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Default Lorelei Fitzwulf Linnet



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Jenn
RP Experience: 14 years
Your Character's Player Base: Sarah Michelle Gellar


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Lorelei Fitzwulf Linnet
Character Age: 32
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): December 31, 208
Home Castle/City: Lismore
House: Fitzwulf/Linnet



Lorelei is a woman from the north. She is used to cool summers, snowy winters, bland food and woolen clothing. To say that she adjusted to the deserts of Ahestare would be a lie. While Lorelei has found things about her new home she does like, her heart still yearns to watch the snowflakes drift down over the castle turrets and pile up along the walls. When she first arrived in her new home of Lismore, she could hardly stay outside for more than a few minutes. Now she can manage hours, although she keeps her skin covered in cloth and a silk veil over her face to keep her fair skin from burning. With nearly thirteen years of acclamation, she no longer wants to faint when she walks outside, but she still does not enjoy the suffocating heat, or the long stretches of yellow sand that cover the ground.

She is a good wife and a loving mother. Her husband treats her with a respect and dignity she had never received at home, often asking for her advice on matters of the state.. Furthermore, his love for his children is limitless, and Lorelei feels a surge of joy every time she sees her eldest daughter receive the prideful smile she had missed as a little girl. The loss of her mother and the lack of love from her father drove Lorelei to decide she would be the best mother possible. While at times she must be strict and discipline them, especially because Aashiq will not, Lorelei. showers them with love each and every day and spoils them almost much as Aashiq does. Aesha and the others want for nothing, and Lorelei spends much of her time on their upbringing. They are daughters of Ahestere, but she insists they also learn the culture and history of the League of Arbrecht.

Lorelei has found she enjoys politics more than she ever could have imagined. She has a natural knack for seeing both sides of an issue, coming up with a good solution, and convincing both parties to compromise. She listens well, and when she speaks she does so with confidence that has grown because of her husband. She brings a different perspective to the table, that of the North, although she’s realized in the end that men are men no matter where they were born.

Lorelei is still a worshipper of The Hero. Tales of Gerald the Brave were read to her, sung to her, and out acted for her all through her childhood, and like anyone from the Westerlands, she believes whole heartedily that courage and strength mean success. She has learned much about the gods of her husband, and these are the gods her children worship, but her own beliefs are still deeply rooted in the religion of the north.

Deep down Lorelei carries much self-doubt. While she never lets this show, she cannot help but be disappointed in the lack of a son and male heir for Aashiq. The birth of males is just as important in the north as the south, and she has failed to produce one... yet. Her desire for one results in her enticing her husband to bed as much as possible, as though by sheer force of will a son will plant itself inside of her. She also cannot stand shouting. Despite her sheer will to keep her personality intact, she does not respond well when people yell. Almost involuntarily, she feels the need to flee from situation that escalate into loud screaming matches. The tone of anger in another's voice triggers a nerve in her as well. Over the years she has learned to control her reaction enough to leave the room, and once away from the situation, she easily regains her composure.

Oddly, Lorelei loves to play with hair. Her daughters all have beautiful long locks and Lorelei will sit with them and style their hair in both the traditional looks of the north and of the south.


Born during the Winter Snows, Lorelei’s early life was not easy. The Fitzwulfs were a hard family, priding themselves on war and prowess, and her father Odo was more of a fighter than a father. Most of the time Odo was travelling with the troops, ensuring the countryside was kept in order. He far preferred to swing his sword and sleep with whores than come home and attend to a wife he did not love or want and a daughter he considered weak. When he was home, he was violent and abusive, physically and verbally, and both Lorelei and her mother, Alainna Strum, would hide as best they could to stay out of the way until he left again.

When Lorelei was four, Alainna found herself pregnant again. During this time, Odo stayed away completely. Perhaps her father believed that the abuse during Alainna’s first pregnancy had caused a girl to be born, or perhaps he simply wanted nothing to do with either of them any longer. Regardless, when Alainna did go into labor it was far early. The baby was breached and descent through the birth canal was long and tedious. Alaine ended up infected from too many hands trying to pull out the baby boy, who was no longer living, during the labor, and ended up dying a few days later of sepsis.

Lorelei was left motherless and Lorelei’s father hardly bothered with her. She was given over to the care of Cecilia Fitzwulf, her aunt. Cecilia was always kind to her, but she was wrapped up in matters of the household. Lorelei found she spent most of her time with the House Scholar. When her father was home, he was always disappointed in her. There was nothing little Lorelei Fitzwulf could do to make him proud. She tried. One time she even snuck into the yard to fight with a sword, but when Odo found that out he beat for it, telling her that his son would have been the greatest fighter ever, but instead he was stuck with her. Lorelei doubted any son would have liked Odo for a father, but she never touched the sword again.

Occasionally the family made trips to see House DeLauncey or vice versa. The boys of the house all seemed to get along so well. Lorelei wished she’d been born a DeLauncey, with big brothers to take care of her the way the DeLauncey boys seemed to cherish their baby sister Eveline. She found herself crushing on Rufus DeLauncey, only a few years her junior, and she dreamed of one day being Lady Delauncey.

Instead, Aashiq Linnet arrived from the south, looking for a northern bride in order to seal alliances and spread influence. Lorelei Fitzwulf had just turned 17, making her the perfect woman to hand over to the Southern Lord. He took his bride home immediately (wishing to exit from the cold of the North), along with a few ladies to attend her who knew the Northern ways, where he wed her, bed her, and impregnated her almost immediately.

Aesha Linnet was born first, followed by another two daughters. The next two pregnancies were miscarriages as though boys (although they were too early gone to know the gender) simply did not wish to grow inside Lorelei. Even so, she still hoped to produce a son and heir for her husband, refusing to give up.

Plague then struck the family hard. The loss of Aashiq’s sister was hard on the family. Reia was one of the first to welcome to Lorelei to Lismore, to befriend her and treat her with kindness. The two wrote letters over the years, and visited so that their daughters, cousins, could grow up as friends. With Reia gone, Lorelei feels a deep loss. She feels a huge responsibility to ward her niece and help her grow, to be the source of love Lorelei did not receive after her own mother died.


[Writing Sample]
Lorelei stood on her balcony and looked out over the gardens. The veil over her face was silk, but she was accustom to having anything - soft or otherwise - against the skin of her face and she hated the way the world looked off-color from the fabric. Today she was dressed in light pinks, so the world had a salmon hue. Below, men and women were working to prune the plants and trees that Lorelei wished she could walk through.

She’d been in Lismore for all of four months, and she could no more tolerate the sun than she could the day she stepped off the boat. In Westerlands the weather would have been cold already with winds off the mountains in the north. She’d have been outside all day, not cooped up in the castle. Sighing, she stepped back into her room and reached for her glass of watered wine. She would not tell her husband, but deep down Lorelei Fitzwulf hated Ahestere.

A wave of nausea hit her and she hurried to sit down on the large bed that graced the room she shared with her Lord husband. If there was one thing she did like about Ahestere, it was the copious amount of pillows they thought they needed to sleep. She wasn’t used to so much color, and the spicy foods burnt her mouth every time she tried them, but she slept like a baby at night buried in those pillows.

She rolled over as the nausea left. She’d been having spells for the last week, but she’d blamed it on something she ate. Now that she really thought about, she hadn’t bled in nearly two months...

Resting a hand on her still flat belly, Lorelei wondered if she was pregnant.


[Timeline of Events]

None Yet
Year 208: Lorelei Fitzwulf is born
Year 212: Alainna Fitzwulf dies in childbirth along with stillborn son
Year 225: Lorelei Fitzwulf weds Aashiq Linnet

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