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[OOC Information]

Your Name: John
RP Experience: All the years
Your Character's Player Base: Sullivan Stapleton


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Bryn Kyffin
Character Age: 28
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): October 7th, 213
Home Castle/City: Weallan
House: Kyffin


[House Information]

Banner Appearance: ^^
House Words: "Up from acorns, oaks."
Castle Name: Caerderwen of Weallan
Original Castle Name: Conwy Castle

House Description: The Kyffins were originally vassals of House Faerald; however, centuries ago they were instrumental in overtaking a very strategic Cemric settlement, Weallan, and this is the place they now call home. They are located far inland along the banks of one of Caelain's major rivers; their isolated position makes them a primary target for the attacks of unruly Cemric princedoms. The banner is fiercely loyal to House Faerald and dedicated to ending the chaos caused by Cemric raiders. They prefer compromise over war, and should diplomatic efforts fail, fight only until such a point as another opportunity for negotiations arises.

With a few exceptions, House Kyffin has traditionally only intermarried within Caelain, even marrying women from vassal families and Cemric tribes in order to foster peace. The House is, and always has been, dedicated primarily to the health and welfare of Caelain and Forsilvra (which after all boasts a family of Caelish origin), and has seldom involved itself in foreign affairs, much to the irritation of the rare more globally-minded members of the family.

The Kyffins are hardy folk; they are no strangers to suffering, be it from blight or war or plague, and complaint is frowned upon. They have little patience and respect for houses who seem faint in the face of the slightest hardship. Their nobles are hardworking and down-to-earth, and they express an uncommon concern for and even, to an extent, camaraderie with their smallfolk. Though a certain amount of scholarly education is encouraged, it is viewed as far less important than practical, hands-on skills learned by experience -- be it archery, harp-playing, or healing. Kyffins are typically short, small-boned brunettes and easy to underestimate by looks alone.

Their banner has variably depicted an oak tree or an acorn; it is traditional after times of significant loss in the family to change the banner from an oak tree to an acorn to acknowledge the hardship while simultaneously recognizing the potential that lies therein. The Kyffin motto is: "Up from acorns, oaks."



Bryn is a stocky, fit individual standing at 5'10 -- 5'11 on a good day -- and while he may not look imposing, he is strong enough to do the hard work of a craftsmen or a soldier.



Bryn Kyffin is exemplary of what living in a hard, poor region will do – breed hard people, to watch over it. As sturdy as an oak and steady as rock, Bryn has never shied away from responsibility or gone looking for it; he simply stands his ground and plants his feet firm as the tides of life wash against him, trying to wear down his sturdy foundation.

Emotions do not come easy to him or his siblings. He tries to remain level-headed and calm, to examine things as they are, rather than how they should be. Because of his lack of empathy for most people, his words can be blunt and his tone and body language may seem rigid. When push comes to shove, Bryn would rather act or escape than banter words and feelings.

As a lord, Bryn expects duties to be fulfilled without complaint. He expects men and women under him to be oaks and acorns, consistent and reliable in performing their task. Bryn has a work ethic that should be admired – he does not rest idly by while others set about a task, and does not rest until his work is done. Even when saddled with a head injury, Bryn tried to resume command moments after waking from his coma. If he can do these things – suffer and spend time working on things regardless of what he might rather do – and there is nothing he would rather do than help Weallan or his siblings – then others can, too.

Few words and fewer feelings reach the surface of Bryn, but there is one feeling he is not and never will be ashamed of – his love for his family. He would stick by their side through thick and thin, through blistering summer or biting winter. He would hold Weallan for his people against a flood sent by the gods – he would not flinch if the stars themselves came raining fire and hell down upon his gates.

Even if he sometimes forgets.



Originally written and compiled by Mango, Angie and Aaron:
Bryn was born into a hard working noble family that was proud of its Caelish origins. As such Bryn ended up learning how to do things that other nobles typically would not; things such as how to sow and harvest a field, build things with his bare hands, etc. Generally very hands on work, that in some cases was skilled, and in others was unskilled. His early childhood was not one of refinery, or ease. He grew up hard, and he grew up tough. Of course like most nobles, he was taught other things as well, recognizing heraldry, how to read and write, how to ride a horse, and perhaps one “frilly” thing that has the most meaning on Caelain; music, specifically the harp. Bryn is quite fond of playing it, and while he is skillful, he does not generally play it for the entertainment of others, rather preferring to relax with it for his own amusement. Some of those he is intimate with do know of his skill though, but for his own sake Bryn hopes they will not mention it to anyone.

