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[Your Information]
Name: Friday
Contact: valar morghulis

[Public Application]

Character Name: Astrid Grunewald
Character Age: 20
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): June 19th, 221
Current Location: somewhere in Arbrecht
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Grunewald

[This Section Only Required if Making a New House]
Banner Appearance:
House Words: "We Staunchly Guard"
House Description

The Grunewald family now joins the ranks of the honored nobility under the Vulferam lords. For years the Grunewald lineage has fought by the side of the Vulferam family within the military ranks. Many have brought the greatest of triumphs to the region of Mier, sacrificing their lives to serve at the side of the Conchobhar descendants. Sir Valdemar Grunewald, one of Conor’s most trusted captains during the Arbrecht War as well as having served Conri during the War of Heldenbrecht, has been given the honorable recognition that they well deserve. Despite gaining the title in the midst of post-war expenditures, their small castle home in Bjargheim serves as an untouched stronghold that dodged the Fitzwulf destruction and is now poised to be a veritable staunch ally while the Vulferams recover.

Grunewald men are hardy military types and the women are equally as intimidating. Though a lot of them are shorter in stature by comparison, they sport darker features with black and brunette hair as well as brown or green eyes. You’ll occasionally spot a ginger in the mix as it is a recessive gene that many of them carry but uncommonly produce. Grunewalds have heavy constitutions as well; they were barely touched by the plague, and many can eat foods that would often leave others sick for days.

Player Base: Rose Leslie

Appearance: Standing at 5'7", Astrid has the typical build of a Grunewald woman; not particularly tall, solidly built, with womanly curves that are difficult to discern beneath her often layered exterior clothing. She manages to retain a certain youthful curve to her face and hips, despite the presence of hardened muscles from a young life of toil beneath them, and her skin is pale, blanched by the harsh mountain climate but devoid of any particular tan from her time in the shadowy crags of the north. Her eyes are an alarmingly bright green, like a newly spouted leaf, but what truly sets Astrid apart is her red hair; although she has one other cousin boasting the same ginger locks, the rest of Astrid's family is dark-haired and hazel-eyed. But she is an anomaly in appearance alone -- Astrid is as true to a Grunewald as one can be. Astrid grew up with a slight speech impediment, which now only resurfaces in the form of stuttering when she gets particularly angry or excited.


"Hard-headed. Like she was born with a boulder for a brain. Can't get the damn girl to shut her mouth when she had thought better of it. pause -- But reliable, I suppose." -- Valdemar Grunewald (Father)

" laughs -- She's a person you want fighting on your side. Trust me. Against? She'll make you suffer. wry grin Not too good at checkers, though. Doesn't have the patience for it." -- Fˇlkhvatur Grunewald (Older Brother)

"Impossible. Literally impossible. If I hadn't vividly remembering giving birth to her myself, I'd tell you there is no feasible way she is my daughter." -- Fjora Halensee

" angry expression Perfect. Astrid is perfect. Why are you even asking? You leave my sister alone!" -- Elvř Grunewald (Younger Sister)

" slight redness, embarrassment I -- I'm not the person to ask --" -- Cinaed Vulferam

"Like a beautiful flower, or a shooting star. If the flower had razor-sharp barbs, of course, or the star was careening down to burst your home in to flames. Beautiful, really -- stunning. Even if it can kill you. grins Like you just can't look away, can't pull your hand back for the life of you." -- Theo Westend (Betrothed)

History: Astrid Grunewald was born on a hot summer day in the middle of June to Valdemar and Fjora Grunewald, almost exactly three years after the birth of their first child, Fˇlkhvatur. She was their second child and first daughter, and almost considered a miracle. Three years was a great deal of time between children for any family, but especially the Grunewalds, who had a propensity towards reproducing at an impressive rate. Most married couples who hailed from the mountains were burdened by at least four children when they neared their five year anniversary -- but Astrid's long awaited birth was a mixed blessing. From the start, she seemed to be trouble. A colicky infant, she kept her mother -- and the rest of the very closely spaced Grunewald household -- awake many a night, easily prone to sickness and wailing, so unlike her brother before. For a while it seemed as though Astrid might not make it through the first year of her life, but right around her first birthday she took a drastic turn towards better health -- and has held the exuberant, strong-tempered constitution that the rest of her family boasts ever since.

But if it is not one thing, it is another with Astrid, and just as she regained her strength, she slipped into being an unbearable toddler; not easily controlled, terribly noisy and desperate for attention. This did not change much as she grew into a young child -- she was a wild little thing, with long, wavy red hair, "the pixie's curse," as Fjora used to call it. Astrid became a quick companion and little shadow to her older brother Fˇlkhvatur, whom Astrid clipped Olk for short. He was the kind of son Valdemar Grunewald, a man of his own impressive history and reputation, wanted; hardy, resolute, broad of shoulder and strong of conviction.

Astrid -- volatile, rambunctious, tempestuous -- was not the daughter he imagined.

