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Default Adrien Fontenot



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Jenn
RP Experience: 14 years
Your Character's Player Base: Jamie Campbell Bower


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Adrien Fontenot
Character Age: 16
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): June 12, 226
Home Castle/City: Castle Licorne, City of Belleile, Island of Forsilvra
House: Fontenot


[House Information]

Banner Appearance: Unicorn in front of a golden crown on a purple field with a gold border
House Words: "Strength in Unity"
Castle Name: Licorn
Original Castle Name: Schloss Schwerin

House Description:
House Fontenot was founded over 800 years before the uniting of Forsilvra. Raised to banner lords by House Faerald in the old days, House Fontenot grew in power and prestige. Known for their military might, when the Great War broke out, they raised their armies and moved to fight against the invaders that threatened to take down all of Forsilvra.

After the Great War, in which the kingdoms now known as Forsilvra banded together to drive out the invades of The East. To ensure continued unity, they agreed to unite under one king, who would be located on an island independent of the others. The kingdoms would becoming provinces, which each former king now a sworn lord to the king. Jondé Fontenot, a high ranking noble on Caelain, who had been instrumental in the victory over The East was chosen as the king. He took on Ilsa Fitzwulf of Arbrecht as a wife as a sign of unity.

At first, the rule of House Fontenot was little more than a formality. The provinces each supplied high lords for council and knights to guard the king, but short of a few taxes and minor laws, little was done to consolidate the kingdoms. But as time passed, disputes were brought to the throne for rulings, and stronger laws were past. A military force to protect the castle was added and both castle and town were surrounded by high walls. The island, chosen for it’s rocky beaches, cliffs, and steep slops is not impossible to breach, but able to be defended.



Adrien is already tall, standing at 6'0". He has the height and build of House Faerald, inherited from his mother, and with the exception of his light colored hair, he favors her. He wears his hair on the longer side, the dirty blonde locks falling just above his shoulders. He has a crooked smile and a baby face, but when he's angry he can look older than his years.



Adrien tries to be the noble king. He wants to do what is right for the kingdom, yet, he is young and inexperienced and relies heavily on his council, which often means missing when they are trying to influence him for their own betterment. He suffered as much as any family from the plague, losing parents, and uncle, a sister, and others close to him. So much death at such a young age has left him trying to appreciate those around him, and thus, he loves his siblings and cousins dearly. If anything, he wants to make decisions to keep them safe from harm, as the young King doesn’t believe he can suffer more losses anytime soon.

Adrien is a talker. Half the time he doesn’t know much about what he’s talking about, but he acts like he does and he talks like he does, and most of the time really truly believes he does. He does read and he does pay attention to Julius DeLauncey, taking in his studies because they are important. He enjoys learning; immersing himself in the legends and histories of Forsilvra was one way for him to escape the horrors around him. The other was acting out those legends in the world of pretend, where he was the King or the Prince or the Knight, and Aurora the Lady or Princess, Bertram the squire or the prince or the sometimes even the king, and Laurine always a beautiful princess. With their cousin in tow, and the children of some of the councilmen, the children would spend their days hidden off to pretend the world was a better place then the real one around them.

Like any young boy he dreams of glory and prestige. He loves the sport of jousting, even if he hasn’t seen a real once since he about five years old. He can still remember the clash of the lance on armor, the pounding of hooves, the roaring of the crowd. He has trained as a squire under Sir Geoffry Tanear, Captain of the Horns, but has little experience on which to receive his knighthood. Thus, he is still a King without that honor, but he hopes that in the near future to earn it. He knows riding in tourney’s can be dangerous, especially with his family already gutted from the plague, but Adrien is a boy who will not be told no on this one, even though his sister and council high object).

He admittedly is interested in girls. He knows he’ll need to wed someone from a high family, someone who can produce heirs and grow the family again. The same will be expected of his brother, but all Adrien sees right now are boobs and hips and pretty smiles. He working on being suave, although half the time he says things that are stupid, and the right smile will leave him blushing. Even so, he’s courting them all anyway... all of them. Because he’s too young to wed anyway, why stop at one?



Adrien was born on a bright summer day just ten minutes before his twin Aurora. Even before they could walk the twins were close. In the crib, if placed away from each other, they’d inch together in the night, until their heads were next to each other. They were always touching, laying next to each other, as though the comforts they received in the womb were needed in life. They laughed together. They played together. Two years later a brother came along, followed by a sister when the twins were five. They embraced their siblings, encouraged by their mother to get along, to play, to grow together. Both parents, despite being king and queen, found time to spend with their children. They read stories and danced, took walks in the garden and trips to the beach.

Then tragedy struck Forsilvra. Laurine was barely a babe when words of plague in the north came sailing in on the white wings of northern dove. For the first few years the capital seemed immune. But trade could not stop. The capital needed food and goods that were imported from other provinces. While they tried to switch to southern merchants and keep careful control on the docks, eventually the plague arrived. The diseased spread slow and the royals and counselors did everything they could to keep it out of the castle, but even that failed.

In 233, the Queen came down with the plague. A year later the King followed, forcing young Adrien to assume to throne.

