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Default Alice Fitzwulf Prothero

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Character Name: Alice Fitzwulf Prothero
Character Age: 34
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): December 26, 206
Current Location: Llywarch, Lacharn
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Birth – Fitzwulf, Marriage - Prothero

Player Base: January Jones

Standing at a taller height of five foot eight, Alice is taller for a woman than most in all of Forsilvra. She has the trademark blonde hair of all the Fitzwulfs and her eyes are a clear blue. Her hair is straight and has a hard time being styled and as such she usually keeps it pinned up. She wears a necklace that bears one of Cadfael’s rings he wore always as a reminder of her husband. She dresses nicely, and as a result almost hates to be seen not looking her best. She is always expressive and one can almost always see how Alice is feeling while looking at her face. She has a hard time hiding her emotions. She is also thin- mostly from a strict diet as she hated gaining weight from pregnancy.
In her youth, Alice was a fiery girl. Spirited and free-willed, she always wanted to do as she pleased whenever she pleased. Known for having a brazen tongue, she said whatever she wished and went wherever she wished without rebuff. In her later years she toned down some of her fiery instincts, more so after she became a scholar’s wife. But her passionate nature often clashed much with that of her quiet and strong husband. Alice was far more expressive than her husband and over the years resented Cadfael before she came to love him in her own way and in time.

Hard headed, Alice is certainly stubborn and like many Fitzwulfs, only gives people one chance before they lose all credibility with her. She is a cynic by nature and is hard to trust others. Vain to a degree as well, she has never liked what childbirth has done to her figure and has tried hard over the years to keep the weight from pregnancies and childbirth off her. She does like to be dressed elegantly but is not ostentatious with her dress. Immature, she has a tendency to hold grudges and care for children- which is why she has always found it hard to adjust to motherhood. Her children when they are younger constantly test her patience and there have been times where she has often locked herself away to cry when she cannot handle them even with the help of servants.

Alice is a talented herbal healer- and believes more in herbal remedies than more traditional healing practices of most healers and doctors. She has never delivered a child or dealt with surgeries as she deems that unfit for her station but she has seen plenty of diseases she has helped alleviate with herbs. Since her husband’s death she has become more concerned with the welfare of her children and fears the day when they too have to wed and may be sent away from Lacharn.

Born the youngest child of Edward Fitzwulf and Lenore Fleurant Fitzwulf, Alice was the youngest of three children and the only daughter. Her father was the younger brother of a province lord and as the second son and the child of a second son, not many expectations were placed on Alice at the time of her birth. She had to grow used to the cold north of Arbrecht and like all Fitzwulfs, she was born blonde. But Alice had always thirsted for adventure. She would spend her days riding and exploring with her brothers. Her father was perhaps not as tyrannical as Robert Fitzwulf had been, but compared to her female cousins Isabella and Elisabeth, Alice did not have to live in fear of her cousin William. She knew to stay out of their way and Alice did as such.

Her father died when she was eleven, leaving Alice and her brothers in the care of her Uncle Robert. Still the younger Fitzwulfs didn’t seem to be much of a burden to Robert Fitzwulf and Alice was still left on her own. She became more dignified in her elder years, perhaps more so out of necessity than anything else. Her cousin William’s comment to her about her rambunctious nature seemed to have grounded the fiery Alice, at least in all but temperament. She acted like a lady but she certainly didn’t want to become the quiet little doll her elder cousins had. By her teenage years the rule of House Fitzwulf came to her cousin William and at fourteen Alice was betrothed to Cadfael Prothero- an alliance that represented the friendship and bond between House Prothero and House Fitzwulf. Alice had been the only female candidate of age at the time in House Fitzwulf that was viable for marriage as William’s own sisters were already wed and her other cousin Lorelei was too young. Alice at first rebelled against her betrothal but in time came to accept it. While in her youth she had been known to be careless with men, her betrothal had been something as a means to set her in line and break her of her habits. Alice saw it as a way to trample her freedom but she never protested.

She left for Lacharn when she was seventeen and married Cadfael, leaving Arbrecht behind her. A year later their first child was born and while Alice assumed her marriage would be an easy one, it was not. Cadfael cared more for books and his family and found it hard to express affection for Alice. A year after her daughter Eirian’s birth a son followed, Emrys and soon Alice sank into depression. The fiery girl from Arbrecht became irate. While Cadfael was kind she often assumed he didn’t love her or desire her- and such Alice abandoned her children and husband to study medicines and herbs. Lacharn allowed her to have some freedom, perhaps more so than women in other provinces. While the Protheros were kind to her Alice found herself jealous of the attention Cadfael gave to his sisters. She was his wife! Wasn’t she important in his life too?

