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Default Rosamund Alysworth

Rosamund Alysworth

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[OOC Information]

Your Name: Teagan
RP Experience: 1.5 years (10 years writing)
Your Character's Player Base: Sophie Turner


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Rosamund Alysworth
Character Age: 14
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): 7th of August 227
Home Castle/City: Porthaeron
House: Alysworth



Fashion is the most fun a girl can have. It can change or entirely dictate the message you send out to the world. Rosa is particularly fond of the sweet and innocent persona, and for the most part, it fits her perfectly. She spends a good deal of her time in front of the mirror, measuring each possibility against the others, Taffeta or Silk, Pink or Gold. She never leaves home without her hair and outfit looking absolutely perfect. She often weaves ribbons or flowers into her long copper hair, always to match. There’s a sparkle in her electric blue eyes that seems to grab at everyone she meets. She has not yet quite grown into her budding womanly body. Her limbs are long and lanky while the rest of her has begun to sprout, but she is handling the change with as much grace as she can muster, even when that sometimes means tripping over her own feet and smiling about it.



The youngest Alysworth daughter is everyone’s sweetheart. Her ever bubbly disposition can brighten even the darkest of days. She rather enjoys the high energy of a good party, everyone laughing and dancing about, but is equally as content to sit in quiet with her family. Her old habit of daydreaming has made her more prone to sulking as she has been exposed to more disappointments as of late, but she is optimistic that seeing her dearest friends and family will help to temper the sting of rejection.

Despite being jilted by the king and unable to convince the princess of her worth as a companion, she remains naďve enough to believe that everyone she meets is basically good until or unless they give her reason to think otherwise of them. She has grown only a mildly less trusting, and still dreams of finding her knight in shining armor and riding off into the sunset. It seems that no amount of disappointment will ever be able to dampen her sunny disposition.
She makes an effort in all her pursuits, and has been known to put on a show with older sister Aimee with the slightest urging, but her favorite, what she is best at is creating. She can occasionally be seen scribbling notes or doodles on her pad. When lost in fantasies of handsome dreamboats, or friends from her past, her scribbles turn into portraits and epic tales, exaggerated to display the fines features of those she admires in the most fantastical surroundings.



Rosamund was born as summer faded over the docks in Porthaeron, Caelain in the years before the Torpis Morbi. Times were easier then, or so it seemed, and she and her siblings grew up in a safe and protected environment. Much as she loved her four older siblings and bouncing baby brother, Rosa, ever the troublesome little rascal for her nursemaid, was rather prone to wandering off. Not out of any mal-intent mind you, but instead for lack of the attention span that would have kept her anchored in one place. She always did love anything that sparkled, and would be drawn to such things like a fly to honey.

When the plague hit, her sheltered little mind simply couldn’t comprehend what was happening. People everywhere were getting sick and dying left and right, but none of it seemed real. It was all so far away, and somehow her safe little world had remained intact, until her grandmother was stricken. For weeks, Rosamund was not allowed to see her, and then suddenly she was just gone. Less than a year later, Uncle Theobald fell too, and Rosa became utterly inconsolable. At a delicate Nine years of age, poor Rosa’s safe little world had shattered, and each time she tried to pick up the pieces, another wound would become exposed.

Finally, within the last year or so, she had just begun to pull herself back together, making friends and spending time in places that she used to enjoy. Her bubbly smile gradually began to feel natural again, and she found herself pointing out the positive things in life. She discovered her interest in boys, just in time for the King’s ball, only to have her hopes soar before they were crushed when he kissed her at the party, but chose another as his bride.
It was not all despair that came from that loss though. Though that was only the first of two such experiences in her young life, she quickly discovered that she loved kissing, almost as much as she loves dressing in fancy gowns and bumping elbows with the finest of the finest Forsilvra has to offer, maybe more.


[Writing Sample]

It did not set well with Rosamund, being sent home by the princess. All the other girls, she could understand. Many of them were getting homesick anyway, but she actually wanted to stay. She couldn't be sure whether she should feel hurt or angry or both. She had thought that she and Aurora were friends, with a real bond, but lately it seemed like everyone she gave her loyalty to just wanted to stomp on it and throw it away.

I don't need her anyhow, she mumbled under her breath as she packed her bags, trying desperately to convince herself it was true. I was nothing more than a servant to her! Why should I care if she doesn't want me around anymore?

It was no use though. She knew that she would miss her friend and the grand adventure that came along with remaining by her side. In truth, she knew that the princess was going through a lot right now, and she couldn't even hold it against her that she had not given Rosa the chance to prove her value any further. This sudden realization prompted the fiery haired maiden to flop back into her plush comforter and pillows for the last time with a huff. Just because she understood didn't mean she had to like it.


[Timeline of Events]


Year 227: Rosamund Alysworth is born.
Year 234: Garek Alysworth is born.
Year 235: Plague sweeps Caelain, Aderyn Alysworth dies
Year 236: Theobald Alysworth dies of plague
Year 241: Game Start
Year 241: King Adrien chooses Keyna Prothero as his bride
Year 241: Sent away from the service of Princess Aurora



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