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Default Coralie Skade Morrioghain Vulferam

Coralie Skade Morrioghain Vulferam


[OOC Information]

Your Name: Kiera
RP Experience: 13 years
Your Character's Player Base: Phoebe Tonkin


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Coralie Skade Morrioghain Vulferam
Character Age: 21
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 22, 220
Zodiac Sign: Gemini-Cancer cusp
Home Castle/City: Mier
House: House Vulferam by birth.



Height: 5'10"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Approximate Weight: 135 lbs



Calm, quiet, proud, confidant and obedient. With her shoulders back and her spine straight, Coralie always makes it known that she is above other women. She is a Vulferam, never a catty gossiper, she prides herself on factual statements and honest conversation. She has a clear sense of duty and honors her brother as the lord and leader of her house and of her family. She respects him completely and loves him unconditionally. When it comes to her sister, Aibhilin, she respects and admires her as she always has.

One thing about Coralie is that she loves games. Her favorite is one of cunning and quick wit that she plays on her own. If there is ever a time when she finds truthful and factual conversation to be lost on another individual she tends to play with them like a cat plays with her prey. Very few people have impressed her and she is generally disappointed enough with her company to walk away from them.

She only wears the finest clothes and the most elegant of jewelry. Silk dresses are among her favorites and she tends to wear dresses with less of a bell shape and more of a sheath style. Her hair is always styled carefully in the morning, even if she just wears it down, and she always makes sure she's in perfect order before even leaving her room.

Coralie loves her younger siblings and her cousins with all her heart. Helping Aibhilin keep them all safe and cared for is a duty she takes seriously. Her nieces and nephews are always a joy to play with and entertain and it secretly makes her long for children of her own.

There are few times when Coralie has been made truly angry. Even when she is slightly annoyed she has a way of keeping her face straight but many fear what would happen when she's completely unhappy. If she has a good reason and she's aware that she's correct she'll evenly call someone out on what they've done whenever possible. If she knows that she's displeased for a reason deemed unworthy of acknowledgement she'll simply leave once the conversation is completed. Once she's gone she'll disappear for hours and only her family knows where she actually ends up.

As a Lady, she knows she shouldn't be outwardly seductive, but at the same time she finds it fun. If she catches a man glancing her way she can't help but smile back. She's never had any intentions of acting on anything or compromising her good name but she can't help it if they look as she walks away.



As the sixth child born to the very large Vulferam family Coralie fit right in to the myriad of personalities around her. She was a very cheerful child, always optimistic, she was a bit of a chatter box. In her classes she was able to keep a lid on her comments but she always wore a face that said she was about to burst. She loved to run and jump in puddles and often was scolded for ruining dresses. One day she attempted to solve the problem by jumping into the puddle after taking off her dress and her attendants had a problem with that too.

She couldn't understand it until her favorite servant sat down with her and told her what being a lady was all about. It was on that day that she begged to be taken shopping, to see other Ladies and what they wore, and she was allowed to go with her favorite attendant out to see wonderful shops and beautiful clothing. That was the day she fell in love with fashion. She watched how real ladies walked, showing off the newest clothing made by this seamstress or that tailor, she immediately imitated everything she had seen.

From that moment on life had changed for the young Vulferam. She threw herself into the beauty of clothing design. Day in and out she'd be drawing dresses she thought were beautiful. In the end it turned her into a decent artist but her love was still fashion. She excelled in her work with her tutors and they supported her extra advances in sewing, embroidery, and design. She had been so excited that she even befriended a young seamstress who loved to work with her. She showed her all her drawings once a week and Cora would spend hours just watching the woman work.

Her happiness didn't last long. It was the plague that fell over their family and that changed everything. One by one she watched so many of her family members fall ill and pass on. It was terrible, gruesome, and she could just feel their pain as they cried in the night. Some of them died quickly and some were not so fortunate. Coralie had been scarred for life. It was a mistake she'd made, she didn't talk to anyone about her pain because of what she witnessed, she just threw herself into more drawing. In the end designing clothing as she loved became something that only brought bad memories to the surface. So she quit.

She, instead, studies politics. She's become quiet and not exactly the fun loving girl she once was. Along with a change in attitude came a bit of a temper. In an effort to control her mood swings Coralie practiced archery. It helped calm her down, to concentrate on something completely different, and her family knows where to find her when she's in a bad mood. Cora still loves fashion but her days of contributing to that world are over.


[Writing Sample]

"No, I think I want that bit tighter, you know so it shows off my hips." Cora told the seamstress as she watched the woman hike the fabric up in the mirror. "Yes. Just like that! It's beautiful! You do such wonderful work."

The seamstress smiled to Coralie in the mirror and the young lady turned to step off the stool. She walked around the woman's shop once, to make sure the dress flowed properly and that she never stepped on the fabric. She hated lifting a dress, she wanted her hands to always be free, so making sure that it was just the right length was extremely important to her. She felt the silk as it moved and lightly brushed her legs. Instantly Cora was in love with the dress and turned to the talented shop owner.

