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Default Bradyn Forthwind



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Luke
RP Experience: N/A
Your Character's Player Base: Alan Rickman


[Basic Information]

Character Name:Braydn Forthwind
Character Age: 42
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): July 17th, 198
Home Castle/City: Belleile
House: Forthwind


Things do not always need to be improved, but everything always has the potential to be..”

Bradyn was once described as a mace - Blunt and very good at breaking through armour. He is the kind of that his enemies learn to fear: Observant, intelligent and patient. Duty comes first in the line of Bradyn‘s work, not fun or games.

He is a man whose cards lay extremely close to his chest and though he is pleasant and friendly to those he likes, being cordial to even those he doesn't, those he believes he can trust are few and far between. As the country‘s key advisor on all that is war, he does not share secrets or details lightly.

Bradyn is not a man content with making rash decisions and remains level headed even at the most stressful or difficult times. There is little that can be done to provoke or antagonise him, with many who have tried simply having their insults laughed off. He will stand his ground on important issues, but has an unnerving knack for not allowing it to get personal.

Being a man of reading and knowledge, he has a handy variety of references on hand to quote and is fond of metaphors, often using them to point out what he feels doesn’t make sense, or to argue a point. Knowing all too well from his reading that history repeats itself, he has no time for any who do not take the lessons he tries to teach.

He is also quite a keen inventor of military technologies. Many adaptations of technologies, are credited to him. Both the Crossbow and Arbalest, a large equivalent of the crossbow that fires a much larger arrow which has proved to be of great use in both land and naval battles, are his original creations. He has also improved existing weapons of war, namely siege engines, to improve their efficiency and use.

No slouch on the actual field of war either, Bradyn is known for his ability to judge the best tactics in any given situation and his incredible foresight for an overall strategy. He may not be the best with a sword, spear or bow, but when can orchestrate soldiers as though they are indeed his own arms.

In a more candid moment, one may see Bradyn studying artwork and culturally important objects from each country. He has a keen eye for beauty and adores interesting artwork or unusual objects, hoarding them as though they are the most precious things to him. His room is adorned with trinkets he has picked up from each country when he has travelled there on courtly duties.



Growing up the second son to Gavin Forthwind was easy for Bradyn. As a child, he was beloved by his father and mother, but was always made to understand that he would not inherit as his brother would. He took these lessons with good humour and instead devoted himself to his studies, knowing that to make his mark he would have to become exceptional.

He and his brother had a challenging relationship - one minute they were best of friends, while the following they were at each other's throats. But beneath it all, they knew that each would be there for the other when it was needed and even after the most heated of arguments, they could be seen laughing and enjoying the other's company.

Where his brother was having lessons in how to rule the province, Bradyn's were much more varied. He had the opportunity to study literature, history and mathematics. He excelled at all of his lessons and when he was found to have a brilliant tactical mind, was trained as a soldier and a leader. His understanding of formations, of weapons of war and of tactics was second to none and at the early age of 15 he had already introduce a new technology to produce bows that did not require the level of skill that a bow required. Such technology has by no means made the bow obsolete, but has become a staple of naval warfare, with the arbalests being large enough to inflict damage on other ships and the crossbows allowing for marines to be skilled at both range and melee.

In the following years, he continued to excel and became an important part of Forthwind’s army, leading the troops only when his father and brother did not. His improvements to technology led to him adapting the famous trebuchet, the most feared of all siege weapons, to use a counterweight system over the simple traction system, allowing it to be propelled over much greater distances. He has, over the years, continued such improvements and made it his business to make the portion of the Forthwind army under his command disputably the best forces in Forsilvra. His crossbow regiment in particular being renowned.

It was when he was 23 that these were first tested in a real battle. A small rebellion, led by a slighted lesser noble occurred in Caelain, near the Forthwind territories. Bradyn requested that his forces be the one to meet this rebellion and so they did. What was likely to be a battle quickly became a massacre, with the crossbows being put to devastating use - timing a volley from one unit while another reloaded, leading to an almost non-stop flurry of bolts. By the time the rebels had gotten close, they were already mostly destroyed. Taking a lesson from older tactics, he had arrayed his spearmen into a devastating wall and the rebels could not penetrate. His cavalry unit did not even need to move, for the battle was won with not a single man lost. With such a debut and out of gratitude for his military advances, he became the commander of the Forthwind’s forces before long, as his brother willed it. Now the Province Lord, his brother held tight to the internal and external matters and left their army almost solely in Bradyn’s trust.

Shortly after this, the plague began to become a problem for Forsilvra and he thought it best to marry and ensure his legacy would live on even if he did not through the deadly virus. It didn’t take long between him finding a wife, marrying her and birthing his first child, but he still continued and had two more children in the following years to make absolutely sure. Whether he loves his wife, his children, or not is not something that Bradyn will discuss with others, feeling it is none of their business.

It was at the age of 30 that Bradyn became a part of the Royal Council of Forsilvra as the Authority of War, having been sought out as perfect for the role by his predecessor. Ever since he has served on the council as an esteemed member, hoping his council does not go unheeded by the young Adrien Fontenot.


[Writing Sample]

The enemies stood against him with shields and armour much like their own. Emblazoned with the same crests, the same maddening colours. The melee could get messy if it was allowed to get to that point, but Bradyn had no intention to let it get that far. They had no ranged men among them and that oversight was going to cost them, he knew. He broke the lines of his footmen, moving them to the sides and brought forth the crossbows, who immediately set to aiming. They had some time as the enemy had to come up the hill, but there was never too much time to waste on a battlefield.

"Unit one, on my command, fire at will. Unit two, as Unit one is reloading, you are to fire at will. Alternate and keep up the volleys."

The attackers crossed past a boulder he had marked out to be the optimum firing distance and he promptly gave the order to fire. A constant hail of bolts sailed through the air, shredding through the armoured men as if they were wearing armour made of paper. Constant was the volley, cutting down man after man, but still they kept on forth. But all too soon, they were getting too close. Bradyn swiftly whirled around.

"Crossbows, back in the lines, Spearmen close the ranks and create a wall!"

The crossbowmen retreated back into the centre of his formation and the spears lined up and closed the gap their absence created. They carried longer spears than usual, nearly ten feet long and sturdy. All of them pointed down the hill. The rebels were beginning to falter and some even broke, but most carried on. Bradyn wished that more had have fled as he watched them unsuccessfully try to close, only to be cut down. This was enough to cause them to flee and break their lines completely. They had won this day. He looked into the distance, behind his formation, where the forest still burned. They had tried to keep his attention on them, unsuccessfully, but he had anticipated the surprise attack and filled the forests with flammables. Now, if was a raging inferno and their units were caught in the middle of it. He regretted using such extreme methods, but war was not a pretty sight.

"Gather up the wounded." He glanced over his lines. None of them would be his today, which was nothing short of a miracle. "This one is our victory."


[Timeline of Events]


Year 198: Bradyn Forthwind is born
Year 213: Bradyn develops “Crossbow” and “Arbalest” technology
Year 217: Bradyn adapts the trebuchet from traction to counterweight based.
Year 221: At the head of a Forthwind army, subdues a rebellion in their lands, losing not a single man and capturing most of the rebels.
Year 222: Bradyn marries
Year 228: Bradyn is appointed as Authority of War

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Well, as manager of House Forthwind, I like him a LOT! 8D Plus he's Alan Rickman.

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Sounds good to me. Approved.
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Oooooh. Good stuff! Get him in the council thread now! <3

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