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Default Cameron Montrose

Sir Cameron Montrose

Writer: Sam
Contact: PM

Name: Cameron Montrose
Gender: Male
Age: 30, on game start
Birthday: 31st March, 211
House: Montrose, by birth
Home Province: Arbrecht

Played By: Ewan McGregor

House Montrose
"I Roar, Not Squeal"

The Montroses are an old house, centuries older than the throne of Forsilvra. They rule as Earls of the Green over unruly clans that occupy a cold, raiy land of hills and rock. They are not overly rich, not exceedingly educated, nor well acquainted with the world. The biggest thing they have is their pride, and their swords. Their land boasts the best archers in the five kingdoms, good scouts and hunters, and lots of its men served as mercenaries, mostly in Arbrecht, but sometimes beyond. Montroses claim their descent from an ancient hero Monroe The Bold, a great scourge of Arbrecht, who was defeated by Jerrod himself, and from then on assisted the Great Warrior in his adventures.



Cameron grew up a soft and fragile child, but promptly grew with the right direction and circumstance into a headstrong and well-built man, sure with sword, lance and bow. He is an honour-bound knight, taking his vows to heart, he is fiercely loyal to his family and friends and is a traditionalist in that sense. He is a loving husband, with a strong attachment to his wife and young son. He is a thinker, and generally keeps to himself in all manner of social situations beyond those with his closer family; but loves a good drink and that has a tendancy of loosening him up around almost anyone.

Having been under the tutelage of Victor Goddart for many years, Cameron is a fearsome, yet very restrained warrior, believing in doing good with his skills with a sword over the less honourable and questionable acts, he knows when to, and when not to take a life, and carries a very calm and collected bearing even on the battlefield. He is a natural leader, inspite of his initial shortcomings in life; his father having raised him to be a firm commander with a potent arsenal of tricks via his tutelage.

He is a compassionate man in every aspect of his life, in that regard he is completely unlike his father, and he thanks Ashleigh for that. He could have allowed hismelf to become a knight, to dwell in the belief that his political match was an injustice and should not have been permitted to continue without his full consent, but instead his wife helped him avoid becoming dedicated to the fight, and the bloodshed but instead through her he has grown into something else entirely.


Cameron was born the first child of the famed northern lord and royal councillor Duncan Montrose and his wife Giverny Fleurant. Being the first child of their union, he got the best they could offer, pampered in the wealth of the south and given the best educations a young noble could be offered. He was promised and betrothed to Ashleigh Harcourt, a girl four years older than him when he was only a child, that was his uncle Malcolm's idea - he wanted Cameron to marry a northwoman, so he would not forget his native homeland as well as making a more steadfast ally of the powerful Harcourts of Seawatch.

Duncan pushed his son as he had pushed himself in his youth, hoping his boy would win fame like he did - with a sword in his hand. It quickly became apparent however that Cameron had little interest in pursuing the life of his father, he was a soft child, prone to crying and bruising under rough sport. Yet Duncan pushed him forward even in his frustration, he would not let his boy, his first son, his heir be softened by the south.

Cameron was seven when his brother and sister, Kenneth and Kenna were born and his mother died as a result. He still didn't understand the concept of death, and went of the rails in his grief at what was happening and not seeing his mother anymore. Duncan quickly knocked that part of ignorance out of the young boy and told him what was what, getting him through it in a swift session on reality - as was Duncan's way.

In order to toughen up his son Duncan pushed Cameron's warrior training, and did so through hiring hima teacher, so he did not need to find the time between his duties for it. His father hired Victor Goddart, a popular Caelish knight to conduct his training sessions, and beat him into the shape befitting of a Montrose man. Victor did not rough house with the boy as he was used to with his father, but instead got him used to the weapons he was practiscing with, and taught him about what it meant to truly wield a sword, a spear or whatever it was he was training with that particular day. Victor became like a father to him, between their bond over weapons, Cameron started toughen up and appreciate the pursuits of a warrior that his father had pushed him to strive for.

He met his bride-to-be for the first time when he was ten, she was fourteen and already much more mature than him and they didn't exactly get along, there was teasing, feelings were hurt and pride wounded. It was a brief visit just to associate the pair with one another, yet Duncan did not take the chance to go the Maldenham and visit his further family at the time, and they went right home to Forsilvra, his father was not the kind of man to sit around waiting for anything, he had work to do and he was not in the mood. Unfortunately for Cameron, by the time he got back, his weapons tutor had already moved onto another job, but at this point Cameron was fine training with his father, comfortable and sure with sword, lance and bow. For the first time in his life, Cameron felt his father truly loved him now, his manner felt a lot warmer.

The years went by rather uneventfully, his twin brother and sister grew up into their own, and he began training with his brother and father together, while continuing his own studies, pushing for the role of a military man that his father had been hoping for from the beginning. By the time his old tutor returned from the Linchao Republic, he was a man of his own, yet the veteran knight took him back unto his wing and Cameron welcomed it. Just shy of another year of tutelage, Victor knighted Cameron himself, finally concluding his long journey to knighthood. Duncan officially brought him into his own political sphere at this time, as his court-mandated deputy and heir.

