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Character Name: Alexander Harcourt
Character Age: 36
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): 1/11/205
Current Location: Fyrsbruck, League of Arbrecht
House: Harcourt
Banner Appearance:

House Description

Player Base: Rufus Sewell

Alexander has the typical Harcourt black hair that can go quite bushy. Heís 5í10.

Personality: Family, tradition, freedom. Add honor, and you get Alexander in full. He was born the youngest of the brother and never resented it. It fits him like a glove on a hand. Heís born to be a steady supporter, a pillar on which the power leans on. He rarely holds a grudge, he easily forgets trespasses of the past, but he can worry quite a lot as he is the one who cares deeply. You could hardly imagine a better friend. Alexander listens and offers his advice and help, but never forces his point of view. He loves his family (including his wife), and would follow Ian into the fire, although he doesnít share his eldest brotherís strictly business attitude. Heís more idealistic and Ė crucial word Ė chivalrous.

The Harcourts are forever bound to the sea they live off, and Alexander has a fair skill with the sail, oar and steering wheel, but he also heeds the calling of knighthood. He rides quite well, jousts, fights with a sword and an axe, and above else holds dear the ideals of a knight. In his youth he rode in tourneys in the royal court, but he couldnít stay there because he missed his family. He really is a family guy at heart.

The chivalric ideals he holds to can make Alexander an easy target of a ploy. He will rush to save a ladyís honor and virtue, he will protect the weaker from an unjust attack, heíll swear his service to a noble cause. Heíll offer his sword in single combat without a blink, if he thinks that is just. And he always fights a fair fight. It can put him in a dire spot, when somehow his ideal stands against the good of the family, and he has a hard time choosing what comes first. His ultimate conundrum would be to choose between family and honor.

Alexander was born in 195 as the youngest Harcourt, after two brothers and two sisters. As a child, he was given the education that every Harcourt received, especially about the sea lore which he does love. But he also relished the tales of gallant knights, of great battles, courageous deeds and honor. Through most of his childhood, Alexander was very timid. He didnít speak out of turn, and didnít pursue any silly antics. He was always in tow with his father, mother, and his older siblings. He watched them, laughed and played with them, but also tried to learn as well as he could, because mother told him once his good education would give her the most happiness. While his father was busy with the rule, and with assuring that his older brothers were ready to assume important tasks, their mother seemed to have a special fondness for the youngest child.

His older siblings alike made sure Alexander was a bit sheltered and had all help he ever needed to succeed. Deep down it gnawed on his confidence, and he started to doubt in himself. He idolized his oldest brother, and looked to him for advice. But when he was ten, it came the time for Alexander to see the world.

He was not afraid of the voyage. The sea was like a second home, although the further south the ship took him, the more lonely and homesick he felt. He had the company of his tutor, and a ship boyís job to do. The ship captain didnít spare him any chores, and it was the first time that Alexander really had to do everything without anybodyís help. It didnít straight away break his confidence issues, but at least he realized he could make an able seaman.

Traveling throughout the vast and foreign provinces of the united Forsilvra was an overwhelming experience. Alexander has not even seen a lot of Arbrecht before this, and now he was changing places every couple of months. He had even been introduced to the king of Forsilvra at a short audience, during which he got stuck in a hopeless stutter and made a complete full of himself. Later that day he cried into his tutorís chest, thinking that he wasnít good for anything, a disgrace to his family.

Eventually after a long trip Alexander reached the city of Enos in Ahestere. He was accepted very kindly by the Fleurants, and the family obviously made a large effort to make him feel comfortable. Three months have passed, and Alexander was indeed starting to feel quite safe, but also he was distraught. In every previous place he had not stayed so long. One day his tutor came to him, and told him that he is leaving Enos, but Alexander was to stay. The boy didnít understand until his guardian gave him the straight answer. Illan Harcourt arranged for the boy to be warded by the Fleurants. He was not going home.