Luckily for Fjora, her next daughter came along in only two years time, and Elvř proved to be everything that Astrid was not; she would grow into the more easily controlled daughter the Grunewalds had desired, her temperment sweeter and more amicable. Although Astrid's looks were fair and unique, Elvř was the true beauty of the family, with long, luscious black hair and warm brown eyes. Still, these differences did not separate Astrid and her younger sister. Instead, Elvř became Astrid's own little shadow and primary admirer. From her earliest days of walking, Elvř could not be found far from Astrid, and her own wailing at being taken from her sister's side was reminiscent of Astrid's younger days. At first the eldest Grunewald daughter was irritated by her little sister's constant presence, desiring instead to be Olk's only sibling; but she grew to love and cherish the littlest cherub, and became fiercely protective of her as the years wore on. Their sisterhood is rooted deeply in friendship, and an understanding only siblings can share.

Although it is still a largely patriarchal society in Arbrecht and Mier, the Grunewald family, being of peasant stock and more closely linked in blood ties to the wild clans of the mountains rather than the noble lineages of higher echelons of society, tended to treat their daughters and sisters more like equals than the lesser sex. It was merely a matter of practicality, to survive the harsh terrain and unforgiving outlanders; and Vlademar Grunewald was nothing but a practical man. So there was little surprise when he deemed to indulge in Astrid's desire to learn how to use a bow and arrow when she turned thirteen, abandoning her dolls -- most of which she'd practically destroyed, all save Freja, a husk of a thing with only one blonde braid left -- for more useful pursuits. Vlademar taught her himself, showing her how to string the bow, helping practice her aim, chastising her for crying when the taut string bit into her fingers and made her bleed. But this was the kind of encouragement Astrid craved; there were many times when she wished her father would hold her, coddle her like other fathers did for their daughters -- but she had come to realize that love from Vlademar Grunewald was a unique thing that was only expressed in the most subtle of fashions. She learned to adapt, to receive the validation from him she required. Fjora, unfortunately, Astrid never found a way to please.

By the time Astrid turned eighteen, she was one of the best fighters in Vlademar's regiment. Particularly adept with a javelin, Astrid excelled at physical tasks, strong for a woman her size, quick on her feet. Still, it seemed the militaristic discipline that came easily to Vlademar and even to Astrid when she was under his command did not move beyond the field -- she was still a vibrant and unpredictable young woman, with a loud, commanding laugh and a face often curved into a wide smile. She was a prankster of sorts, obsessed with pulling off unexpected surprises at the expense of her family, having almost killed Fˇlkhvatur twice on accident and nearly blowing off two fingers on her father's left hand by trying to reenact a fire trick she'd been shown by some more enterprising members of the local Bearclaw clan. Still, Astrid's contagious and pulling personality repelled some and drew many others in; she was a young woman blessed with a great deal of friends, most who didn't entirely understand her but cherished her loyalty and forthcoming, honest nature nonetheless. Because above all things, Astrid had come to hold honor as the most important thing in her life, and that of a Grunewald; honor, to one's family, to one's principles, and to one's self.

Accidentally burning off one of her mother's eyebrows when she was sixteen in another failed prank did not, in Astrid's mind, compromise any of these ideals.

As Astrid continued to grow and become a woman in her own right, so too to her younger sister Elvř -- who, upon turning fifteen, managed to start turning the head of every man in Bjargheim who had a pair of eyes and wasn't blind. It wasn't so much their attention that bothered Astrid as to what it meant; marriage was a strange ritual in the foothills of Mier for the lesser folk, a much simpler process than the great nobles in the mountain castle of the Vulferams. For the noble lot, petitions had to be made, dowry agreed upon, elaborate rituals enacted. But among the people of Bjargheim, whose roots were not so far removed from the nomadic clans of the crags, stating one's cause was not particularly difficult -- for an old tradition remained within which a man, if able to enter the house of the target of his affection, managed to cart her over the threshold of the door of her home out into the street unstopped by her family, she was his. It was archaic and particularly barbaric, to say the least, but the tradition still remained, and was even celebrated in their small village; Fjora often spoke fondly of the night she was practically dragged out of her family home by Vlademar in nothing but her nightdress, and how he bloodied the nose of two of her brothers and kissed her so fiercely she saw stars, out in the streets of Bjargheim.

But these tales held nothing but ire for Astrid, who was worried her littlest sister, whose beautiful was a great but terrible curse among rather homely mountain women, would be deprived of a chance to forge her own path at the behest of some hapless love-stuck youth. Vlademar had taken to sleeping near the hearth of their meager home since Astrid herself turned sixteen and became surprisingly lovely, but it was Elvř they worried over. Astrid and her sister shared one bed in their small home, and she made sure to be the one facing the window each night, lest they be taken by surprise. In a way, Elvř was the most protected she could ever be -- but when one evening, a mysterious beau slipped deftly over the sill into their shared bedroom and Elvř screamed them awake, and Astrid did the first thing she could think of, stabbing her knife into the man's leg --

-- only to find out he was coming for her, and not her sister.

