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Character Name: Gwynver Faerald
Character Age: 33
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): December 12, 207
Current Location: Caerthynas, Caelain
House: Faerald
Banner Appearance:
House Description: A proud and ancient house boasting its descent from the mythical Bard-King Faeral, House Faerald ruled as Kings of Great-Caelain from their ancient seat of Caerthynas before relinguishing that crown to rule as lords under the Fontenot Kings, once their most trusted bannermen. Their centuries-old rule over the Caelish Isles started when Brennan Faerald united the Island of Caelain under his rule, becoming the first King. Under the rule of various other kings, most notably Artur Faerald the Conqueror, who first landed on the isle of Cemria in 766 BF, conquering its coastline and enclosing it in castles, the kingdom gradually expanded to cover the whole of the Caelish Isles.

As rulers of a kingdom consisting of three isles, the Faeralds are skilled at keeping their lords together. They accomplish this through a mix of strength and political skill, and they have a reputation for being especially skilled at politics. They also have a reputation for being true to their word. In addition, they are very committed to family values, and loyal to the Fontenots, with whom they have a familial bond that goes back ages, most recently to the King's mother, Corenna Faerald Fontenot.

Faeralds are fair-skinned and brown-haired, with green or brown eyes. The House words are Our Words Resound.

Player Base: Lucy Griffiths

Appearance: Standing at 5’7”, Gwynver carries herself with confidence. She is a curvaceous woman with a healthy build. Her dark hair is thick and naturally wavy, falling just past her shoulders and nearly always worn loose. Her expressive eyes are wide, and a dark muddy green and by far the easiest tell for one of her famed mood swings.

Personality: ‘Tempestuous’ is perhaps the word that comes to mind first when describing Gwynver. She has never been one to hide her emotions behind a mask, she wears her heart and her emotions in the open, which makes her easy to deal in some ways and near impossible in others. One never has to guess her true thoughts or feelings. It does make her a lousy poker player, however. If she has a problem, she has no qualms about voicing her opinion, though she is not stupid enough to do so thoughtlessly. Needless problems can be avoided simply by learning to hold ones tongue, though this is a recent lesson. It should come as no surprise that she values honesty, in both herself and those around her.

Gwynver is always doing something, needing constantly to be busy and occupied. She is prone to boredom and is easily distracted from tasks that don’t engage her. She sets about most tasks with enthusiasm. It matters not if its just urgency to get the task finished or if she actually enjoys it, they are all met with the same take charge attitude, head on attitude that governs the rest of her life. She has her rough edges, but beneath the surface Gwynver is a very empathetic, and kind-hearted woman. She spends a good deal of her free time helping the less fortunate as she has no household to run, or children to mind.

Gwynver’s relationship with her brother Uthaer is a difficult ones to describe. She respects and loves him more than anyone else in the world, but she will always be the first to stand toe to toe with him and tell him what an idiot he is. In the early years of his marriage she and her mother were Annalisa’s champions, standing up for her when the need arose and Gwynver still will step in if she feels it is necessary, whether it actually is or not. Even though Annalisa is more than capable of handling herself, Gwynver is fiercely protective of her sister-in-law. One reason for her occasional anger towards her brother is that he has what she considers an idyllic life. A loving wife, two wonderful children and he has made a shipwreck of it.

Family is the most important thing in Gwynver’s life, a sentiment felt more keenly now that her own mother has passed away. She adores her niece and her nephew, dotes on them even. She always wanted to get married and have a family, but it just never happened. The topic of her failed betrothals is perhaps one of the few very sensitive points that she just refuses to talk about. She feels she is somewhat of a failure, having been unable to do the one thing that has ever been asked of her and even though the betrothals were out of her hands, she feels responsible for them ending. If she were a more superstitious person she would probably think she was cursed.

History: Second born, middle child and only daughter to Rhys and Eira Faerald, Gwynver was given many opportunities that others simply did not have. As a girl, she was considered weaker and more delicate than her brothers and Gwynver was quick to find ways to use that to her advantage. She would often make up tales of things they had done to her, simply to get them into trouble. It worked very well for a number of years, but eventually Rhys and Eira caught on to the game and put a stop to it. Impossible to know at the time, but it set the stage for her future relationships with her brothers, Uthaer in particular.

