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[OOC Information]

Your Name: Friday
RP Experience: an eternity
Your Character's Player Base: Brittany Snow


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Cornelia de Valle
Character Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): July 14th, 223
Home Castle/City: Goldenmoore, the Vandermark
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: de Valle



Height: 5'6"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde



As the fifth daughter to an already full household, Cornelia de Valle has always had to make an effort to make her presence known. From an early age, she knew that she had to be heard to be seen among her many sisters, and from childish tantrums, Cornelia has grown to be a loud, vivacious daughter and sister. Rambunctious but kind-hearted, Cornelia is a windstorm of a woman: her movements are never slow, more prone to running and dancing than to take a slow stroll. She lives passionately, and without remorse. Cornelia is frequently late and has a tendency to be careless with her clothes, her belongings, and the time; this has not changed with maturity. She is not a materialistic girl, tending to be more on the tom-boyish side of the spectrum. However, Cornelia does extend her affection for a few select tangible things: in addition to one emerald earring stud that is always worn in her right ear, Cornelia owns a worn leather notebook with a dragon etched on the cover, given to her by Rufus DeLauncey when he wed her sister Atlanta; this is one of the few possessions Cornelia has that she has not managed to ruin or lose. It is a constant object by her side, and she can often be found biting her lip (an old childhood habit) scribbling away furiously within its pages.



Born in the middle of a sweltering heat wave in Goldenmoore in the summer of 223, Cornelia de Valle was the fifth daughter to Octavius and Idabel de Valle, where there was (still) the long-expected wait of a boy. Idabel for months had been claiming that she 'knew' the child she was to bear was their long-awaited son, but on July 14th she gave birth to yet another daughter, this one just as red-faced and golden-haired as the last. Still, Octavius and his wife rejoiced; another life to bless their home.

Cornelia's childhood was nothing out of the ordinary, but that in itself was truly a blessing. Cornelia was welcomed into the growing gaggle of de Valle daughters, and they were joined in succession by Aurelia and Livia. From an early age, Cornelia was a tiny minion of her older sisters: while they all still lived together, Atlanta and Dahlia reigned supreme, and Cornelia idolized them as only a younger sister could. She is closest with Adamaris, whose intense personality mirrors that of Cornelia; often, she is the only one who can keep up with Cornelia's fast-paced adventures. Cornelia loves all her sisters with a limitless ferocity, and with all the de Valle sisters there is an unspoken but tangible sense of responsibility and loyalty toward one another that is impressive for women so slight of waist and fair of hair. Theirs is a bond that is unquestionable and pure. Sergius' birth broke the trail of de Valle daughters, but they all took immediately to their sickly, frail brother, and he is often found swaddled in their protective ranks. On the few occasions Sergius' various conditions kept him from their adventures outdoors, it was not uncommon to find all seven sisters huddled around the edge of his bed, telling him stories and keeping him company throughout his infirmity. She has amicable relations with her extended family, as well, but Cornelia is closest with Xavier, out of all the cousins; in many ways, he has always been her partner in crime, a man of equal rebelliousness.

Most of Cornelia's youth was spent running about the leering bluffs of Goldenmoore, staying out far too late for her mother's peace of mind and disappearing without word. Cornelia loved the rocky shore and the hideaway grottos that she discovered with her sisters, and Cornelia's over-active mind would weave them stories and folklore that kept her sisters entertained for hours. She excelled at her lessons, but her tutors found it difficult to keep a girl like Cornelia chained to one place for too long, and often found her gazing out the arched windows at the shore rather than listening to their lectures. But when it came to the family library, Cornelia became an entirely different person. If her tutors gave her a book that intrigued her, she would spend hours, even days, tucked away in her favorite spots, pouring over the book until she read it cover to cover. If the topic perked her interests, she would purge the library of every volume until there were gaps in the shelves and her family could barely find her, so surrounded by her fortress of knowledge. This sparked a new idea, and Cornelia was encouraged to write. This was like opening a sieve; out poured the endless thoughts and observations, the fairy-tales and the poems, short plays and soliloquies, spilling out onto the pages like the undulating waves that rocked the coast of Goldenmoore. It has been that way ever since, and Cornelia's fingertips have become, quite possibly, permanently stained with ink.

However, the relative joy that seemed to surround the de Valle daughters and their brother like some mystical shield was soon shattered. The plague hit the Vandermark with little warning, and many of their family fell ill. A beloved cousin died and so with her, it seemed, died Elysia's happiness. These little women folded in on themselves, trying to protect one another from the abysmal darkness of the outside world... but it was to no avail. Atlanta's death hit everyone in the family particularly hard, and to this day, it is something of which Cornelia refuses to speak. Something about the tragic loss of their eldest sister changed each of the de Valle girls in a unique way, and Cornelia for a time lost her outgoing spirit; rather she withdrew inside the safety of her own heart, and while her sisters still enjoy sharing openly the stories of their childhood memories of their beloved Atlanta, Cornelia cannot help but shirk from the conversation. Some time went by, and Cornelia's family hoped that distance and comfort would draw Cornelia out of her sorrow, and that they once again would be enchanted by their little playwright, a poet in the making. But this did not come, and Cornelia, who used to laugh the loudest, did not seem to laugh at all.

Present day finds Cornelia no longer quite the tornado she used to be. Her rebellious side remains; she is still quick to take challenges that no one proposes, and put herself in risks that are unnecessary and foolish. But her voice does not carry so loudly anymore within the halls of the Goldenmoore castle, and there is less dance in her step. Ink remains on the edges of her fingers, though, and the more Cornelia buries herself in her writing, the more her family hopes for her spiritual return. Perhaps only time will tell.


[Writing Sample]

Cornelia sat with her back pressed up against the rock, her toes digging in to the sand as the tide lapped greedily at the hem of her dress. She paused, running the feather of the quill through her fingers, her brow knit together in deep thought. Cornelia's unwavering blue gaze was cast out to sea, looking beyond the rolling waves ahead of her. Seeing... something.

And then the thought resurfaced and she smiled, an abrupt white flash of teeth, and her hand was racing across the page once more, a slight smear of black ink running down the side of her palm. She heard someone calling out her name in the distance, but Cornelia could not look up from the page in her notebook, pressing herself more tightly against the rock face, hoping to remain hidden from view for at least a few minutes longer. She just needed to get this down before it escaped her...


[Timeline of Events]


Year 223: Cornelia de Valle is born.
Year 241: Game start.


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