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Default [08.0] House Information


There are five provinces plus the capital island in the Kingdom of Forsilvra. Each province has a Lord in charge of the entire province. Beneath him are sworn banner lords, who hold a keep/castle in a major city and swear to protect the province in the name of the Lord. Minor lords and knightly houses, both landed and unlanded, are considered part of the nobility as well. Minor houses often have smaller land holding that they manage in the name of a province or banner lord and a smaller castle.

  • Bolded name indicates head of household
  • Strike through name indicates deceased
  • LINKED characters are in play
  • All Unlinked characters are either open or on hold.
  • -- indicates marriage union
  • -/- indicates unwed union to produce a child

If you'd like to play one of the unlinked characters, please place a hold on the character in the hold's thread and contact the player who plays the head of the household.

The fiefdom system creates layers of rule. The King is the ultimate rule and he has the ability to grant and remove titles, privileges and properties at will. The layers of Rule in Forsilvra are as follows. Each layer may have any of the layers beneath them.
  • Royal Family
    • Province Lords
      • Banner Lords
        • Vassal Lord
          • Landed Knights
            • Unlanded Knights
              • Commoners

Houses of Forsilvra

Houses of Ahestere

Houses of Arbrecht

Houses of Caelain

Houses of Lacharn

Houses of The Vandermark

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