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Default Arianne Fontenot Montrose

[Public Application]

Character Name:Princess Arianne Fontenot Montrose, Countess of the Green
Character Age:40
[b]Birthday[/b): July 16, 200
Current Location:Maldenhalm, League of Arbrecht
House(s) At birth: Fontenot, Married: Montrose

Player Base: Gwyneth Paltrow.

Personality: There has always been an undercurrent of whimsy surrounding Arianne. She has always delighted in stories and fantasies that eventually were covered by the impending avalanche of serious business a woman such as her must be buried beneath. Sometimes a frilly giggle bubbles up from her practiced laugh, or a playful hop springs up through the calculated dance she's been trained to denote as graceful as she can. Mind you, it was bored into her time and time again that duty and disposition must be withheld as high as her station and practice makes perfect. Or so, she is trapped in to believing.

Of course, she still delights in whatever fantasy she can let her mind wonder to. Daydreaming and quiet, secret delights are what gets her through the cold days of the North. A summer baby, she has never full adapted to the icy wind that blows (and not just down from the mountains). Well trained she is determined not to let her guard down, to be the Princess that she was made to be, to imbue some regality in the royal blood that flows in her children. She knows that her knowledge of civility and etiquette is why the match was made and why she was married off to Malcolm and this wild land. She sees it as her responsibility to tame some of the brutality that tarnishes these people and this place.

Arianne is ever thoughtful now. She knows that she must step carefully through a terrain that has been unwelcoming from the start. She speaks against her husband only when she finds it necessary and will only ever confide these disagreements to him directly, in private. Time has allowed her to respect her husband and the land that has become her habitat. However, this will never be her home and she knows that she will never truly be accepted.

She is a loving mother. Perhaps a bit too indulgent and proud but genuinely she believes she has every right to be proud of her children. She has never been cold to Malcolm’s children but she can’t help feeling that her children are superior. There has always been a thin layer of envy that surfaces whenever her husband looks at Iona and Aelish with a gaze too deep for her to comprehend but then, she has never been in love. Can you ever love a stranger?

History: Expectation. It had always been the word that loomed out from the shadows, swiping at the playful, fanciful shine Arianne had taken to myth and fantasy like a beast to prey. She had been born to royalty and although she had been pampered and primped for all her days, this comfort and luxury came with the price of protocol and duty. Two words that her parents had the strictest intention of seeing through to her inevitable ascension to a house worthy of her namesake.

She was rehearsed in manners and custom, taught the ways of the court, proper dances, proper decorum and proper dress. If she was found playing too roughly there were consequences. If she was not paying attention to her lessons then there were consequences. Everything had consequences. But she kept on day dreaming. She knew these lessons were for her own good. That someday she would be married off to a good and proper Prince or King. Someone that delighted in culture as she did. That could spin a good yarn through the experience they’d won life through. When she was a girl she could only see her future through the rose tint of pure naivety. She’d have a handsome husband with a mane of tousled hair, at least four strapping boys, white horses, sunshine, theater, gold gowns, silver slippers, strawberries in winter, warmth all year round, love, laughter….puppies.

No doubt the cold, north saw only a silly, fancy decoration when she emerged from the carriage that brought her from Forsilvra. But the feeling was mutually disappointing. Instead of her fairytale she was deposited in the stone grey cold of misery. This was not the life she had imagined for herself. Her husband was grisly, BALDING and as cold as the landscape that enveloped her like a frost.

She missed the love of her family. The luxuriant warmth of the noon day sun! She missed the flowers. The blue sky….the fashion, the food. She missed her Aunt Isabelle who had only given her the best advice but she wasn’t sure how to apply it. How she wished she could go to her then and ask her what she should do. She was a girl of 15 but in a few days time she would be the woman of a house. A daunting realization that had somehow, very quickly, become a monster of a reality.

The wedding took place but never was a wedding so cold. Resplendent in her wedding gown, her beauty was no match for the melting, scornful glances that drilled in to her from the watchful, waiting Montrose clan. Judgment flew along with the doves that were released at the end of the ceremony. After, the feast was not a celebration but a stage for her to fail. She faltered and left in a fit of tears. Arianne never cried in front of any of them ever again. Aunt Isabelle had advised her of this in the first of many letters they shared throughout the years.

The wedding night did not go much smoother. The only warmth was from the embers of the fire.

Days went, then weeks and Arianne spent much of her time alone. She ate in silence. Then came the news that she was with child. During her pregnancy, Malcolm was as distant as ever. It was only after the birth of Catriona that a profound change took place and an inkling of some sort of warmth in his character was directed at her. They began to talk and spend time together. The kindness felt wonderful and although she did not open up completely, the harshness between them softened considerably.

A second pregnancy happened. Bruce was born.

It was obvious from the beginning that Catriona was her mother’s daughter and Bruce was very much his father’s son. Arianne adored them.

Malcolm’s children were never her stepchildren. They were nearly her age! For years they despised her openly, cursed her plainly and loudly in their foreign tongue. She tried to be warm but she was a stranger…a woman who had interrupted their place, their memories and their lives. Although her own children afforded her great comfort, she could not ever get over her profound loneliness in these early years.

Eventually she learned their language and something about the Green, and only then respect began to trickle in. Arianne became a teacher of sorts- teaching the beasts about beauty. She cannot deny that they have taught her something of the beauty within the beastly. Culture, theater, dance….There were some that became curious, albeit hesitantly, with everything she was willing to share. Eventually she had some friends. And, she does not care to admit it or see it but they’ve taught her a great deal about being outside yourself.

How strange Malcolm seems when he wears her lessons. It unsettles her though she can’t think why.

Even a world away, Arianne was not immune to the tragedy of the Plague. Malcolm's own daughter Aelish was the first person she knew to succumb to the illness. Locked away in Maldenham, it was only through bird that she first heard of the King's death. Joseph! The sadness seeped in to her core. Stephane was next. Her brothers gone.

Her family was not the only one to have worn the badge of tragedy. Her nephew, the King has called the kingdom to mourn. A celebration for the dead…

Arianne looks forward to returning home although she is not sure how happy she is to celebrate the passing of her brothers. But, she is homeward bound and she looks forward to the shining sun!

Writing Sample:

The sun winked out from the grey capped morning and for a moment the world was haloed in hope. The dusty green of a nearby moor alighted in jeweled greens before a grumpy cloud swallowed the golden orb back up.

An instant chill accompanied the drizzle the cloud had coughed. Arianne fastened the fur collar around her neck. She huddled within the cape, her gloved hands gripping the reigns of the horse she sat upon and sighed a breath of contentment.

Mihra was whispering a sign to her. The journey to Forsilvra would be a good one.

When she thought of home she could see only her brothers, her parents, the life she had left so long ago. In these visions she was still a girl. The promise of the future was still full of possibilities.

How long ago that was.

Now her brothers were dead but perhaps possibilities continued to live.

"My Lady. Would you like to sit inside your carriage?" the voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Not now. It feels good to be out here in the open."

[Time Line Events]
Year 200: Arianne Fontenot is born
Year 215: Arianne is married to Malcolm Montrose
Year 216: Catriona Montrose is born
Year 218: Bruce Montrose is born
Year 225: Malcolm becomes the Earl of Green and Arianne becomes the Countess of Green
Year 241: Game Begins.

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