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[OOC Information]

Your Name: Friday
RP Experience: infinite
Your Character's Player Base: Melissa George


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Annalisa Alysworth Faerald
Character Age: 35
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): August 14th, 206
Home Castle/City: Caerthynas, Caelain
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Birth: Alysworth; Marriage: Faerald



Standing at 5'9" with pale skin and bright green eyes, Annalisa has the tall and slender appearance common to Alysworth women. She was born with firey red hair, akin to that of her mother, but as she grew older, the once vibrant hue faded to a dusky blonde. Her complexion is smooth, her eyes wide and luminous. Annalisa is a beautiful woman, but the callouses on her hands and the pervasive absence of a smile suggest something more behind her pretty face.



“For the first time, she recognized the symptoms of infatuation which she had felt incipiently as a child, as a girl in her early teens, and later as a young woman. The recognition did not lessen the reality, the poignancy of the revelation by any suggestion or promise of instability. The past was nothing to her; offered no lesson which she was willing to heed. The future was a mystery which she never attempted to penetrate. The present alone was significant; was hers, to torture her as it was doing then with the biting conviction that she had lost that which she had held, she had been denied that which her impassioned, newly awakened being demanded.”
― Kate Chopin, The Awakening



Annalisa Alysworth was the third child and second daughter born to a second son, Elgar Alysworth, and Aderyn Kyffin Alysworth. It was a mid-August birth, a time caught halfway through seasons: in the seam of the heat of the summer and chill of the coming fall. This duality -- this strange in-between time, a time of eerie imbalance, of waiting on the precipice of something old and something new, past and future -- would be a notion, a feeling, that would haunt Annalisa all her life. She would always be trapped in the in-between.

Annalisa was only three when her uncle was accused of killing her grandfather, and was subsequently executed for his crimes. This period of darkness punctuated Annalisa's childhood, and although she could not initially understand the serious repercussions of this event, nor possessed any clear memories of this particular tumultuous time, she grew up with the understanding of how deep a betrayal it was seen to be in her family. From a very, very young age, Annalisa knew what it was to feel unstable. The situation of her immediate family life was little better; the Alysworth parents were pleasant but distant participants in the lives of their children, and Annalisa's relationship with her siblings was cordial at best. Rohine was viewed more as a stern mother figure than an older sister, and Lydon was sent away to ward with the Fitzwulf family when Annalisa was still a small child. Her best memories were with Hadwyn and Ada, her closest siblings in age, but even those were sparing. Instead, Annalisa spent a great deal of time alone. It was within this time of personal growth that her sharp, observant mind begot her a penchant for reading, as Annalisa became more and more inclined to absorb herself in separate worlds, far from her own. Still, she was raised as a proper Alysworth daughter was wont to do; when Annalisa wasn't hiding away in the parapets of the castle at Porthaeron, imagining far off places and people she never met, she was at lessons. Geometry, geography, proper penmanship, embroidery. While her parents were negligent with affection, they were not scant with their children's education.

Annalisa was eleven when suspicions surfaced that her own father had murdered her grandfather, and unlike the trial that was given to her uncle, which Annalisa was a babe for, this time her unflinching green eyes watched as the Alysworth family fell to ruin before her once more. Eventually, Elgar was convicted of his crimes, and put to death, and seventeen year old Lydon returned to Porthaeron from Arbrecht to claim his birthrite and assume the mantle of banner lord. Annalisa remembers this time as mixed with great grief, and great joy. Their father had committed patricide, a crime horribly offensive in any society. Something about this stark reality -- the man in black in all her stories, coming to life as the father she knew -- was sobering for such a young girl. But Annalisa, for the first time in her life, was given a chance to meet the brother she had never known.

And, for a brief time, life seemed brighter: within Lydon, Annalisa found the tie to her family she never had.

