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Default [00.0] Newbie Guide, Read First

Basic Considerations - Read These First

Welcome to Forsilvra!! You've probably noticed we have a ton of information. Here I'll summarize a few things to try and help you make a decision about our site before you buckle down and get digging through everything we've written.

Let's start with the type of characters we accept:
  1. Forsilvra is court/nobility game that focuses on the upper echelon of the medieval world. If that's what you're here for, then great!
  2. The only characters accepted on this site are of noble blood. There are occasionally a few exceptions, however, your first character must be of an existing family and must be of noble blood. The reason is to better allow for RP between all characters.
  3. If you wish to play a blacksmith, a merchant, a peasant, a foreigner, or any other character of non-noble blood, this is not the site for you. This site focuses on the nobility.
  4. If you wish to play a female knight or a female warrior, the only province this allowed is Lacharn. Lacharn uses asian play-bys to represent characters.
  5. With the exception of Lacharn, where the first-born inherits rather than the first male, this site is heavily influenced by standard medieval attitudes towards women. That isn’t to say our women have no power, or cannot be respected, but the degree of such varies by character and has to do with the house she is in, her own ability to wield what resources she has, and who her husband might be. Woman still worked within the cultural attitudes of the day. This is not modern times and modern attitudes did not exist. Please do not try to app a character with a modern outlook on how society should treat women.
  6. This site is not a sandbox site. While we encourage players to have and drive their own plots, there is an overall plot and timeline and character must also adapt and react to the events around them. Wars, weddings, and major events will occur that impact and move characters around the world of Forsilvra.

So what about the rules? Our rules page is wordy, so let's summarize them here first:
  1. Standard rules of respect, godmodding, and courtesy apply.
  2. This site is rated M 3-3-3, you must be 18 to join
  3. We do not have a word count.
  4. We have a character limit that is based on character 'values' and how active you are.
  5. We have an activity requirement. For most characters this is 5 post/month.
  6. Characters can be adopted here if you make a character and then quit. All written profiles are credited
  7. OCC acounts are required and need to be used for OOC posts.

Sound good? Keep going.

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