Alexanderís first response was a fit of anger. He ran out of the room, then out of the castle, and the city itself. Somehow he wandered into the desert and got lost. The sun was merciless, beating down on his pale skin and burning it. He didnít have any food or water, and he had no idea where to find any. Then the night came, and it was cold. Alexander lay in the sand, trembling, and passed out from exhaustion.

When he woke, he was back in Enos, lying in bed, with a wet compress on his forehead. A girl, Solange Fleurant, was sitting at the bedside. When she saw that he was awake, she checked his skin and replaced the compress. She told him that he was lucky to be alive, that everyone was looking for him, and that she was assigned to take care of his recovery. From that day on, Solange and Alexander began talking and became close friends. Without his natural family around, Alexander started to regard Solange almost like a sister.

When he was strong enough to see Lord Silvain Fleurant, Alexander was taken to see him, and he was scared. Surely, the man would scold him harshly for what he had done. But to the boyís surprise, Silvain treated him nicely, told him that he understood it was hard to live away from home, and only warned him not to wander into the desert again. Before the meeting finished, the lord asked Alexander who he wanted to be, and Alexander couldnít quite find the answer. So Lord Silvain asked him to think about it, and reply when Alexander knew.

For several days Alexander racked his little brain. Every idea that came to his head seemed stupid, or out of his range. He really thought he wasnít good at anything. He considered telling Lord Fleurant: ďI want to be a sailorĒ. He was trained in the way of ships, and proved to himself he could work on one. But the seas around Ahestere were much different than Fyrsbruckís icy waters, and the ships of greatly different design. Furthermore, he did not think the Fleurants were much interested in the ways of the sea, as they lived in a cruel desert that he got to learn personally. Then he remembered all the stories of knighthood that he heard back home, and the tourney heíd seen at kingís court, that got him quite excited. With the idea firm in his head, Alexander sought out Silvain and told him he wanted to be a knight. The Lord smiled, and Alexanderís training started.

It was very hard at first. He was squired to a knight in the service of the Fleurants, who was fair but very harsh. The sun beat down on him in the yard, and he wasnít as resilient to the rays as the locals. He was being trained to wield the axe, and it was only his own stubbornness that eventually allowed him to train with the sword too. He was getting better though, and showed more and more promise as a fighter, to the point when one day Lord Fleurant granted him a tutor from Arbrecht. Since then, Alexander also trained in the Abrechtian ways, with a sword, a heavy armor, and a lance for the joust. While it was not the preferred way to train in Ahestere, the heat made it much more of a challenge, and greatly improved Alexanderís resilience.

When Alexander was sixteen, the Fleurants arranged a tourney, at which he came second. For that, he got knighted right away. Merely a month later, Silvain Fleurant died. There was a lot of mourning, and even Alexander felt a loss because of the very kind treatment he received from the man. Gaston Fleurant took over as the bannerlord of Enos, and one of his first notion was to go to Belleile and present himself before the king. He decided to take Solange and Alexander with him.

Alexander still remembered his first performance at court when he was ten, but he wasnít afraid this time. He was growing into a man, and his confidence was much reinforced by his training and fresh knighthood. He knew there would be tourneys to attend in the royal court, where he could show off his skill, and he had his friend Solange with him. Slowly he was starting to feel something stronger towards the girl, although he couldnít name it. More and more he was starting to think of her beauty, and he was getting quite infatuated with her, but felt ashamed by these thoughts.

When their ship was a day away from Belleile, Gaston invited Alexander to his chamber for a private talk. Alexander went in entirely oblivious what the lord wanted of him. They sat down, and in short words Gaston told the young knight the whole truth about Illan Harcourtís and Silvain Fleurantís plans. Throughout all the years, Alexander and Solange were arranged to each other, but Silvain chose to hid it from the couple. He preferred to quietly put the two together and see how well they would like each other, and if they didnít, he would make a different match for Alexander. Gaston had no objections to them getting married, since they seemed to like each other, and Silvain confessed on deathbed to his son that he had no qualms either. Alexander didnít quite know what to say, astounded by the weight of the confession. He thanked Gaston and stumbled out of his cabin awkwardly, feeling like an infirm child once more. He didnít sleep that night at all, but in his heart, he was very excited, because he found the prospect of marrying Solange very appealing to him.

