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Default [01.0] Forsilvra: Description

Name: Forsilvra
Cities: Belleile
Castle: Licorne

The Isle of Forsilvra is a small but lush place. The center of the island boasts a large lake, Bellelac. The castle Licorne sits just off shore, on a small island on the Eastern side of the lake. The lake is a vibrant blue, with the middle depth at 40 feet. Teeming with fish, the lake provides for the people on the island, who enjoy a mix of both freshwater and saltwater seafood. Around the southern side of the lake is the expansive gardens of the palace. The north and west side lands are reserved for the manors of the King’s Councilmen and their families. Seven beautiful villas line the lake’s shore. Only the Captain of the Horns does not receive a home.

On the north side of the island is a large mountain. Once thought to be a volcano, it has been dormant for a long as the histories have been written. From it’s peak flows a river, La Tortueax, that feeds into the lake, then from the lake the river continues, winding through the gardens and on south through the city.

The north side of the island around the mountain are dangerous cliffs that lean out over a sea of waves that crash against the rocks below all day and and night. The cliffs curve around the western side of the island, remaining large and looming along the coast. Towards the southwestern side, the cliffs gradually make their way lower until the beach appears on the southern side. The coastline on the eastern side has white sand beaches and soft waves, buffered by the large mass of Lacharn to the East. Just north of the castle are the Royal Forests Du Bois, where deer and fox and many woodland creatures roam. The crown and visiting parties often hunt there for sport.

The city of Belleile stretches from the castle down to the coast. Mostly merchants, craftsman, shops, inns and taverns, the city is always prepared for hosting important visitors. Trade makes up a large percentage of the activities going on in the town, as much is imported from the kingdoms.

Forsilvra has brought with them the religion of Quintism. The city boasts a large temple with a spire that towers into the sky. Built on a hill, it is directly south of Castle Licorne. A long road stretches between them, upon which are built the more upscale of the businesses and inns.

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