Their relationship progressed slowly at first, considering Annalisa's reluctance to open up and Lydon's eight year absence. But within her brother, Annalisa found similar attributes that she seemed not to share with the rest of her family; he was gentle, and possessed a good-nature. They were dreamers of different kinds, but akin in that aspect nonetheless. But one thing served to keep them still at an arms-length: Annalisa has never approved of Lydon's marriage to Elisabeth Fitzwulf. Not merely because she hails from outside Caelain, but because Annalisa has always felt that Elisabeth was too manipulative of a woman to be married to kind, congenial Lydon. She knew of Elisabeth's past, and that of her family. She couldn't help but question it... still, the next five years of Annalisa's life are remembered as her most secure: Lydon was young, but he shouldered the mantle of the Alysworth family and banner lord of Porthaeron with dignity and grace. He was a gentle and caring husband to his new wife, Elisabeth, and became a trusted confidant and friend to Annalisa, with whom he was just now developing a relationship. For the first time in Annalisa's brief life, she felt as though she belonged in her 'home,' whatever version of this was. She grew into a beautiful young woman, and suddenly found great joy in a castle she had once found cold and unforgiving. It was in these formative years that Annalisa first let herself indulge in the passions that had lain dormant in her distant youth. Nurtured by the care of her siblings, Annalisa excelled in her various studies, taking great interest in art and literature, particularly the study of history. She became adept at the tongue of the Cemric tribes that troubled her brother's lands, and pursued the perfection of the lute. Annalisa was blooming in the summer of her life.

All this changed when at the young age of sixteen, Annalisa was betrothed to Uthaer Faerald, cousin of the Province Lord of Caelain, Tysilio Faerald. The betrothal itself came as a great surprise to Annalisa; she had never heard her brother make word of it before, and she knew next to nothing about her future husband. As it were, she was just now embarking on the phase in her life where marriage was of interest, and the men of Caelain were taking a similar interest in her: mysterious but beautiful Annalisa, quiet but haunting sister of Lydon Alysworth. But like all good girls of noble birth, Annalisa tried to approach this new situation with joy instead of trepidation. Here was a chance to create a happiness all her own, in a new family -- someone to belong to.

But her hopes were quickly dashed at her betrothal dinner, when her intended failed to make an appearance. It was a salacious action, one that both families and attending parties jumped to condescend. The few hours of the celebration felt like years to Annalisa, as she pretended not to hear their whispers or see their pitying looks. But Annalisa was a proud girl, and she did not let her profound shame and embarrassment show in front of the assembled Faeralds and Alysworths. She did not allow herself to shed any tears until much later that night, when the feast had been cleared away and she had been forced to spend the entire night beside an empty seat. Her anger and shame had kept her awake late that night, and so it was to both their surprise that Uthaer returned to find Annalisa outside in the gardens, burdened by her imminent betrothal to a selfish man who clearly cared nothing for her. Still, Uthaer recanted his actions, begging her to give him another chance. Annalisa reluctantly agreed, citing that it would be the last of it's kind -- but she was still an Alysworth, and could not feel sated without proper retribution. She slated him with an impossible task to prove his sincerity, one she believed he would quickly abandon, and retired for the evening, to embark on a fitful sleep after a disappointing evening. But much to her delighted surprise, when Annalisa woke the next morning, there he was -- her future husband, waiting to prove himself to her once more. Annalisa will always remember the way he looked as he kissed the back of her hand, promising that this would be the last time she would ever have reason to lose faith in him.

Little did Annalisa know, that in agreeing to marry Uthaer Faerald, she was accepting a lifetime of failed promises.

