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Default [03.2] Vale de Lys

Vale de Lys

Hold: Vale de Lys
Province: Forsilvra
Capital: Océanesse
Founded: 1 A.F.
Government: House Toussaint
Religion: Quintism, with a focus on Amelie, the Goddess of Death

House Toussaint

Vassal Houses


About Vale de Lys

Located on what is arguably the loveliest location in Forsilvra - not just the island but the kingdom itself - the Vale deLys is renowned throughout the realm for its lush foliage leading to soft sand beaches and the luxurious aspects of a hedonistic lifestyle.

Toussaint, once a mere vassal house, has served House Fontenot for generations, first in Caelain, then in Forsilvra when their Liege Lord was elevated to Royal status. A wealthy vassal house thanks to prior exclusive trade rights with Sarmatia, they have been accused of buying their way to Banner House status due to their liberal financial support and supply to House Fontenot years ago during the various wars in Caelain, the Lords of the Vale de Lys know it is their loyal service and fidelity to the Fontenots that won their valuable demesne.


The well-established retreat of the wealthy, deLys is lined by lavish mansions sheathed in marble overlooking the blue-green water that flows against the cliffs. Numerous carved paths and staircases bring the well-to-do down to the water’s edge, making it easily approached.
Thanks in no small part to the crops and glassmaking operations, deLys is a city flowing with cash, bolstered by the influx of those looking for an escape from the humdrum of their own homes into a place of beauty, vivacity and indulgence. Every desire is obtainable in deLys from gourmet foods, fine wines and liquors, fabrics and furnishings. Social events are the lifeblood of this city, each an opportunity to see and be seen. Everyone who is anyone has a home in deLys and makes the most of what the locals call ‘the season,’ running from June to October.

Hosted by House Toussaint, the arbiters of all things extravagant, life in deLys is not inexpensive. It is often said that the true mark of wealth is determined by the ability to own a home in deLys and maintain a presence there. Certainly the Toussaints show little sign of poverty or frugality, but their coffers are kept fat, profiting from the trade of tourism itself, the fine glass and crystal produced on the island and the luxury food products available. They hold relatively exclusive trade contacts with the Sarmatians, exploiting their monopoly to the fullest extent.

Social Customs

Easily one of the most welcoming regions in Forsilvra, the Vale de Lys is renowned for its social whirl, especially during the Season (April through October). Hospitality is the region’s byword, where there are no strangers and doors remain open in welcome.

Life in the Vale de Lys, however, is not inexpensive. For many, it is a once-in-a-lifetime visit, though the wealthy maintain residences for the hottest months of the summer to catch cooling sea breezes and bathe in the sea that crashes against the base of the cliffs.

Some would say that life in the Vale de Lys is often a string of parties, festivals and social events, and the leaders of this are unquestionable the Toussaints, the gracious hosts, lords of the region and friend to all.


House Toussaint is a faithful follower of the Five, but give especial devotion to Amelie, the Goddess of Death. As a mark of their homage, the House’s gardens reflect a unique rose, so deeply red as to be nearly black. It is these roses that line the path to a shrine in Amelie’s honor, constructed on the grounds of Château Sirène.

In the city itself, a temple of marble and gilt was constructed in a star-like shape with five major points. Each point venerates one of the Five, tended by members of the Order. While piety in the Vale de Lys is considered more form than functional, each person is expected to make the appropriate efforts to worship, tithe and maintain the Temple.


Tourism is unquestionably a prominent part of the Vale de Lys’s economic bas, but the true wealth of the region lies within its agricultural developments, the mining of marble, and its glassmaking, especially in stained glass.

Additionally, the Vale de Lys produces the finest cooks in Forsilvra, and it is rumored that they train the Castle Licorn culinary staff. It is a closely guarded secret that no one seems willing to betray, but certainly the lavish spreads found in the Vale de Lys suggest there may be more than a whisper of truth to the tale.

Finally, thanks to clever negotiations with other Houses in Forsilvra and with the Kingdom of Sarmatia, the Vale de Lys enjoys some exclusive trade measures to supply the rest of the Kingdom with specific items, some of which are proving to be a luxury, while others are necessity.


The levies for the holding are quite small compared to many of the other houses. However, House Toussaint is known for its elite unit of house guards, who are adorned in not only the most decorative armor but are armed with the best equipment available. The Toussaints bolster their military forces extensively with mercenary companies, rarely fearing that anyone can outbid their contracts. They dispatch agents all around the realm and the bordering nations in order to seek out the best sell swords. The Sarmatians are common sight within the ranks of their hired soldiers.

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Family Genealogies

House Toussaint of Vale de Lys

  • Auguste Toussaint (64) -- Wife
    • Voltaire Toussaint (43) -- Deborah Hughes Toussaint
      -- Roselina Saavedra
      • Tristan Toussaint (1)
    • Rene Toussaint (42) -- Spouse
      • Maximilien Toussaint (20) -- Aureline DeLauncey (25)
      • Dominique Toussaint (19)
      • Marquis Toussaint (17)
      • Emmanuelle Toussaint (13)
      • Michel Toussaint (8)
      • Lucienne Toussaint (5)
    • Marguerite Toussaint [Husband House]
    • Jean-Jacques (39) -- Spouse
      • Celestine Toussaint (19)
      • Celeste Toussaint (17)
      • Juliette Toussaint (12)
      • Genevieve Toussaint (7)
  • Blanche Toussaint Fontenot (62)
  • Vincent Toussaint (60) -- Spouse
    • Gabrielle Toussaint Faerald (32)
    • Claude Toussaint (28) -- Spouse
      • Sylviane Toussaint (4)
      • Auguste Toussaint (1)
    • Simone Toussaint Fleurant (24)
    • Edgar Toussaint (23) -- Spouse
  • Leontine Toussaint Harcourt (52)

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