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Default [01.3] Forsilvra: A Timeline

Timeline of Important Events on Forsilvra

Year 1: Founding of United Forsilvra and Crowning of the first king, Jondé Fontenot, former lord of Demere. The Five Horns are officially named. Construction begins on Castle Licorn.
Year 2: The city of Belleile is founded as workers on the castle build homes for their family.
Year 3: Construction of the Temple of Quintism begins
Year 6: Construction of the temple is complete. The Road of Five between the castle and the temple is paved.
Year 8: The first phase of Licorn is complete.
Year 61: The first Royal Council convenes.
Year 70: Construction begins on the council manors
Year 72: Council manors are finished.
Year 89: Castle Licorn is expanded.
Year 100: Power in Forsilvra begins to shift towards the throne
Year 176: Adrienne Fontenot is born
Year 178: Alexis Fontenot is born
Year 184: Jacques Fontenot is born
Year 188: Isabelle Fontenot is born
Year 196: Alexis Fontenot weds Unnamed Wife
Year 199: Arianne Fontenot is born
Year 201: Joseph Fontent is born
Year 203: Stephane Fontenot is born
Year 204: Jacques Fontenot weds Anwen Prothero
Year 210: Jacqueline Fontenot is born
Year 215: Arianne Fontenot weds Malcolm Montrose
Year 216: Alexis Fontenot is crowned King
Year 224: Joseph Fontenot weds Corenna Faerald
Year 222: Stephane Fontenot weds Isabella Fitzwulf
Year 226: Adrien Fontenot and twin Aurora are born
Year 227: Felicié Fontenot is a still birth, Alexis Fontenot dies, Joseph Fontenot is crowned king.
Year 228: Bertram Fontenot is born
Year 229: Son Fontenot is born
Year 231: Laurine Fontenot is born, plague breaks out in the north
Year 232: Daughter Fontenot is born
Year 233: Corenna Faerald Fontenot dies from the plague
Year 234: Joseph Fontenot dies from the plague, Adrien becomes King, Stephane Fontenot rules as regent
Year 234: Marc Fontenot is born, Anwen Prothero Fontenot dies from the plague
Year 237: Laurine Fontenot and Marc Fontenot die from the plague
Year 239: Jacques Fontenot is diagnosed with dementia
Year 240: Stephane Fontenot dies, Adrien Fontenot takes the crown
Year 241: The Royal Celebration of the end of the Plague

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