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Close up of Belleile

City: Belliele
Ruler: House Fontenot
Current King: Adrien Fontenot
Date Founded: 1 AF (Belleile), 823 BF (House Fontenot)
Motto: “Strength in Unity”
Vassal Houses:
  • House Morely
  • House Parr
  • House Valentine
  • House DeLacroix


Belleile is the capital of all of Forsilvra and the home of the Royal Family, House Fontenot. The city was founded as workers who were hired to build Castle Licorn moved to the island with their families. Others followed, bringing their services and wares to the island to provide for the builders. Over the last two hundred years, the city has swelled in population, as Belleile became known as the center of the kingdom.

Parts of the city are walled around the east side down to the port. The North side is open to the castle grounds, which are also walled on the east. The west side has a wall as well. Often this is considered a weakeness, but the space between the north side and the lake has been carefully fixed with trenches and other defenses that an invader would not see.

The city is not the largest in the kingdom, being only 200 years old compare to thousands for some others, but she is close, with a population that swells from wall to wall, and many who live outsides the walls but close enough to be considered part of the citizenship.

The Banner Houses:
  • House Valdez of Beauciel
  • House Toussaint of Vale de Lys


Social Customs:

Belleile follows much of the same customs as their Caelish cousins, from the importance of Harptide to the traditions of song. The capital is always frequent stop for many a traveling minstrel, or at least those with enough coin to take passage upon a ship. Many come and never leave, finding that entertaining the court and the many merchants and traders that come and go from the city puts enough coin in the pocket and food on the table to make it worth their while. Those with enough skill often travel between the keeps and city to entertain the high lords at their tables.

The lake is considered special and only those of noble of birth are technically allowed to swim in her waters. There are penalties for getting caught, although most can work off their sacrilegious act at the temple. The woods are considered property of the crown, but they are large and expansive and many people make their homes among the hidden thickets of the forest. The woods is also a place where the King's rangers hide their secrets.

A typical day for most in Belleile involves prayer to the gods, as a large percentage of the population worships The Five. The temple, located in the heart of the city, receives hundreds of people a day for prayers, requests for work, and help in the form of food or clothing. Those with jobs peddle their wares, work their forges, or head to the fields for manual labor. The port is always bustling with activity and the streets are often crowded.


Belleile is a city devout in Quintism and boasts the largest Temple in the kingdom. The Keeper of the Five and his Handmaiden live on Forsilvra, and the Keeper is also considered to be the Authority of Religion and sit upon the council. As not all provinces worship Quintism, the Keeper can take council from men of other faiths but only in terms of the needs of the people those faiths service.


Bellele is not known for any particular craft, more that those who are the best of their trade and wish to ply their services to the royal family have come over the years and moved into the city. Areas of the city host the poor, others the whorehouses, while still others have streets lined with the manses of the rich.

The port of Belleile, located on the east side of the city hosts ships from all over the kingdom, and those from foreign lands, as they bring in trade goods and export the stone from Beauciel.

Military & Weaponry:

Belleile has a large city guard meant to protect the city. Licorn has her own castle guard and the woods have traditionally been protected by a secret brotherhood. Each keep on the island has a small force meant to protect the capital if necessary, and crown has a small navy used for protection of the port and transportation of the king.

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