As Bryn was the second son, and fairly close to his elder brother Rhys in age; being separated only by one year, they were quite close as children, doing whatever nefarious deeds children seem oft to do. Thankfully though, they were usually far too busy doing work to be getting into trouble too often. His other siblings were considerably younger than him, and he treasured their company nonetheless. And while Bryn was the second son, his father Rhyderrch was a practical man and realized that if he trained both boys in the ways of being a banner lord, the house would not come into trouble if death came to either of them quickly, as it usually did with children. Thankfully something seemed happy to bless the Kyffin household as both boys grew into respectable young men.

When he was thirteen years old, Bryn was ready to begin another aspect of noble life; that of a squire. His brother was already serving alongside his father, as was his right, but the time had come where Bryn had to be placed under tutelage. The first thought was to his uncle Rhisiart, but his father chose to send him elsewhere in Caelain, primarily to keep relations strong, but also to avoid Bryn becoming too influenced by the ideals of his uncle. Rhisiart was an ambitious man, and was able to talk Rhyderrch into doing things that he otherwise would not do, primarily though manipulation. One of these was to marry a Harcourt instead of enjoining with a Caelish household. Bryn for the most part was unaware of these tensions. He knew his father and uncle had disagreements, as everyone had, but he did not know at the time the extent of it all.

Bryn instead was sent to be the squire of Tysilio Faerald. He was quite apt and utterly dedicated to learning the ways of becoming a knight; of course it helped that Tysilio was a famous knight already and had won many tournaments. Bryn picked up the sword fairly quickly and in his own right became quite a capable fighter as well. He did preferred more lighter role when it came to combat, but he was equally comfortable at donning heavy armour and partaking in the devastating charge that knights are known for. It was during these days that the first wave of plague swept through Weallan. Bryng’s immediate family was untouched but it did take the life of his uncle’s wife and one of his sons. The plague also took the lives of those who he was now close to; the Faeralds. Tysilio’s father, brother, and youngest son all had their lives claimed by this dreadful scourge upon the land. Because of the devastation of the plague, it caused quite a number of problems for everyone, and to make matters worse, one of the Cemric princes, Owyn, took advantage of it and betrayed his fealty to House Faerald. He took up arms against Bryn’s own home, Weallan. Bryn felt the urge to return home to help defend his family, as any young man would have wished to do, however his father being wise knew that Bryn’s help would not have turned the tide alone, and instead he instructed Bryn to continue his duty in squiring with Tysilio, both as a symbol of the Kyffins’ support and also because Rhyderrch knew that a half-trained knight was an improper thing. Bryn would get his chance to help soon enough, as Tysilio had begun a campaign against the princedoms in Cemria and due to his bravery in battle, Bryn was knighted.

Bryn eventually returned home after some time, and he became a busy and productive member of his house, often filling in tasks that his brother preferred least. It was at this time that he began to grow closer to his younger sister, Tegan, who had in the time he was away changed from a raucous child into a very dependable woman; Bryn liked what she had become, though he somewhat missed her fieriness and spark. In a fit of rare emotional intelligence, he thought to ask her where it went, and got more than he bargained for; he became his sister’s confidant. After this incident, his sister began to tell him everything, troubling or not. Perhaps because of this reason Bryn became as reserved as he is with his emotions, seeing as how he has to deal with his own, and that of his sister.

A few months after Tysilio had left Cemria and forced them to swear fealty, Owyn once again continued his defiance and started raiding Weallan once more. It was in the fiercest of these raids, in the year 238, that Bryn’s father was killed by a stray arrow, leaving Rhys as banner lord to a city in distress. In despite of it all however, Rhys did not falter and was competent in leading. Rhys himself though began to understand what his father meant by death coming quickly, and he realized that if his father, hale and hearty as he was could die so unexpectedly, then he could as well. He kept Bryn very close to himself and entrusting him responsible tasks, and becoming his right hand. He warned Bryn about their uncle Rhisiart, who during this time sought to wed his eldest son Tristan to someone outside of Caelain; though Rhys wasn’t too vigorously opposed to the idea, he was opposed to Rhisiart’s undermining attitude, and he instead refused to sanction any marriage that Rhisiart would arrange, which caused animosity behind the curtains, if not somewhat openly. And to make matters worse, the plague returned to Weallan, and taking many who were close to Bryn; his mother, who was already weakened after losing her husband, and following her were two of her sons, Rhys, and Faolan.

