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Default Bruce Montrose

Bruce Montrose


[OOC Information]

Your Name: Random
RP Experience: Still 8 years
Your Character's Player Base: Craig Horner


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Bruce Montrose
Character Age: 24
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): January 3rd 217
Home Castle/City: Maldenham
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Montrose



Bruce is the very definition of tall, dark and handsome. He has always been a strong man but lately that strength has begun to wane. He is still as strong as most soldiers and easily more muscular than most men but several close brushes with death have begun to take their toll. He has spent much time bed ridden, recovering from wounds gained in the service of the young King. People who knew him in his prime might be able to notice the effects. Although largely recovered, he still walks with a pronounced limp.

He looks far sterner than he actually is. He has short dark hair and hazel eyes and cold expressions that have begun to boarder in sunken. He tires easily these days and can be frequently seen with bags under his eyes. He used to be a much harsher man than he is now but still moves with strong and confident mannerisms that cannot be unlearned.



Arrogant, ambitious and ruthless. These were the words that used to describe Bruce Montrose. After a brush with death in childhood, Bruce began to think that he might just be invincible. He trained hard and with great focus, went out into the world and was determined to make his mark. Really he should have learned about limits and humility much sooner. It took a second near death experience to realise what the first had been telling him. He needed to slow down.

Cold, quiet and abrupt, Bruce is quietly changing for what some might say is the better. He has always been a dutiful man but had usually expected something in return. As his wild young years disappear behind him, Bruce has begun to realise that the life of a Lord is one of service and not pleasure. He has always wanted to improve himself or the lands that he will one day inherit but he wanted to do so for his own gain. Now he is determined to improve things for others. Where there was once a grizzled and brash mercenary, now lives a hopeful and caring young lord with big plans for the future.

He has always had his softer sides, but they were often supressed by his own arrogant ambition. Bruce has since learned his place and humility. He is far more open and caring now, although he remains largely laconic. However, when he chooses to say things they tend to be from the heart and not for some greater purpose. He has realised that life is short and is unwilling to waste his time on complex plans. His mark on the world will be made simply and well. While the new Bruce has made great headway in carving a new image with members of his family, his relationship with his wife remains tepid at best.



As the only son of Malcolm Montrose, it was certain from an early age that one day Bruce would be the patriarch of the House. Everything that he surveyed when growing up would one day belong to him. That would have made any child arrogant at first. Usually, they would grow out of it by a certain age. Bruce proved to be the exception.

When Bruce was growing up, he had to be the best. It was not because he worked harder, it was simply what he deserved. Anybody who didn’t quite understand that was an ignorant fool. He was far from being a popular child, even amongst his own family. He did work to achieve his goals, mastering weapons, fighting, riding, tactics and other martial disciplines. He would then proceed to gloat and boast about his abilities every chance that he got.

He was smart and inquisitive but held back by his own arrogance. There was no doubt that he had the skills that it would take to be a good Lord of the Green one day, the only question was if he would have any friends or allies when he got there. He only ever fought in one tournament at the age of sixteen but found it so easy to win that he soon tired of them; not quite realising that his aggression on the proving grounds and his gloating afterwards had made very unpopular amongst the people he would one day need to work with. Frankly, Bruce did not care.

Bruce only received his first lesson in humility when the plague struck Maldenham and also him. He spent almost a year recovering from an illness that most people were not lucky enough to recover from at all. Naturally, he would be able to survive it, it was only right in his mind. He was untouchable. Once his strength had recovered, he struck out to find fame and fortune as the leader of a mercenary band. His successes and tales were quite large, provided that he was the person asked. Anybody else questioned would have said that his unit was ill disciplined, poorly led and mostly served to stroke Bruce’s ego. Even today, “Fighting for Brucie” is a slang term amongst mercenaries that means bivouacking, not being on campaign or otherwise resting.

After nearly five years as a less than successful soldier, Bruce returned home and began to set his sights on other lofty targets, such as marriage and alliances. He approached this task like all of his others, with an arrogant sense of entitlement and far more bluster than one man would ever need. Thankfully, unlike soldering, politics was a discipline in which his name carried enough weight to get him where he needed to go. On a trip to Weallan he was introduced to the Kyffins. While there, he found himself attracted to Tegan Kyffin, an attraction that somewhat inexplicably, she returned. Unfortunately, machinations on the part of both Houses vetoed their pairing, but Tegan’s younger sister was offered up as an alternative, one that Bruce accepted only for the sake of an alliance with the Caelanian house.

Bruce entered into a loveless marriage with Mairwen that had been largely of convenience above anything else. It is perhaps to the credit of the arrangers that even if the couple were not happy, they were able to work well together and were able to run their lands well and efficiently. In fact, working with Mairwen was one of the few times that Bruce had ever been successful in anything that did not involve swinging a sword or firing a bow, which came as quite a relief to his father. Some of the talented young man who had been so promising as a child had begun to re-emerge.