"I'll take it!" She announced, placing her hands on her hips.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 220: Coralie Skade Morrioghain Vulferam is born
Year 223: August 3 Sunniva Oighrig Ermendrud Vulferam is born
Year 225: January 14 Axel Ferdinand Cearbhall Vulferam is born, June 4 Conchobar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI marries Ammeline DeLauncey
Year 226: April 12 Iris Deryn Gormflaith Vulferam is born, July 8 Everild Ammeline Sithmaith Vulferam and Conchobar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VII "Conan" are born
Year 228: January 21 Eirlys Raganhildis Orfhlaith Vulferam is born, May 27 Sigrid Isolde Rathnait Vulferam is born
Year 229: August 22 Shirin Ailis Deirdre Vulferam dies from the plague
Year 230: January 13 Naomhan Andreas Tadhg Vulferam is born, December 23 Naomhan Andreas Tadhg Vulferam dies from the plague
Year 231: September 8 Una Caoilfhionn Svana Vulfernam is born, October 4 Aurelius Seachlann Tuathal Vulferam is born
Year 233: August 11 Fionnuala Mavourneen Ailis Vulferham dies of the plague, November 3 Bearach Niall Siothrun Vulferam dies of the plague,
Year 234: June 1 Egon Ragnvald Murchadh Vulferam is born, October 27 Eadbhard Uilleag Rearden Vulferam dies of the plague, Donnchadh Chlodovicious Anrai Vulferam dies of the plague
Year 235: August 19 Fionnbharr Seachlann Torcan Vulferam dies fighting in the War of Heldenbrecht, September 17 Aindreas Fionnbharr Eadbhard Vulferam is born, November 30 Tennyson Seachlann Conchobhar Vulferam dies on the battle field
Year 236: January 3 Ceallachan Fionnbharr Erskine Vulferam dies fighting in the War of Heldenbrecht, February 10 Fionnbharr Ceallachan Murchadh Vulferam is born, March 8 Einri Seachlann Cathal Vulferam dies of the plague, April 12 Clementine Tuilelaith Mavourneen Vulferam is born
Year 237: January 9 Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam V accepts William Fitzwulf as his Lord, May 3 Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam V dies from the plague and Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VI becomes Lord, May 19 Mainchin Amhlaoibh Eoin Vulferam dies of the plague
Year 238: July 10 Deirdre Sepphora Adeline Vulferam is born
Year 240: February 5 Cinaed Aemilianus Lanzo Vulferam is born and Ammeline DeLauncey Vulferam dies in childbirth
Year 241: Game Start


  • Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam IV "Conall the Terrible/the Great" -- Shirin Linnet
    • Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam V "Conri" -- Sepphora Blanchard
    • Fionnbharr Seachlann Torcan Vulferam -- Heloise Maciomhair
      • Ceallachan Fionnbharr Erskine Vulferam (twin) -- Spouse
        • Algernon Cearbhall Anrai Vulferam
        • Emlyn Gwenllian Morgan Vulferam
        • Dillon Henwas Mabon Vulferam
      • Sunniva Oighrig Ermendrud Vulferam (twin)
      • Ríoghnach Éibhleann Ciara Vulferam Peakson
      • Donnchadh Chlodovicious Anrai Vulferam -- Spouse
        • Lonnia Emiline Ryannia Vulferam
        • Bearach Niall Siothrun Vulferam
      • Breanainn Seachlann Adalsteinn Vulferam
      • Fionnuala Mavourneen Ailis Vulferham
      • Eirlys Raganhildis Orfhlaith Vulferam
    • Oisin Mathuin Fearghus Vulferam -- Niamh Vreni Everhart
      • Holden Auberon Ivor Vulferam -- Spouse
        • Alison Mairsile Deirbhill Vulferam
        • Eithne Sadhbh Finnguala Vulferam
      • Sappho Sylvia Eilis Vulferam
      • Aisling Lorelei Lee Vulferam
      • Cinaed Aemilianus Lanzo Vulferam
      • Una Caoilfhionn Svana Vulfernam
      • Aindreas Fionnbharr Eadbhard Vulferam
    • Tennyson Seachlann Conchobhar Vulferam -- Spouse
      • Bendigeidfran Zephaniah Elwood Vulferam -- Spouse
        • Harriet Helene Toireasa Vulferam
      • Corrine Chrystos Ava Vulferam
      • Shaun Fitzwilliam Harold Vulferam
      • Olwen Briony Brigh Vulferam
      • Algernon Cathal Eimhin Vulferam
      • Tuilelaith Sithmaith Vera Vulferam
    • Beverly Aoibhe Annabel Vulferam Morrisam
    • Einri Seachlann Cathal Vulferam -- Beatrix Blackmoor
      • Enfys Seachlann Dwynwyn Vulferam “Wyn”
      • Elyan Cathal Braith Vulferam
  • Adelais Caoileann Eira Vulferam Blanchard

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