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Default [04.1] Swearing, Cursing and Profanity


Curses, both mundne and divine, have been a central part of language thought the land for almost as long as language has held a common form. It is prevalent in the lower classes, though at the time of writing, it would appear that even the nobility appear to have adopted certain phrases in times of extreme stress, or, indeed, pleasure.
An excerpt from "Common Language and Dialects", p.295-299, by Randolfus McCallahan, c. August 397.

The following is a list of some of the more common curses in use in Forsilvra.

The Divine have been the subject of popular cursing for centuries, as some of the most well known individuals amongst the peasantry are the Five and their children. For reasons beyond the scope of this writing, the anatomies of their often chosen forms take prevalence over other possibilities.

"Enkil's Balls!"
It has been suggested that this particular curse came about as a result of Enkil being the deity of the moon, which itself is of an obviously orb-like shape. Used to exclaim surprise, "By Enkil's Balls, you startled me!"

"Mihra's tits!"
Surprisingly, the origin of this saying is well documented. Some time in the late 380's, a crude pictograph began spreading amongst the peasantry, depicting Mihra the sun Goddess with particularly ample bosoms, engaging in lewd acts with Veles and his immense "log". The saying is used to exclaim surprise or pleasure, ie. "By Mihra's tits, this ale is strong!"

"Veles' Horns!"
Fairly self explanatory, as Veles, God of the Earth's chosen form is often a bull. No particular connotation has been associated with this as far as the author can tell, it is simply used whenever the curser feels appropriate. A variant, "Veles' Log!" Is occasionally used, see above for explination.

"Fujin's Blood!"
No particular explanation for this has come forward, but it has been suggested that this came about because of Fujin's preference for reptiles. However weak a reason, the author has been unable to find any alternative reasoning.

Ameile alone among the five seems to have escaped being assigned a particular curse, perhaps due to the weariness of the peasantry where death and it's Goddess are concerned.

Also in use are a variety of generic curses, mostly variants of "By the five!" "To the five", etc. Invoking the Five seems to be common, particularly in moments of stress and ecstasy.


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