The day his father died, Adrien and his siblings ran off together to the gardens. They found a grove of trees and curled up together, afraid that they would be next. Julius DeLauncey, the House Scholar and their teacher, found them a few hours later. They told him they didn’t want to go back. That the castle was a scary place where people got sick and died and surely there was somewhere they could that would be better. Julius told them their place was in Castle Licorn, there was no for them, but if they wanted to stay in the gardens, he would pitch a tent and they could hunt their food and see how long they lasted. By the next morning they were cold and hungry, and let their teacher escort them back to the warmth and comforts of home. The lesson had been hard, and their fear of the plague didn’t vanish simply because they could not go elsewhere.

Because of Adrien’s young age, the council, along with his Uncle Stephane, made most of the decisions, not that the provinces were in the position to be listening. Relations in the kingdom strained and the crown found themselves with relatively little power. With the death of their parents, Aurora began to cling to him and push away their other siblings. The shock only hit her harder when little Laurine took ill. Adrien did his best to make his sister feel safe, and still foster the relationship between his younger brother. Before his tenth birthday, he’d lost half his family and his childhood.

When he reached the age of twelve, Stephane began including him in matters of the council and decision making on Forsilvra, with Julius acting as his main guide. Adrien was often left with a problem to solve, and then later presented his answer to Stephane and Julius who then guided him to what they believed would be best to help him learn. He began to trust others in the castle, to seek them out for guidance, comfort, help, and fun. He found himself growing closer to an ambassador’s son from LeHasi named Hausa, and the two young men, one twelve, one fifteen, would talk to hours. Adrien didn’t understand or know that everything he said was reported back to the ambassador, who would pen letters home about the ‘fragile state of the king’. Julius knew, but let Adrien continue on, knowing the boy needed to learn the lessons of trust on his own. One day Adrien walked in on Hausa telling his father the private words Adrien spoken. Enraged he ordered the men leave Forsilvra immediate or risk being hanged as spies, then he found himself in Julius’ arms in tears over the betrayal. In his calm and fatherly manner, Julius reminded him that he is King, that there will always be people out to bring him down and he must always be careful with whom he trust. The goal of an ambassador is secure anything helpful for their own people, not his. Another hard lesson, but one Adrien desperately needed.

The plague had waned in the capital some, and then came back hard. A cousin succumbed, and finally in 240 his uncle. The council advised him to take up the crown himself, even at the young age of fourteen. The plague was slowing, and the last case was reported at the end of the month. The council pushed him to invite the lords for a grand tourney in the spring of 241, and he, his siblings, and the council have worked hard to make appropriate plans.


[Writing Sample]

"Your Grace."

The voice of Patrick Marsden, the castle steward, called out. Adrien looked up from the book he was studying, one on the histories of Ahestere that Julius insisted he learn. You have two councilors from House Linnet here. It would benefit you to know more about the people and their past. Grudgingly the fourteen year old had taken the book, sat down in a hard chair to keep himself from dozing, and plunged it. It wasn’t that Adrien didn’t like reading or that he found history boring... He’d just seen a girl with beautiful blond hair heading out for the gardens and wanted to follow. After all, an afternoon with a girl had far more potential for fun than a musty old book.

“Yes Patrick?” he asked eagerly, almost too happy for an excuse to get out of there. Later that night he and Aurora were planning on telling ghost stories by candlelight just for kicks. And he wanted to ride horses tomorrow instead of more reading. You need to read these books. rang the voice. Or don’t. Julius wouldn’t punish him for disobeying. Julius tended to let him fall hard enough on his own to realize his mistakes. At first that had annoyed Adrien. Then he grew to respect Julius’ way.

“Your uncle has caught the plague.”

Adrien fell silent, staring for a moment at the hard lines of Patrick’s wrinkled face. Steward for nearly forty years, he was a close confident of the family.

“I thought the plague had passed us by.” There were still cases, but Belleile had been relatively free for the past few years.

“I suppose we thought wrong.”

Adrien turned away. What would he do without Stephane’s guiding hand?

You will do what you’ve been taught to do. Think. Learn. Listen. Act. Julius’ voice rang in his head. “Take me to see Julius. I must speak to him immediately.”


[Timeline of Events]


Year 226: Adrien Fontenot and twin Aurora are born
Year 228: Brother Fontenot is born
Year 231: Laurine Fontenot is born, plague breaks out in the north
Year 233: Mother dies
Year 234: Father, Joseph Fontenot dies, Adrien becomes King
Year 237: Laurine Fontenot dies
Year 240: Stephane Fontenot dies, Adrien takes ruler
Year 241: The Spring Ball, game start.



  • Bernard Fontenot -- Aurianna Blanchard
    • Adrienne Fontenot Fleurant
    • Alexis Fontenot -- Blanche Toussaint
      • Arianne Fontenot Montrose
      • Joseph Fontenot -- Corenna Faerald
      • Stephane Fontenot -- Isabella Fitzwulf
        • Felicié Fontenot
        • Quintin Fontenot
        • Esmée Fontenot
        • Marc Fontenot
    • Jacques Fontenot -- Anwen Prothero
      • Jacqueline Fontenot Morgandy
    • Isabelle Fontenot DeLauncey

With Ages

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Approved by the nice Province Lord! Fantastically done!
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Approved. Good luck on the Throne, nephew.
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