League worships him so devoutly more than anything else. He threw back the Invaders, but he was not done.
For on the last battle of Arbrecht, a man named Jonde Fontenot aided the Northmen with cunning and strategy, and such became a friend to Gerald The Brave. Jonde looked at the seething, warlike forces of the North, and wondered aloud to Gerald whether they had their fill of vengeance from the Invaders. Gerald The Brave was forceful in his statement; they were not yet done. Jonde offered Gerald glory abroad, but the Named Man gave no answer - he simply spoke to the nearest Arbrechtian, a Maldenham Clansmen.
"To glory, brother?" He asked.
"To glory, my father."
The Arbrechtian and Forsilvran forces embarked the next day.

Travelling south to The Vandermark, Gerald knew greatness as his Arbrechtian soldiers became the savage hammer of the Allied Forces. Though regarded as crude and feral, the assault of these chainmail and plate-clad warriors was regarded with awe by many, and Gerald was at the forefront of each assault, no matter the odds. Again they fought at Ahestere, holding the line against the Linchaon Republic as a cliff against the waves. Gerald's greatsword once fell to the floor, and the man leapt from the line of battle, plate-clad and unarmed, and tore about him with fists, as if a demon had possessed him. Taking up his blade from a beaten foe, Gerald cleaved into the enemy ranks, even as Ahestere and Vandermark forces flanked the foe. His men followed - after the blood was done, Gerald spoke the fifth mantra: In Battle, Anger and Courage Are Brothers.

In Caelain, they knew glory. Though the people of that land lacked the savagery of the Arbrechtians, they were of a kind, and some men stayed after Cortland joined with the Heroes.
At Lacharn, they faltered. Gerald's men were bogged down, having been split off to better fight the Heathens, outside a great city. The garrison was fierce, the walls well constructed, and even the presence of Monrose, Guillaume and Morcar could not buoy the men up. Just as Gerald prepared to personally lead an assault, a Cavalry force of Invaders appeared on the plain to the south of them. On orders from Cortland, Gerald The Brave begrudgingly returned to Caelain, where his soldiers recovered from years of gruelling campaign.

When they were called once more to the fight, Gerald spoke the sixth mantra: War Is Eternal.

They fought in Lacharn. They liberated the City that had once bested them, dancing in the streets with the Revolutionaries of Lacharn, so much so that this city, Enyon, refers to a massive festival as 'An Arbrechtian Funeral'.
But the Invaders were not done, and countered with a great and terrible invasion force.
In the last battle, Gerald formed the Knights and Named Men of Arbrecht unto a great spear of cavalry, and held back. For two hours, the Forsilvrans begged Gerald The Brave to advance, but he did not. They cursed his name, but he held back. Monrose, Guillaume, Morcar, all besieged him to join the fight, but he held back.
The day turned black, and all seemed lost, but whence the Invaders seemed on the brink of victory, Gerald barked his commands. This great body of warriors circled round to their flank, lowered their lances and charged.

Arbrecht and Gerald stood tall, and they slaughtered uncounted thousands of the men. Though fully nineteen of every twenty of his men fell, Gerald's cavalry charge utterly annihilated the Invading Forces, shattering their war effort once and for all on the mainland. Through it all, he fought at the front, cleaving about him with the greatsword 'Redemption'. When the battle was won, and the Generals of the Allied Army came to thank and apologise to Gerald, they found a thousand cuts across his bodies, bleeding from every inch of his skin. In his last words, the great old man encouraged every man to strive for self-perfection, to be the greatest that he could, but to never abandon his nation. Now, here is the truth. Every region in Arbrecht whispers that he said 'Westerland' or 'Fyrsbruck' or whatever land they hail from. But, the man actually whispered 'Arbrecht'.

Weeping, Gerald's greatest companions lifted his blood-soaked, armour-clad body atop their shoulders, and the survivors of the Arbrechtian Army followed. They marched to the nearest port, passing the breach in which their Hero had waded through a storm of arrows, his brethren right behind him, and the companions took ship to Arbrecht, dropping their Leader's body into the water surrounding the country so that no man could claim ownership of him. Of course, the opposite happened, but this was their intention. From there, the men parted ways, only to find the country once more in strife and conflict. The men who had fought in the War Against The Invaders shunned their countries, and instead took to wandering, spreading the tale of Gerald The Brave.

These days, Gerald is also known as 'The Horn Of The Flowing Sword' for his participation as one of the great heroes. Imparted to every Horn is the truth of who Gerald was, where he was born, all the facts, as written by his first successor, but swears an oath never to reveal this truth.[/i]

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