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Default [04.0] Terms of Noble Address


Here on Forsilvra you will see royal style and/or status applies only to the Royal Family of Fontenot as they are the only ones who are actually classified within the social class of royalty have a style of "Highness" attached before their titles. There are no imperial titles in use at this current time though some of the foreign powers might well use themselves - especially within the Linchao Republic as an example. To address the king, you would use "Your Grace". A princess or prince, even wed, will always have the term "Prince" or "Princess" before their name.

As Lord/Lady is the standard form of address for any noble (excepting the royal family) it can sometimes be a little confusing for those new to world and setting but it does make it a lot more easier once you get all settled in as there are none of the variety of titles which can tend to overwhelm.

The leaders of the household are referred to as Lord/Lady Last Name, and other members of the household are called Lord/Lady Firstname or Lord/Lady First Name of House X also works. Lord/Lady First Name Last Name is always appropriate, but not required.

In Lacharn, Lord Consort/Lady Consort is used to distinguish the spouse of the Ruler of the House from that Ruler. For instance, Lady Rhiannon Prothero was the Ruler of House Prothero and Balthasar Prothero is her Lord Consort.

Sir is the preferred form of address for those not in the nobility who are knighted. In Lacharn the feminine form is Sira, it is generally only used in that Province with the same kind of respect as the masculine - however, it has started to be acknowledged on a wider scale but it is slow going.

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