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Character Name: Malcom Montrose
Character Age: 55
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): November 16th, 186
Current Location: Maldenhalm, League of Arbrecht
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Montrose

Player Base: Sir Patrick Stewart.

Personality: On first impression, Malcolm might come across as stern and serious, although such aspects are not exhibited without good reason. Becoming the Earl of Green has set a great deal upon his proverbial plate, and he wishes to do the best that he can, while he can.

He remains close to his family, an ideal which extends to all members of the clan. As the Earl of Green he sees it as his responsibility to see the the needs of all, as well as to ensure that they remain strong and bold in the face of any would-be agressors and threats. Malcolm endeavours to follow off from where his father, Gregor, left off. He wishes to make changes, bringing something of the new to the clans, whilst at the same time holding dear the traditions of the old. It is a tentative balance, and has proven a rocky road thus far. He holds no illusions about it getting any easier in the time to come.

His relationship with his younger brother, Duncan, has been strained, although not to the extent that it used to be. His siblings successes, his infamy among the clans as the illustrious Quickfoot, were always a source of envy for him, and Malcolm had been surprised when Duncan was not declared Tanist, Gregor having instead decided that the title would be given to the eldest son. Things have since cleared up in part between them, although their relationship remains somewhat unsteady. If anything, it appears to be present mostly for the sake of the clan.

As a character, Malcolm enjoys the same uncouth humour that his fellow clansmen do, though he knows when it is better to hold his tongue, especially around political visitors to the Green. He enjoys celebrations, when there is reason to, and although he is getting older in his years now, he still likes to watch a good swordfight, particularly the young members of the clans train and spar. In a way, it reminds him of himself, and simpler times.

History: Malcolm started life as a typical young lad growing up in the clans, dreaming of becoming a powerful warrior, forging a path towards victories untold. He wanted to make a name for himself within his clan, and worked hard, trained hard, aspiring to become the best that he could be. He engaged in a great many spars as a child, working with but a simple wooden sword, wrestling with other boys and eventually excelling. He avoided fighting with his younger brother, Duncan, when he could, but sometimes confrontations simply could not be avoided. At least, not within the scope of thought of a child. Malcolm was always stronger than Duncan at first, but then, seemingly out of nowhere, that began to change. Duncan became fiercer, showing more and more of a natural skill. In the end, Malcolm could not hope to match him any longer. The result of this was a kind of shame and disappointment, intermingled with jealousy and childish rage. Driven by frustration, he tried to train harder, but no matter how he much he worked, how hard he tried, he appeared to have hit an invisible wall, and failed to improve to his brother's degree.

And so began an enmity between them, not helped by the fact that Duncan continued to grow stronger, and eventually become a local hero following the defeat of the hated Bodie clan. He was given his sword, and the title of 'Quickfoot.' Malcolm absolutely despised him.

Fortunately, Duncan then decided to leave the Green, and Malcolm was glad to see the back of him. He married his first wife, Eilidh of clan Tavish, with whom he had a two children; daughters, Iona and Aelish. Having been hoping for a son, he tried again to have another child with her. When Eilidh became pregnant for the third time, he rejoiced, his spirit elated. Sadly, however, she was not to survive the process of birthing, and neither was the newborn babe.

Malcolm did not react to the deaths well, withdrawing into himself, denying everything, as well as his need to properly grieve. He became more easily agitated, restless, allowing his despair to continually build up until one night he simply left, wandering the Green, and howled. He mourned for his wife and child, spending all the time that was required to begin healing, before returning, once more, to his clan.

Within the year following Eilidh's passing, his father, Gregor Montrose, became the next Earl of Green. This was to prove an eventful year, as the Bodie clan, previously hit hard by Duncan and his men, rallied to gather alongside other clans in order to formulate an attack against Montrose. The Lyonkeep was under assault, but rather than go forth and fight, Gregor made the decision to simply close down the keep, placing them in a position of being sieged. Malcolm did not fully understand this decision at the time, wanting to go out, to defend his clan and fight. Instead, he was being made to sit and wait inside the keep like a coward. Where was the glory, in that?

Nothing seemed to change, their supplies only dwindling as they waited, hiding away. Then, it was Duncan and his men who once again came to drive the Bodies and their allies back. Malcolm refused to allow his younger brother to take all the glory, and leading a number of the Montrose men, went out to join the fight himself. Their enemies did not stand a chance and were subsequently decimated. Duncan, once again, was celebrated as being great, a hero... everything that Malcolm still aspired to be. Surprisingly to him, however, their father Gregor then announced a change in the policies of the rite of Tanist. Instead of simply being elective, the title would fall to the first born son- something which both went against the old ways, and instead fell in line with what was followed by a number of outside 'noble' houses.