Life as a young couple was alternately joyous and awkward. Uthaer Faerald was a fighting man, born and bred for the field. He thrived in harsh conditions and meager fare, but something about a domestic castle and a young bride was beyond his grasp. For the first few months of their marriage, Annalisa couldn't help but view her husband as a kind but impenetrable stranger, a man who slept beside her but rarely touched her; a man who asked how her day was but didn't seem to listen to her answer. Uthaer was a mystery to Annalisa. They both tried, in their own way, to make it work; his loving gestures were bumbling and strange, but the intention was there. Annalisa tried to receive them with grace, but that in itself felt foreign to her, as though they were acting out strange parts in a farce. He was gone more often than he was present, and within their first year of marriage, Uthaer abruptly announced to his wife that he had volunteered for an eight month campaign to handle the Cemric tribes. For those long months Annalisa wandered the Faerald compound, trying her best to be of use but stay out of the way. She was welcomed by all, but once again felt like a foreigner in a strange land, abandoned by the one who brought her there. She found ways to spend her time, pursuing her education once more, dabbling in more particular fields and attempting to befriend the Faerald women. But still, she was alone.

A few weeks after Uthaer's return, Annalisa found, with great surprise, that she was pregnant. This revelation brought on a whole new set of emotions. Annalisa still felt like a youth herself; how could she be a mother? Besides, her relationship with her husband was still so new and confusing -- she barely knew what it was to be a wife, let alone a family. Annalisa was nineteen when their first daughter, Lyneth Faerald, was born in 225. But to Annalisa's own surprise, she immediately took to being a mother. Fascinated by her new baby, she found the joy in raising her child that seemed so absent in her union with Uthaer. Lyneth's presence seemed to spark something new between Annalisa and Uthaer as well -- now responsible to more in the world than just one another, the two began to spend more time together, trying to work through their barriers to make them not only better partners but better parents. Two years later, their first son Thelyn was born, and this seemed to herald a complete change in Uthaer. In an act of commitment that was like none he had previously displayed, Uthaer renewed his marriage vows to Annalisa in private -- and it was more a wedding to Annalisa than their first had ever been.

But, as always, the peace would fade away -- and Annalisa was once more enveloped in her personal winter, when in 231 word was sent to Lord Tysilio that Uthaer's scouting party had disappeared on a routine voyage. At first, it was believed that an altercation had occurred between the Cemric tribes and Uthaer's group, perhaps way-laying information and delaying the scouting party from their plans. But days passed, then weeks -- and it became clear that Uthaer would not return. Abruptly, at 24, Annalisa found herself completely alone, her husband presumed dead, and caring for a six-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son. Those two years are the clearest in her mind: she remembers every moment of every day, the painful and distinct awareness of being abandoned once more, with no ally in her corner. It was within those two years that Annalisa learned that the only person she could depend on was herself. After eight months of waiting for Uthaer, or his body, to return to the Faeralds, Annalisa returned to Porthaeron with her children, to the loving arms of her brother and his family. Lydon, the gracious and supportive brother as always, enveloped her children with his own, attempting to reintegrate his sister into the fold of his family. She was an Alysworth first, he had always said, and a Faerald second. But still, Annalisa knew -- she didn't belong there, as she didn't belong with the Faeralds. Widowed, with young children, she was nothing but a burden. Annalisa, not for the first time in her life, had to face the future alone.

So, as with every change of season, Annalisa had to learn to be malleable with it. She did not let herself grieve; she had to look after her children, and her future, and that did not lend itself to tears and frustrations. And just as she was learning who she was in this new chapter --

He returned to her, on a dark day in early winter.

Their reunion was a bittersweet affair, and Annalisa tries not to think of what she felt when she laid eyes on her husband for the first time in three years. There are still times, in the dead of night, that she must resist the urge to reach out and run her fingers along his turned sleeping back -- just to know if he is apparition or flesh. But still, he breathes, even if he is not the Uthaer she remembers. Three years was a long absence, but Annalisa sometimes thinks it was more like three decades, for the husband she had and the one she now possesses seem to be two separate entities, trapped in the same body. In a way, it feels like he never really returned. Whereas one might think his absence made their bond stronger, it now cleaved them in two. She returned with him and their children to Caerthynas, because she was his wife -- but on that pretense alone. Within weeks of his return, it was reported that Prince Owyn of Dun Eamrath and his clansmen refused to honor their oaths of fealty to Caerthynas and the Faerald family -- and Uthaer immediately reenlisted to aid Tysilio in furthering his campaigns to subdue the tribes once again.