Six years after Emrys’ birth she had their third child, Meaghan. A year after Meaghan’s birth plague had hit Lacharn. Alice helped as she could, as she had learned herbal remedies that could help alleviate affects of the plague but it was of no use. People still died. However during these years of grief and despair she had finally begun to realize the little quirks of Cadfael- his smirks, his witty banter or even how he wouldn’t fall asleep until she was beside him. She saw him with their children. Cadfael had always been an awkward parent, awkward when showing affection but good at dealing with Eirian and Emrys. The years she had neglected her children had left a bit of a gap in her relationship with them. Alice realized she wanted to be a better mother and wife, and soon she paid more attention to her family and when she was blissfully happy, announcing to Cadfael she was expecting their fourth child, everything seemed to fall apart. Cadfael was struck with the plague and died, leaving Alice heartbroken. Two months after his death she gave birth to their last child, a son she named Gwyn.

It’s been three years since his death and since then she’s lived in relative comfort in Lacharn. She was allowed to stay after all and Alice had come to love the place as her home. She had more freedom here, why would she wish to return to Arbrecht? She had heard of the fall of House Blanchard and the rise of her birth family as province lords of Arbrecht, but now her time was spent as a devoted mother to her children and that is what she would be. They were after all the only things she had left of her husband and she knew he would want her to be happy at least for his sake.

Writing Sample:
“Is he still fussing over his clothes?” Alice bemused as she watched her son attempt to dress himself. Gwyn had always been the most assertive of her children. Perhaps he had inherited her personality. But he was her last reminder of Cadfael. “Oh little sun, your stomach is still showing.” She watched as she son had attempted to put on his shirt, becoming stuck in the process. She laughed and then held out a hand to the maid. “No, don’t help him. He can do it on his own. “ But a few more seconds of fussing and finally a soft voice had said.

“Mama! I need help!”

Alice bent down to help fix the white shirt, lowering it over Gwyn’s stomach as she finally got to look at his dark eyes. All her children had looked like Cadfael, inheiriting the dark hair and eyes of their family. But their skin- their skin was Alice’s skin. She saw some of her features in all her children- Eirian’s nose, Emrys’ hands, Meaghan even had her smile and Gwyn- Gwyn had far too much of Cadfael in him. Perhaps because he had never met his father and had grown up without him or that he was the last product of their union- a truly happy blessing. Gwyn had truly been the first child she had conceived out of love and not necessity- and that made him all the more precious.

“And look you got all dressed by yourself! Come on, we are going to be late for breakfast. Your brother and sisters are already all waiting for us.” She kissed her son’s cheek and lifted him. It was good to be in Lacharn after all the traveling was done but soon they’d be off to Cnaith for the founder’s day festival. It was something fun for the children. They were all supposed to be happy now, weren’t they?

[Time Line Events]
Year 206: Alice Fitzwulf is born.
Year 220: Alice Fitzwulf is betrothed to Cadfael Prothero.
Year 224: Alice Fitzwulf weds Cadfael Prothero.
Year 225: Eirian Prothero is born.
Year 226: Emrys Prothero is born.
Year 232: Meaghan Prothero is born.
Year 233: Plague hits Lacharn.
Year 238: Cadfael Prothero dies from the plague. A few months after his death, Alice Fitzwulf gives birth to their last child, Gwyn Prothero.
Year 241: Game Start.

Family Genealogy:
House Fitzwulf
  • William Fitzwulf -/- Mary Belberry

House Prothero (I updated her kiddo’s names in here! Latara approved them!)
  • Blodwyn Prothero -- Bryce Morgandy Prothero
  • Caradoc Prothero -- wife
    • Gwyneth Prothero (twin) -- husband
      • Mabyn Prothero
      • Bronwyn Prothero
      • Ceridwen Prothero
      • Deryn Prothero
    • Gwilym Prothero (twin) -- wife
      • Idris Prothero (twin)
      • Iefan Prothero (twin)
      • Rhianwen Prothero
      • Heulwen Prothero
      • Gwynhwyvar Prothero
    • Branwen Prothero -- husband
      • Ginevra Prothero
      • Eira Prothero
      • Glynn Prothero
      • Rhys Prothero
      • Lleulu Prothero
    • Lona Prothero
    • Fayne Prothero
    • Howell Prothero
    • Rhisart Prothero
  • Anwen Prothero Fontenot
And I could tell you
His favorite color's green
He loves to argue
Born on the seventeenth
His sister's beautiful
He has his father's eyes
And if you ask me if I love him
I'd lie.

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approved! @Wren of the Mask for the other Prothero stamp! Oh and if @Elanor Fitzwulf could just stamp the Fitzwulfiness that'd be awesome.
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WELL JEEZ FRIDAY if Thomas wants to stamp I won't argue with him since I don't want to DIE.
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*stamps* Approved!!
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