Seemingly this news came as both a surprise and an outrage to his younger brother as well, as Duncan stormed off, leaving Maldenham behind. Little did he know that Gregor had greater plans in mind for him, but Malcolm, he was simply glad that he would be the one made heir, when all along he had been certain that he would not. Duncan had, after all, made far more of a name for himself, earning far more in the way of prestige.

Life went on, with Gregor teaching his eldest son more of the ways of the outside, how they needed to change the clans ways, turning away from the old traditions, for the future prosperity of the Green. Malcolm was reluctant at first, but soon enough his mind was swayed. These changes must have been beneficial to the clan, to keep the strong, and prevent them from being looked upon as little more than brutes and ragtag ruffians, uncivilised and uncouth. He worked together with his father then, and even went on to remarry- a princess, no less- the political tie a good one which made Gregor proud.

The princess was not made welcome within the Montrose clan initially, their inherent xenophobia taking care of that, as well as the refusal to speak anything but their native, Laenic tongue. It took a great deal of time and work for them to even begin to accept her, but with a number of other marriage arrangements being made with other provinces, families outside of the clans, a necessary trial nonetheless.

At the age of 39, Malcolm became the Earl of Green, taking on the mantle of leadership for the clans. He had matured within the years before, setting aside much of his anger and envy for his younger brother, if only for the future of Maldenham itself. His wife proved something of a help with that, providing him with much insight into the workings of the court, the vagaries of politics... things that he could put to good use. He had two more children with his new wife; a daughter and a son, both of whom he planned to have betrothed to members of other Houses.

He continues on from where Gregor left on, trying to bring Maldenham more in tune with other peoples, other provinces. He is trying to arrange alliances, betrothals for those within the clan old enough to be wed... and not always with their parents' consent. He walks a difficult road, trying to balance the ways of the old with what he sees as the new, and though many of his people are resistant, still he tries, constantly telling himself that it is for the benefit of them all.

Although he still maintains contact with Duncan, now Seneschal to the King, it is strictly business and for the future of the Maldenham and the clan, nothing more.

Writing Sample:

Malcolm's eyes moved over the piece of parchment one last time before settling, focusing instead upon some invisible speck in the distance. A ball was to be hosted at the castle Licorn... and it seemed that they were to be invited. Representatives of every noble house in the Kingdoms, perhaps, would be there. Verily, such a thing would provide a prime scenario within which he could engage others of the nobility in face-to-face conversation... perhaps arrange marriages for those within his own family who as of current were still yet to wed.

Of course, it also meant seeing his younger brother again, but such simply could not be helped. Their relationship remained strained, but at the very least they could comminicate with each other with respects to the future prosperity of Maldenham and the clans.

He rubbed his temples lightly with the consideration. This was all still proving to be an uphill struggle, but with good fortune he would see it all pay off, in time.

[Time Line Events]

Year 186: Malcolm Montrose is born.
Year 202: Married Eilidh Tavish.
Year 203: Iona is born.
Year 204: Aelish is born.
Year 205: Eilidh dies.
Year 206: Gregor Montrose becomes Earl of Green. Duncan defeats the Bodie Clan.
Year 210: Duncan leaves Maldenham over a conflict about the succession laws; Duncan becomes Seneschal.
Year 211: Duncan marries Giverny Fleurant; Cameron Montrose is born.
Year 215: Malcolm marries Arianne Fontenot.
Year 216: Catriona is born.
Year 218: Bruce is born.
Year 220: Iona marries Ian Harcourt.
Year 225: Malcolm becomes the Earl of Green.
Year 232: Aelish and her husband die of plague.
Year 241: Game Begins.

Family Genealogy:

Gregor Montrose - - Wife
-- Malcolm Montrose 55, Earl of Green - - Eilidh Tavish (1) - - Arianne Fontenot Montrose (2)
--- Iona Montrose Harcourt (1)- - Ian Harcourt
---- loads of Harcourts
--- Aelish Montrose MacLeod (1) - - Callum Macleod
--- Catriona Montrose (2)
--- Bruce Montrose (2) - - Mairwen Kyffin Montrose
-- Duncan Montrose , royal Seneschal - - Giverny Fleurant Montrose
--- Cameron Montrose - - Ashleigh Harcourt Montrose
---- Douglas Montrose
--- Kenneth Montrose (twin)
--- Kenna Montrose Merrick (twin) - - Nathaniel Merrick
---- Merrick twins
-- Edme Montrose Fitzwulf - - Scot Husband (1) - - Thomas Fitzwulf
--- Son Fitzwulf
-- Craig Montrose early forties - - Scot Wife (1) - - Wife (2)
--- Nessa Montrose (1)
--- David Montrose (1)
--- Daughter Montrose (1) 21, plague
--- Neil Montrose (1)
--- Heather Montrose Fleurant (2) - - Marquis Fleurant [19]
--- Ailie Montrose (2)

+ Duncan's ward

+ Craig's bastards:
- Blair Lyon
- Keith Lyon

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