When they reached Belleile, Alexander took the court by the storm. He participated in a couple of tourneys and did very splendidly. Knights congratulated him, and ladies praised him. He quickly joined the festive life of the young nobles, spending many a night in taverns, drinking, singing, and boasting. He did some flirting with the ladies, but only really had eyes for Solange. At the tourneys, he asked for her favor, and every day he found some excuse to be with her. One day they were walking through the gardens, he suddenly found the courage to kiss her. Solange didnít object, but later was very flustered. Alexander took her to the shadows of a great elm tree, and there he told her what he heard from Gaston. With a heavily fluttering heart, he told her that he was in love with her, and that he would like to marry her, if she agreed. She said yes, and made him the happiest man in the world.

Later the very same day, Alexander was approached by one of the Horn of Arbrechtís squires. He was led to the great warrior, and given an amazing offer. The Flowing Sword told Alexander that he was impressed by his performances in the tourneys, and although Alexander was already a knight and older than most of the beginning squires, the Horn was considering to train him, and make him prospective next Horn of Arbrecht. Alexander felt a great dilemma, because being the Horn of Arbrecht, or even squiring to one, was a great honor for a knight. But the Horns could not marry, and he would have to turn Solange away. For the first time in his life, given a tough choice, he made his decision very quickly. He chose Solange, his love, before honor and privilege, and though the Horn said his offer would stand for several days, Alexander dismissed it entirely and never thought back.

A month after their first kiss, Alexander and Solange were married in a court ceremony. Afterward, they boarded a ship bound to Fyrsbruck, before the autumn winds would make the voyage harder. It was time for Alexander to return home, and for Solange to meet her new family. Alex yearned to see Fyrsbruck again, but at the same time he was reluctant. He did not know what the family would think of him, and more importantly, of his young wife. He told Solange of his fears, and she reassured him as best as she could. They havenít shirked their marital duties on the ship, and Alexander likes to think it was onboard Bountiful that their son Arthgallo was conceived.

The reunion with the Harcourts was easier than Alexander suspected. He was happy to be back, to see his siblings and parents again, and did his best to settle in and find some duty t help the family with. Everyone was impressed with all that he achieved, that he wasnít a timid boy anymore, and that he had a very beautiful and kind wife. The next year, the couple had their son Arthgallo was born, and his sister Kathryn followed three years later.

The family led a very happy life until the year 234, when the war between Westerland and Heldenbrecht broke out. Though his heart was crying for leaving Solange and children, Alex donned his armor and joined his brothers in the war effort. Harcourts were allied with the Blanchards, and intended to help them against the invaders, but they were stopped in the mountain passes, while the majority of Fitzwulf host ravaged their friends country and established their rule. Alexander didnít hate the Fitzwulfs then, only regarded them as a noble enemy. However one incident changed everything. He was shocked to see how the Westerlanders catapulted the corpses of their own plague victims at the Fyrsbruck army. It was despicable and totally devoid of honor. Since then, Alexander lost all respect for his foes.

The worst however happened back home. He was not in Fyrsbruck when the plague claimed his little daughter Kathryn. Seeking Ianís permission first, Alexander raced back to the city to attend the funeral. He had tears in his eyes and cursed the Fitzwulfs for tearing him away from his family at such time. When he returned to the fighting men, half mad, he led several insane attempts against Fitzwulf soldiers in the passes, fought like ten men, but achieved nothing. Eventually his fervor was spent, and he turned to sulking and mourning, as the hopeless war continued.