At this point Bryn was immediately placed in the position of banner lord; a duty that he accepts, albeit reluctantly. As is traditional in his house, he recognized the overwhelming loss experienced by his family and his city by changing the banner from an oak tree to an acorn, symbolizing hope for the future, a sign of rebirth and regrowth. He has thus far performed quite well in his duties, although he does not know where he gets the energy to do things without much sleep. He was left with a city that, despite his brother’s best efforts, was still in strife. Many important people were taken from the first plague, and they were only just beginning to get back on their feet and into productivity. Not to mention not knowing when the next raid by Prince Owyn would come, as it always seemed to come. There was only so much that could be done in trying to respond to these threats, since as soon as the men were mobilized, Owyn and his forces were gone and the only thing left was death and embers. Not only that, but he was also thrust into being responsible for the welfare of his entire family. His uncle has taken advantage of Bryn’s nervousness as an opportunity to influence him, and due to all of the stresses and not wanting to cause even more problems, Bryn occasionally gives in, such as when he went against tradition and allowed his sister Mairwen to be married into a foreign family, the Montroses, friends of Rhisiart’s wife’s family. However, he is growing in two ways; his abilities as a banner lord, and his agitation for his uncle. Eventually one or the other is going to take hold, and depending on what it is, he may be able to better shake himself from under his uncle’s sway, or cause more problems.

He has had very few people to rely on in this time, and began to heavily trust the advice of his sister, Tegan, to run the feminine affairs of the household, seeing as he had neither wife nor mother to do so. His reliance on Tegan forced him to privately, and without her knowledge, direct Bruce Montrose’s affections – initially intended for Tegan – toward their younger sister Mairwen, for Bryn felt the family could not afford to be without its current matron, and he could not be without her as a steadfast companion and advisor. However, as much as he wants to delay it, he has realized that his sister wants very much to be married; and he has begun to put more effort into finding her a match, and finding himself a wife to be matron of the house.

The following is my own addition to the history

Bryn has come to realize that he can no longer afford to be the worrisome and hesitant leader he had been, though it was understandable where it came from. Bryn never really wanted to head his house, but he is aware enough that if he does not put aside his issues, the cost would be paid for by his family, and not just himself. After seeing the damage done to his family at the hands of the rogue Cemrics, Bryn is now more resolved than ever to put a stop to their actions once and for all. Only once Prince Owyn is put in his place, namely an unmarked grave, will Bryn be able to truly focus on rebuilding his home and rebuilding his family.

Thus at this point Bryn's focus and attention is now firmly fixed on what he feels must be the final battle with the Cemric Prince and perhaps with the Cemrics period. The fact that Tysilio has personally involved himself (as expected, of course) gives Bryn confidence that justice will be served.
The war for Caelain has finally been put to rest. Owyn was captured and executed on the orders of Tysilio Faearld -- finally, something that should of happened a decade ago was carried out by the lord of Caelain. But it cost Bryn -- and his family -- almost everything they had. Melari Forthwind was kidnapped under his watch -- he was injured in battle. Glynmor was raised to the ground.

The areas around Weallan picked bare and laid to waste by Cemrics and Caelas alike, and yet -- they all march home, for Harp Tide and weddings. Just like they all sat on home when Weallan was being harried by Owyn for more than a decade. The war for the Faeralds, the Hughes, the Alysworths and the Forthwinds was over, but the Kyffins still have a mountain of work ahead of them. Weallan was severly damaged by the battle that took place in it's streets and walls -- the area around is poorer and more scorched than ever, as if the five were trying to say that the Kyffins needed less and less of a noblemans luxury to survive.

It must be rebuilt, and Bryn as the lord of the land must rebuild it, no matter the cost. Bridal dowrys and negotiations are what is coming for this lord, to rebuild the only home that matters to him. War has come, war has gone -- but the scars remain, all the same.