Now Sir Cameron Montrose of the Forsilvran courts, he married Ashleigh Harcourt the following year in Fyrsbruck when he was eighteen, and she twenty-two. With his recent accomplishments and merits in tow he felt she accepted him as a man now, and not just a younger boy she was being compelled to wed. He took her to bed on their wedding night, but no child came as a result of their union for another year. He brought Ashleigh back to court with him and moved her into his father's manor, and it wasn't long before their affection for one another escalated into something more than just a political marriage of the two.

It wasn't long until Cameron's curiosity of his own homeland of the Green finally started clawing at him, he wanted to see home, his true home, and meet his further family - his lord uncle Malcolm's line. He and Ashleigh packed up and moved, with the blessing of his father, it was a good move, a good way to start mending the tied between he and his brother he said. While in transit to Arbrecht he got Ashleigh with child, and they happily announced it upon arriving at Seawatch, it took the magic of making a child together that made them realise and truly know that they were in love at last.

Cameron was met with dignity and grace by his lord uncle and extended family upon arriving at Maldenham, and he and his wife were quickly accomodated within the halls of the Lionskeep. Ashleigh gave birth to their first child in the same year, a boy who they named Douglas. With the help of his uncle, Cameron dived into an interest of his homeland, eager to know more about his family and ancestors, and as a result Douglas was raised as an Arbrechtian moreso than he was.

When the plague broke out Malcolm ordered the city locked down, and set up a defensive perimeter to contain Maldenham, both to avoid his own people spreading the plague and to quarantine them. The healthy of the Green's army were stationed aroudn the outskirts of the city, with orders to keep everyone else out, and their own inhabitants within. Through some miracle this tactic managed to also keep news of the war out too, and the Montroses never learned of it until the Fitzwulfs had lain waste to Heldenbrecht, and seized the lordship of the northern lands.

In the most recent of times, Cameron reunited with Duncan in the capital, and introduced him to his grandson. During the visit recently made province lord of Arbrecht Jon Fitzwulf was killed in the royal melee. Something clicked within Cameron that day, and he knew the Montroses had not been fortunate enough to simply miss a war - another might very well be coming. All the circumstances surrounding the Fitzwulf's death looked nothing if not a target of some deceptive device of man, he knew it. Upon returning to the Green with his lord uncle, it was all but confirmed, Malcolm was preparing to call the banners.

Complete Lockdown (Sample)

He'd arrived on the scene too late, a small caravan nothing more than a handful of men, women. Orders were orders but he couldn't help feeling that pang of guilt, having not been able to even get there to talk with them. Malcolm had ordered a complete lockdown of Maldenham, and with good reason, the long term merits of the plan were clear - and he was not one to question his uncle, the man was wise in his years. Perhaps more so in a different way that his own father, but this was rough.

With a lump in his throat and weight on his chest making it hard to swallow, he mountain their makeshift wall, their wooden pallisades that had been erected only this year for the security of Maldenham and it's people. But unfortunately it didn't offer security to those outside of the boundary.

And now they lay dead, stubborn in their aim to flee the plague that had spread it's vileness across these lands, they had come to Maldenham hoping to escape death, and they'd only found it. If only they had turned away to seek refuge elsewhere, and not been so steadfast in their determination. If he were only faster on his feet, perhaps he could have prevented the loss.


211 AF: Cameron is born.
216 AF: Betrothal to Ashleigh Harcourt.
218 AF: Kenneth and Kenna Montrose are born; Giverny dies.
219 AF: Enters the tutelage of Sir Victor Goddart.
221 AF: Meets Ashleigh for the first time.
227 AF: Further training from Sir Victor
228 AF: Is knighted.
229 AF: Marries Ashleigh Harcourt.
231 AF: Relocates to Maldenham.
231 AF: Douglas is born.
231 AF: Plague outbreak in Ernsaw.
232 AF: The plague reaches Maldenham.
234 AF: The Fitzwulfs begin the War for Heldenbrecht.
237 AF: Kenneth becomes Horn of Arbrecht.
241 AF: Game start.

Family Genealogy
  • Gregor Montrose -- Juliette Colbert
    • Malcolm Montrose -- Eilidh Tavish
      • Iona Montrose Harcourt
      • Aelish Montrose MacLeod -- Callum MacLeod
        -- Arianne Fontenot
      • Catriona Montrose
      • Bruce Montrose -- Mairwen Kyffin
    • Duncan Montrose -- Giverny Fleurant Montrose
      • Cameron Montrose -- Ashleigh Harcourt Montrose
        • Douglas Montrose
      • Kenneth Montrose (twin)
      • Kenna Montrose Merrick (twin)
    • Edme Montrose Farquhart Fitzwulf
    • Craig Montrose -- Eona MacGrath
      • Nessa Montrose
      • David Montrose
      • Morna Montrose
      • Neil Montrose
        -- Gilleanne Deverre
      • Heather Montrose Fleurant
      • Ailie Montrose

Craig's bastard children:
  • Blair Montrose
  • Keith Montrose

Duncan's ward:
  • Rena Parr
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Yayyyy! @Duncan Montrose as Dad and @Malcolm Montrose as head of household! <3
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I approve and am very much looking forward to this, Sam. Good move by choosing to play Cameron.
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Did you send me secrets?


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