Alex was permanently returned to his family when the war of Heldenbrecht ended. The Blanchards were defeated, their kingdom no more, and all the Harcourts had bitter taste in their throats. But life went on, and Alexander tried his best to pick up where he left, and be the best husband and father he could, although sometimes his knightly duties and obligations to Ian called him away, but never for long.

Writing Sample:
Alexander was standing on the balcony, cold breeze sweeping his cloak as he watched the sea. The sun was just rising from the horizon, but ships were already coming in and out of port. For some it was the end of a long journey. For others, just a beginning. Alexander was going on a travel of his own. The weight of the armor that he should be accustomed too felt very strange. For the first time he was donning it not for training or a tourney, but for war. He knew that their cause was just, they were raising banners and swords in aid of their old ally and friend. The Blanchards needed their help. There was nothing more right for a knight than to protect a friend against attack.

Still he lingered slightly. He wasnít just a lone man, a disposable third son. He had a family now. His wife didnít want him to go, she went all the way to make sure he was certain of that. As if he didnít know. For their boy, he certainly did understand why his father had to go. He was growing with the promise of a fine man. Luckily, he wasnít that man yet and couldnít go to war, no matter how much he asked. Ian would never allow ten year olds to pick up arms. There were enough grown men in Fyrsbruck. They did not need to sacrifice children.

He heard steps in the room behind him, and new very well who it was, and what he would hear.

ĒMy lord, it is time.Ē

He drew in a breath of sea air and looked once more on the water he grew up by. If Gerald be good, heíll be back soon and give his wife and his son a warm, tight embrace. But for now, he had to think about today.

Alexander turned around and gave his squire a confident look. ĒLetís go then.Ē He and the fifteen year old boy left with the stomp of heavy boots against the marble floor.

[Time Line Events]

Year whatever BF House Harcourt is named rulers of Fyrsbruck.
Year 0 AF - Abrecht joins the united Kingdoms, and with it comes Fyrsbruck.
Year 195 - Ian Harcourt is born
Year 201 - William Harcourt is born
Year 2?? - Ashleigh Harcourt is born.
Year 203 - Iona Montrose Harcourt is born.
Year 205 - Alexander Harcourt is born.
Year 212 - Female Harcourt is born.
Year 216 - Ian to Iona and Ashleigh to Cameron is arranged.
Year 220 - Ian and Iona get married.
Year 221 - Twins Isaac and Iridia are born; Alexander becomes a knight.
Year 223 Ė Alexander and Solange Fleurant get married.
Year 224 Ė Arthgallo is born.
Year 227 Ė Kathryn is born.
Year ASSORTED DATES - Saving space, all those other kids get borned, too.
Year 229 - Ashleigh and Cameron are married.
Year 234-238 War of Heldenbrecht. Plague Victims are fired at Hacourt troops, resulting in the thick rivalry existing now.
235 - Illan Harcourt dies of natural causes. Ian is crowned King of Fyrsbruck at forty.
Year 238 Ė Kathryn dies of plague.
Year 240 - Ian's most hated enemy, William Fitzwulf, dies in his bed. Jon Fitzwulf steps up to become Province Lord and King of Westerland.
Year 241 - Game start!

Family Genealogy:

  - Illan Harcourt -- Grandma Blanchard Harcourt
    - Ian Harcourt -- Iona Montrose Harcourt
      - Iridia Harcourt
      - Isaac Harcourt
      - Vivian Harcourt
      - Keegan Harcourt
      - Sara Harcourt
      - Erin Harcourt
    - William Harcourt -- Unnamed Wife
      - Son/daughter Harcourt
      - Erica Harcourt
      - Son/daughter Harcourt
    - Audrey Harcourt Kyffin
    - Ashleigh Harcourt Montrose
    - Alexander Harcourt -- Solange Fleurant
      - Arthgallo Harcourt
      - Katryn Harcourt

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