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Default [03.0] Worship of The Hero

Worship of The Hero
Recognized in the region of Westerland.

The Worshippers of The Hero
Named Men who have given up their title and turned to perfecting the art of combat, eschewing material gains and the leadership of men in favour of this. When a Named Man decides to become a Worshipper, he must either burn all his possessions excluding his weapon and a suit of plate-armour, or give them to another Named Man. Having done this, he must cut off every scrap of hair on his body and tatoo, in thick red ochre, a line down his forehead to the bridge of his nose. This is usually done by another Worshipper, who will record the Named Man's title to be placed in The Hero's Armoury in Westerland City, followed by his weapon and armour upon his death. After this, the fellow Worshipper will attempt to kill the prospective Neophyte - he will hunt him for fifty five days, after which the Neophyte is granted the title of Worshipper.

To survive this harrowing test, in full plate mail against a skilled and dedicated warrior-monk, the Neophyte must stick close to the mantras of Gerald The Brave, which actually encourage aggressive tactics. The mantras are:
The First: Attack When Most Advantageous.
The Second: Go For The Throat In All Conflict.
The Third: With a Reason To Fight, Any Battle Can Be Won.
The Fourth: Battle Forges Brothers As Surely As Fire Forges Steel.
The Fifth: In Battle, Anger and Courage Are Brothers.
The Sixth: War Is Eternal.

The Neophyte should have been aware of these mantras upon beginning the test, but no helpful instrictions will be given. The Worshipper will do his level best to kill the man. It is hinted that any Neophyte who kills the Worshipper hunting him must procure his weapon and armour and present it to the Supreme Worshipper as quickly as possible; this identifies him as the man's successor. Due to the military prowess of Worshippers, this is not rare; it is completely unheard of.

Upon surviving for fifty days, the Neophyte must make his way to the nearest shrine of Gerald - the locations of these can be found inscribed on the armour of any fully-fledged Worshipper, and are always found in inhospitable places - The Frozen Wastes, the highest mountain, the deepest forest. Here, the Neophyte must wait, and survive, until yet ANOTHER Worshipper finds them, and performs two things: first, he teaches the man for six weeks. One for each companion of Gerald. This will be mostly in theology and rhetoric, but also how to survive. Secondly, he inscribes an individual mark - usually his own with a unique addition - and then a map of Arbrecht with the rough locations of the shrines into the armour. This usually takes a week aswell, in which the Neophyte practises and revises what he has learned.
The final task is to seek out The Supreme Worshipper. Upon finding this illusive man, the Neophyte will be recognised, his mark noted down and his Name placed in The Hero's Armoury, or the temple of whichever region he is from.

The actual duties of The Worshipper is simple; promote Gerald The Brave, and achieve self perfection through combat. The personalities vary as much as men do; some seek out combat at all turns, others go abroad to The Vandermark and Lacharn to preach, others take up residence in a town and live the rest of their life practicing and preaching. Revered by the local populace, the vast majority of The Worshippers wander, and most are killed in their first five years. Knights and Named Men are encouraged to constantly test the abilities of The Worshippers, and even some Fyrd Milice have earned renown by defeating a Worshipper - there are no rules to this conflict. Worshippers are often outnumbered, outmatched, outmanoeuvered, and the murder of a Worshipper is completely legal so long as the body is shrouded, the armour and weapon left alone, and no indignities committed upon the body - otherwise, it is High Treason, and the perpetrators are hunted down. Therefore, those Worshippers who survive past five years tend to be some of the greatest warriors Arbrecht has ever known. When they speak of the purity of war and the strength in martial perfection, they know of what they speak.

The Supreme Worshipper
Currently an aging fifty-nine year old man who wields an axe and longsword, wears horrifically battered and weathered platemail, and speaks with the wisdom of constant aggression. The man is held up as a Living Embodiment of Gerald The Brave, and is sometimes even called by that name. His role is to wander from town to town, acquiring the armour of fallen Worshippers and returning them to their national Armoury. An Armoury is the equivalent of a temple for the Worship, guarded by volunteer Worshippers who list and maintain the weapons and armour within. When war calls, it is traditional for The Supreme Worshipper to appear on both sides, equally, acting not as a participant, but a manifestation of Gerald The Brave's will.

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