As part of some poorly thought out, but utterly ambitious scheme Bruce befriended and attempted to further ingratiate himself with the young King of Forsilvra, Adrien. The two did become friends and Bruce became one of the King’s most frequent sparing partners and weapons trainers. It was while accompanying the King that Bruce was almost killed for a second time in an attempt on the King’s life. Bruce took several arrows, notably to the chest and the knee and returned home to recover.

He spent most of the war in Arbrecht, bed ridden or mobile only through the use of a cane. In a few months he was able to make a strong recovery, but it was far from full. He is far weaker than he once was and is still bothered by his old wounds, walking with a pronounced limp now. He will likely make a full recovery in time, but that has yet to happen. In the meantime, this second brush with death has left him changed. He is far more humble and focused on his duties to the Green. He is tired of war and tired of fighting and wants to do what he can to build a lasting peace in the region. If Maldenham happens to become a jewel of the North in the process, then that will just be a happy accident.


[Writing Sample]

Bruce sat with his fingers folded. The last joint of his index finger pressed to his lips as he sat staring at the paper in front of him. It was blank. He had never been particularly good with words and until now he had not really cared. After weeks in bed, listening to whatever news the ravens were able to bring him, Bruce suddenly wished that he had paid more attention to the teachers that he had been assigned as a boy. Words were important. They mattered almost as much as a sword or an army. What would he be like as a ruler if he could not put a pen to parchment without sounding like an Ill-bred commoner?

He sighed. His hazel eyes were sunken and he looked visibly haunted. His skin had not seen the sun in far too long and deep wrinkles were visible in his strong forehead. He looked at the pen, looked at the ink and then back to the paper. He felt the urge to throw them across the room but stopped himself. In the past, he would have done just that. He would have thrown them all away, stomping and cursing. Then weeks later, he would come back to this exact desk and begin screaming and cursing because there was no ink or paper to be found.

Bruce sighed yet again, this time burying his head in his hands. “Walls.” He said out loud. “We need walls to defend us. No more armies to attack. Take the spears out of the men’s hands and give them ploughs instead. We need fewer spoils, bags of loot and orphans. We need more turnips, we need more bread, we need more stone. That’s what we need! All this fighting will be for a barren rock if we keep wasting all this time!”

He was shouting to himself, wishing that just by holding a pen he could make what he had yelled flowing an elegant. He could not. All he had done was made himself wheeze. He stood from his chair slowly; any faster would have brought him great pain. He would come back to the letter later. It had been for himself anyway, a reminder of what he needed to focus on, of what was really important. How had he been so wrong for all these years? That was what he wondered as he snuffed out the candle he had been using to see by. How? How? How?


[Timeline of Events]


Year 217: Bruce Montrose Born
Year 234: Bruce becomes a mercenary captain.
Year 238: Bruce returns home ignobly, having had no success abroad.
Year 241: Marries Mairwen Kyffin
Year 241: Is near fatally wounded while accompanying the King, returns home to recover.

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@Amy / @Mango for Montrose-ness perhaps? and then me and @Jenn
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Very nice indeed. :: ka-stamp! ::
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Approved from my end! But I also am not as in-depth with Montrose history so final @Jenn stamp can be a bit of finer-toothed comb, if need be.
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Ok, while I don't think this changes anything? Reading it again, it doesn't, but Bruce should be aware that his father was the FIRST to become lord based on his birth order:

Over the next couple of years, Duncan decided to leave the Green and explore Arbrecht. Monroe roamed the entire province, it was said, performing extraordinary things. Quickfoot wanted no less than the extraordinary hero. He was seen everywhere except Ernsaw, due to his despise of the people. He had not truly returned to Maldenham until four years have passed, and his father called in the family for the election of the Tanist, the Earlís heir. Duncan arrived in good spirits. He was sure, despite being the second brother, that he would be chosen. He was better in sword and war than Malcolm, and his fame among the land was much greater. He was the fierce Quickfoot, loving and observing the Greenís customs, rituals and laws. Surely there could be no better next Earl than him. But to his greatest dismay and anger, Gregor Montrose decided upon a travesty. Having secured the support of the major clans (there was no major opposition since the Bodies were destroyed), the Earl decreed from then on and forever the Tanist shall be the Earlís oldest son. It was clearly influenced by the traditions of other lands were such successions have been practiced for ages. But it was not the way of Maldenham. Duncan felt betrayed, and didnít waste the time to make it known.
Also, Adrien is -squee- to have his cousin back! Bruce should definitely get some arrogance out of the fact that his mother was a Princess of the crown. <3


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