Whereas before Uthaer was dutiful cousin to Tysilio, he now borders on a fanatic spearhead, taking lead of every scouting mission and border patrol. Annalisa always worried when he left, but now she must battle the flare of fear that he'll go missing again, and she will waste away the young years of her life waiting at the window, wondering -- if and when he'll ever return. He leaves so often and with such little regard to his family now that Annalisa has learned to steel herself against it, so much so that she doesn't even wish him a parting good-bye. Each departure is seen as a betrayal -- each retreating back is a knife in her side. Then the plague began to sweep Caelain, and Annalisa found she could no longer let Uthaer claim her whole heart with fear, as she watched as her mother and then her youngest brother succumbed to the deadly disease. She couldn't let him wound her, again and again -- and so she, too, has begun to pull away.

Present day finds Annalisa once more, as always, at a crossroads. Her daughter Lyneth -- her beautiful firstborn, whom she had spent so much time caring for, playing with, and educating -- is sixteen, and has been chosen to be one of Princess Aurora's ladies-in-waiting. Although this is a great honor and Lyneth is excited for such an adventure, Annalisa still has her reservations -- first, for the influences the salacious court might have on her daughter, and second, for the distinct absence she will feel as her first child departs Caerthynas. This leaves Annalisa once more in Caelain, with Thelyn, who is becoming more and more like his father; a little warrior, intent for a life in the field. As her children grow and wish to leave her side, and her husband retreats further from their marriage, Annalisa can't help but wonder: will she forever be destined to walk life alone?


[Writing Sample]

Uthaer had been summoned early that morning by Tysilio, even before they shared their morning meal. Annalisa was still in her robe when the rapid knock of his servant was heard upon the chamber doors, an 'urgent' message from his cousin and Province Lord. They had shared breakfast in silence -- already knowing what the other was thinking. He had left soon after, and Annalisa stood by the window now, imagining the retreating back of her husband down the hallway, all while the fingers of her right hand twisting the double bands on her left, a nervous habit. Her long, blonde hair was gathered into an elegant bun at the nape of her neck, but a few tendrils escaped, curling over her shoulder and falling across her eyes. She should have swept them up once more -- dressed for the morning -- but she couldn't, her body trapped where she stood, Annalisa's green eyes cast out over the dreary morning sky.

This was how it always began, wasn't it?


[Timeline of Events]


Year 205: Uthaer Faerald is born.
Year 206: Annalisa Alysworth Faerald is born.
Year 209: Girard Alysworth is poisoned, Emrik Alysworth is executed for the crime. Lydon Alysworth is warded to the Fitzwulfs.
Year 217: Lydon Alysworth returns to Porthaeron, Caelain. Elgar Alysworth is executed for killing Girard Alysworth and framing Emrik.
Year 218: Lydon Alysworth marries Elisabeth Fitzwulf.
Year 222: Uthaer is married to Annalisa Alysworth.
Year 225: Lyneth Faerald is born.
Year 227: Thelyn Faerald is born.
Year 231: Uthaer is captured by Cemric raiders.
Year 233: Uthaer manages to escape captivity and returns home to Caerthynas. Around this time, it is reported that Prince Owyn of Dun Eamrath and his peers refuse to renew their oaths of fealty to Caerthynas. Uthaer immediately enlists himself to aid in any campaign against the Cemric Prince.
Year 235: Plague sweeps Caelain, Aderyn Alysworth dies
Year 236: Theobald Alysworth dies of plague
Year 238: Eira Faerald passes away from stroke.
Year 240: Prince Owyn again reneges on his fealty to Caerthynas.
Year 241: Game start.


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