[Writing Sample]

Alone, that was how Bryn felt right now – alone, and out in the cold. He his head still ached with pain from time to time – the blow that had knocked him senseless was not a light one. It had changed how he thought, how he acted – and it wasn’t until his fight with Tegan a few days ago that he realized how much he had changed – and not for the better.

What was he doing with himself? Chasing after a girl he barely knew because she came to help Weallan with her medical knowledge? She was kind, and intelligent – willing to get her hands dirty and dress the wounded herself. She had even taken care of him when he had been injured. But she was an unbidden guest who had barged in one day and stolen his heart like a thief in the night.

His heart was never there to steal; he had just been too fool to realize it. Bryn had never needed the loving embrace of another human, never wanted it, truthfully – he still didn’t know what he wanted in that part of himself. But he knew that the pain he felt after fighting with Tegan so long and so often was real, and crippling. He knew even through his pounding migraine that Tegan had done so much more than this Kathryn ever could for him. She had confided in him – trusted in him. She helped him run their poor and proud region, helped him survive every siege. She was wise beyond her years and wise beyond her gender – Tegan knew everything it meant to be Kyffin.

How did he repay her? By hurting her? He had driven Bruce away from her – a man she might have loved, and a man he heard from her own mouth that she would have married. And he didn’t even have the balls to be true to her about it and probably never would; she would never forgive him if she knew, of that he was certain.

He didn’t have to hurt her like this – didn’t have to hurt her for Kathryn. That was why he was going to find her, and tell her the truth – that Tegan was his sister, the roots that kept his tree alive and standing. Wine and berries however sweet would not and could not replace that. She had bewitched him and put a spell over him, but tonight that spell was broken – tonight he was Bryn Kyffin again, and that strange man that had been wearing his skin was no more.

He took another deep gulp of the bottle of wine in his hand – the last of the wine Kathryn had brought from the vale. The last he would have of her and her charity. Weallan needed to be rebuilt, strong and whole again – by Kyffins, not Kathryns. Up from acorns, oaks.


[Timeline of Events]

this timeline is wrong.

YEAR 214: Rhys Kyffin, Bryn's older brother, is born.
YEAR 215: Bryn Kyffin born.
YEAR 219: Tegan Kyffin is born.
YEARS 220-225:Mairwen, Faolan, Rhonwen, and Aeronwy Kyffin, Bryn's younger siblings, are born.
YEARS 228-235: Bryn squires with Tysilio Faerald.
YEAR 233: The first wave of plague reaches Weallan; Rhisiart's wife and one of his sons succumb.
YEAR 233: Prince Owyn of Dun Eamrath reneges on his fealty to the Faeralds and begins a more violent campaign; attacks on Weallan become frequent.
YEAR 235: Lord Faerald arrives in Cemria; Bryn accompanies him and is knighted for his efforts in battle. Lord Faerald forces the Cemric princedoms to swear fealty, but this is ineffective in halting the attacks by Prince Owyn on Weallan.
YEAR 238: Rhyderrch Kyffin, Bryn's father, is killed in a Cemric raid; Rhys becomes banner lord.
YEAR 239: Faolan Kyffin dies, followed by Bryn's mother Adabel, and finally Rhys - all by the plague.
YEAR 239: Following Rhys' death, Bryn becomes banner lord.
YEAR 240: Under the influence of his uncle Rhisiart, Bryn agrees to allow Mairwen to wed outside of Caelain.
YEAR 240: Prince Owyn again reneges on his fealty to the Faeralds. Raids continue.
YEAR 241: Spring Ball, game start.
June – Melari kidnapped
July – Caelish war, injured.
August – Owyn executed.


  • Rheinallt Kyffin -- Unnamed Wife
    • Rhona Kyffin Faerald
    • Rhyderrch Kyffin -- Adabel Alysworth
    • Rhisiart Kyffin -- Celwyn Benbow
      • Tristan Kyffin
      • Caerwyn Kyffin
      -- Audrey Harcourt
      • Talfryn Kyffin
      • Morgan Kyffin
      • Gwyneth Kyffin
    • Elwen Kyffin Faerald
  • Aderyn Kyffin Alysworth


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