Despite childish antics, Gwynver loved her brothers dearly and would constantly try to join them in their play. More often than not she was rebutted. She would find clever ways to get back at them for shunning her, some amusing and some just plain dangerous though with trial and error and the wisdom of years (and more than a few whippings) she managed to mellow out. While the pranks never stopped, even years after she was too old for such things, she did learn to filter out the amusing from the dangerously insane.

She was a difficult child for her parents to deal with and despite her mother’s best efforts, she fell well short of expectations. On top of Uthaer’s social awkwardness, they just were not sure how to handle Gwynver’s strong spirit (i.e. stubborn streak). They could physically make her attend lessons, but she rarely paid attention. She tolerated learning to sew and embroider though she only discovered enjoyment in it as an adult. She laments, to a small degree, the time lost in her stubborn refusal to join her mother in her favorite afternoon past especially now that she is gone. Still, given the choice, Gwynver would rather be riding, hunting with her falcon, or playing chess.

Gwynver was fifteen when Uthaer was married to Annalisa. Finally there was another girl her own age, and much to her relief, she was more than a match for her thick-headed brother. Gwynver took an immediate like to the young woman, befriending her and offering comfort as Annalisa adjusted to life in Caerthynas. Growing up with Uthaer had given Gwynver an understanding and patience with her brother that Annalisa had not yet formed. She generally tried to keep out of their personal life, but never hesitated to step up in defense of Annalisa if she felt Uthaer was being particularly dense or foolish.

With her brother married, she knew that it would not be long until she was wed as well. It was after the birth of Lyneth however, when a match was arranged for her. Gwynver’s temper was well known and securing a match for her was no easy task for her father. As much as she loathed the idea of being separated from her family, especially Annalisa and the baby Lyneth, she was eager for a new adventure and knew from watching Uthaer and his wife that marriage was nothing if not an adventure. A week before the wedding was to take place a letter was received, the ship her betrothed had been on had gone down in a storm, there were no survivors.

While crushed, it was hard to keep Gwynver down long. Tragedies happen and she had never actually met the man, so it was difficult for her to mourn appropriately. But she did try. Unfortunately it marked the beginning of a string of disappointments in that regard as other matches were acquired and subsequently ended. Each time dealt a noticeable blow to the normally indomitable spirit of the young woman until at last her father finally just stopped trying. The damage had been down however, though it is hard to tell if it was the constant disappointments or simply the wisdom of years that mellowed her the most. She remains in Caerthynas, content to be near her brother and his family and helping out where she is able.

Writing Sample: Stars blazed in the early morning sky, though the promise of a new day dulled their shine. The air was heavy with the scent of the nights rain, of rich earth and the ocean. It smelled of life, of spring. Gwynver sat on the railing of the balcony overlooking the grounds, and in the distance, the ocean. With the rains the night before, it was guarenteed to be a glorious sunrise though, if she were honest with herself, she had never seen one disappoint her and she had been greeting the sun every morning for years.

A breeze tugged playfully on her unbound hair, there was a gentle bite to the skin but she had been able to come to this place without her mantle on this morning. Spring was winning the battle over winter and it was about time. She leaned back, watching the rosy fingers of the sun stretch over the horizon as it chased back the night. A small smile played over her lips as she rose from her perch and stretched. Morning ritual complete, she could now begin her day.

[Time Line Events]
Year 207: Gwynver Faerald is born.
Year 208: Wylfred Faerald is born.
Year 222: Uthaer is married to Annalisa Alysworth.
Year 225: Lyneth Faerald is born.
Year 226: Gwynver is betrothed. Gwynver’s betrothed drowns not long after.
Year 227: Thelyn Faerald is born.
Year 231: Uthaer is captured.
Year 238: Eira Faerald passes away from stroke.
Year 241: Game start.

Family Genealogy:
[House Genealogy][spoiler]

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Big freaking APPROVAL! AndI really like how you supplemented her lack of marriage. Really cool m'lady! Welcome to Team Faerald sis!
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YAYYYYYYY I don't even know if I am specifically required to approve this one but yayyyy approvallll
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Good choice of an avatar. Anyway, approved, and sorry for the delay.
Lord Tysilio Faerald, the Second of His Name, Lord Faerald of Caerthynas, High Lord of Great-Caelain, Lord of the Caeles, Prince of Cemria, Lord of Ayron and Keeper of the King's Peace.

"When I swore that from that day on, for all the days of my life, I would be true to my people and keep the King's peace, shield the weak and judge justly, I accepted a heavy burden. It's never been heavier on me than in the past month. But I must keep bearing it, if only because somebody has to and I was born to do so."
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