Theo Westend was the kind of man that made a woman look twice; with his grey eyes and disheveled brown hair, looking as though he were perpetually just slipping free from his bed -- an easy smile and solid figure. He might not have been the most handsome man in Bjargheim but he was easily the most loved; with a warm personality and a kind nature. He was an archer for Vlademar Grunewald, when he was needed, but a logger the rest of his life, his body shaped and hardened by a life of toil. He and Astrid had known one another most of their lives, and had been dear friends since they were teenagers, but it was only when she was sitting by her hearth, angrily flicking her knife in her hand as Elvř tried to bandage his bleeding thigh and Theo tried not to wince at the pain that he finally confessed his feelings for her. Astrid listened to this man, whom she had previously thought to be stout of character and level-headed, unlike the majority of Bjargheim buffoons, prattle on about stars and connections and the curve of her smile for nigh on an hour when she finally asked him to leave.

But Theo was a persistent man, and after nearly two months of attempting to court Astrid through notes left, ballads sung and once quite literally tackling her to the ground on the practice field, Theo won her over -- and in the middle of the night in early March of 241, Theo Westend awoke to find Astrid climbing through his window. He let her drag him out into the street, her small hands beneath his broad shoulders, a wicked smile on his face as she strained to pull him over the threshold -- and there upon the ground she dumped him, allowing the logger to pull her down with him, cradling her in his arms and kissing her like she'd never been before.

She wouldn't admit it if you asked her -- but Astrid found out her mother was right, as the cosmos revealed themselves behind her closed eyes.

The people of Bjargheim do not marry in the summer, for those are days of tilling the land and planting, and instead save such occasions for the winter and the celebration of the Mountain Mother. As such, Astrid and Theo had been promised to one another nearly six months when the call came up from Conor Vulferam, Lord of the Mountain, to take up arms to assist Corbin Blanchard, the lost rose King, to reclaim his place as leader of Arbrecht. Loyal to a fault, Vlademar Grunewald assembled his regiments and retreated from the foothills of the mountains and down into the valleys and the lowlands, his son and brothers and cousins in tow, all the able-bodied men and women of Bjargheim expected to take up their arms for the cause.

Astrid, included.

Writing Sample:


"Come on." His voice had a faint whine to it, something he knew she'd hate.

"I said don't."

Elvř, from where she stood by the hearth, her slender fingers turning the long ladle in the bubbling soup below, shot her older sister a warning expression. "Astrid, be nice," she condemned, her motherly tone already adopted at the ripe age of eighteen. Astrid, from where she sat cross-legged on the threadbare rug, her hands carefully folded around her playing cards, glared at her sister in return. "He's cheating," she said vehemently, her brow narrowing. Theo, for his part, was sprawled on the floor almost beside her, his long legs crossed and one hand propping up his head, the other holding his cards casually. "Come, now, 'riddy -- why would I cheat off of you? You're terrible at this game," he continued to goad, his strikingly handsome face curving into a smile.

But it was already too late, and Astrid's face was flushed; and without warning, she reached forward and smacked the cards free from her betrothed's hands, tossing her own up in tandem in a flurry of paltry color in the air. She shoved Theo once, hard, in the shoulder, and he gave her a shocked, wounded look; and with that she stood abruptly, her foot-steps heavy across the old oak floors. All that could be heard was laughter, from her brother and Theo, and then Theo's warm voice calling out to her once more -- "Astrid, come on --"

But when Astrid was done, she was done.

[Time Line Events]

Year 218: Fˇlkhvatur Grunewald is born.
Year 221: Astrid Grunewald is born.
Year 223: Elvř Grunewald is born.
Year 241: January Theo Westend tries to court Astrid Grunewald.
Year 241: March Astrid Grunewald proposes to Theo Westend.
Year 241: August Astrid, along with the regiment from Bjargheim, follows the forces of Mier into the lowlands of Arbrecht to prepare for war.

Family Genealogy:
  • Valbj÷rn Grunewald -- Kolperna Grunewald
    • Valdemar Grunewald (late 40's / early 50's) -- Fjora Halensee (Commoner)
      • Fˇlkhvatur Grunewald -- Spouse
        • Children
      • Astrid Grunewald
      • Elvř Grunewald
    • Famke Grunewald -- ┴sleifur Forsetison (Wealthy Merchant Commoner)
      • Styrkßr ┴sleifurson -- Spouse (Commoner)
        • Children
    • Reginbaldur Grunewald (twin) -- Spouse
      • ═sold Grunewald -- Spouse
        • Children
      • Ulrich Grunewald
    • Reginleif Grunewald (twin) -- Cinaed Aemilianus Lanzo Vulferam
      • See House Vulferam
  • SŠvaldi Grunewald -- Spouse
    • KaprasÝus Grunewald -- Vanessa Silverstein
      • Sylvia Grunewald -- Spouse
        • Children
      • Sˇnata Grunewald -- Spouse (Wealthy Commoner)
    • Haukvaldur Grunewald -- Spouse
      • Gustav Grunewald
      • Helga Grunewald
    • Skuld Grunewald

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