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Character Name: Balthasar Prothero
Character Age: 38
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): May 28, 202
Current Location: Llywarch, Lacharn
Birth: Merrick
Marriage: Prothero
Banner Appearance:

House Description
House Merrick is an old house, built long before the invasions were even a thought. House Merrick is so old that the reason why their banner is a cat has been long forgotten, though it is said to have previously been a sun, and that a particular lord who was incredibly fond of his cat, changed it. They are by far the oldest and wealthiest family of Dyos.

As one of the original founders of Lacharn, they founded the city Dyos. Dyos is definitely an ocean city, and has a lively port area. At the same time, they get many visitors to visit their beautiful beaches (though not tropical, the water is relatively warm and the sand is well kept). The main livelihood of the city, however, is their paper and print production. Dyos is home to many of the world’s most skilled paper makers. This has expanded into printmaking and calligraphy, and Forsilvra’s best calligraphers usually come from Dyos. They also produce some of the finest cloths, which are high trading commodity.

Their motto is “Trade and Wisdom”.

Player Base: Kaoru from Dir en grey

Balthasar stands at 6’, tall and lanky. He is almost all legs, and has never been pudgy in his life. Though he isn’t overly muscular, he is definitely in shape. He fills out his clothing and has good definition of his muscles, which comes naturally due to his love of athletics and good genetics.

Balthasar carries a relaxed appearance, one which often gives off a sexy and charismatic vibe without even trying. Though he knows that he is good looking, Balthasar is often too lazy to put too much effort into his looks. It’s easy to come upon him with stubble or a slight beard and unkempt hair. His hair is kept longer, and is a deep black that is fairly straight. At times, depending on the weather, it can get poufy, which then he will tie in back with a piece of leather. His hair is kept shaggy in the front, which he assumes annoys Rhiannon though he has never asked, and often masks at least one eye.

Most of the time, Balthasar tries to shirk off wearing proper clothing. His favorite outfit is a short silk robe, one which he can just relax in. However, if forced to dress, his attire almost always determined by the servants or Rhiannon. He wears whatever is made for him, which is fine clothing befitting of his status. When he does dress up, Balthasar is partial to black leathers, though that is very rare as black is no longer his house color.

There are many things to be said about Balthasar, and almost all of them are complimentary. He is not the type of person to get into fights or stir the pot. No, he was never like that, and instead naturally one of the calmest people ever. Nothing gets under his skin, he always has good advice, and always has a smile on his face.

Balthasar is a very light-hearted individual, which is something he prides himself on. He believes that no one should ever fully grow up. The heart gets too heavy with age and adult gets wrapped up their problems and don’t see the beauty in life. If he had a favorite saying it would no doubt be something like "remember to stop and smell the roses".

It is rare for him to have a strong opinion. He is far too willing to give someone the benefit of a doubt. Balthasar is without a doubt one of the chillest people you will ever encounter. He is fairly quiet, often preferring to listen to speak himself, which at times can give him a mysterious air. In truth, Balthasar is not mysterious at all, and is instead quite the open book.

Like any Merrick, he was also raised to have a strong thirst for knowledge. Unlike his siblings who all fell in love with a particular subject, Balthasar loves all the subjects. As a result, he picked up a little here, a little here. He loves random, seemingly useless information and has an excellent memory for such things. Though he may not have a strong opinion on what you’re discussing, he can almost always offer some context to it due to his love of knowledge and skilled memory.

In his spare time, Balthasar greatly enjoys swimming. It is his probably his favorite hobby whatsoever and he would spend all day at the beach if he could. The ocean to him is the ultimate relaxing force and where he goes to think. In general, he greatly prefers the outdoors to the inside, often feeling stifled, but the beach is his absolutely favorite.

Bathasar’s vices are cute women, cute animals, and he tends to hit the sauce more than he should. The best way to bribe him is through sweets. He has a penchant for all things sweet, especially pastries. It is only due to good genetics and his athletic prowess that he doesn't weigh more.

Balthasar was born the second son of Lord and Lady Chadwick Merrick. It was an easy pregnancy, and Balthasar’s mom would many times fondly recount how he was the easiest of all children to give birth to. Overall, their parents were pleased with Balthasar and his other siblings, and this definitely showed growing up. The parents of Balthasar were quite doting, and the fact that they only had five children, which was well within their means, meant that they were easily able to do so.

Growing up, Balthasar and his elder brother, Alastair, were nearly inseparable. Alastair was never jealous of his little brother, and instead, fascinated by him. Balthasar was spoiled at an early age by his brother, who loved to make Balthasar laugh and smile.

Though it was a happy family, all the children were expected to be behaved well. If they did misbehave, they were disciplined, and they all quickly grew to learn respect for others. They were also expected to attend to their studies, and were taught to take them very seriously. Balthasar was never as dedicated as his siblings, but he tried, and is quite intelligent as a result (though he uses and processes information definitely than most others).

However, the most important thing their parents wanted to press upon their children was the art of paper and print making. The city of Dyos provides much of Forsilvra’s paper, and in addition to that, works of calligraphy and printed things. House Merrick has a family tradition of paper and print making, one which is passed down to all the children. In addition, if a child takes a particular knack to the family business, they will also be taught in the even more difficult art of painted fabric.

Balthasar truly and deeply loved the process of making paper and then making prints. It is his absolute favorite thing to do, and if you could not find him at the beach; that is where you were like to find him. To the slight disappointment of Balthasar’s parents, Alastair did not share the same inclination toward their sacred arts. So instead, they passed down to Balthasar all the family secrets, hoping that he would be able to teach Alastair’s children.

The reason that this was of a disappointment to House Merrick was that Balthasar would never inherit. In a deal made when he was very young, it was agreed that he would marry Rhiannon Prothero and become her consort. The parent’s knew that this was an incredible match for them, and one which could not be broken. They did not stop Balthasar from participating in the family tradition, but it was with a slight sense of melancholy about it.

At the age of 10, it was told to Balthasar that he would marry Rhiannon. Truthfully, Balthasar did not fully understand this. He understood quickly enough, however, as he was immediately thrust into lessons regarding this matter. Both he and Alastair were pushed even harder than the rest of their siblings, something they bonded over and both resent their younger siblings for the freedom they held.

Around the age of thirteen, Alastair and Balthasar had a slight scuffle. Alastair was jealous of Balthasar, feeling that he got the better selection. Balthasar had no idea how to react, and uncharacteristically, he got incredibly angry. Being groomed to be a husband to their ruler was not fun in his mind, and he would have much rather been Lord himself. They got into a fist fight, the first ever, and their relationship was patchy for several years afterwards.

As Balthasar neared age 16, the House scholar finally began to relax towards him. Most of Balthasar would learn he already had the rest he would have to experience. Alastair was allowed more freedom as well, and the brothers found themselves soon making up. They spent much time at the beach, and Alastair would even do printmaking with him.

Age 18 came sooner than anyone would have expected, though Balthasar was ready for it. By now, it seemed as if that was what he had been waiting for his whole life. Any jeers that had come from petty boys or foreigners had long ceased to bother him, and Balthasar looked to his marriage as a privilege and an honor.

Rhiannon was both nothing and everything he had expected. Though on appearance, Balthasar was fine, in reality he had a hard time adjusting to living as a Prothero. He found her way to be cold and calculating, too much so, and it just didn’t mesh with his relaxed attitude. Though Balthasar was able to handle the technical aspects, he was not skilled with the emotional aspects. He wasn’t naive enough to hope that she would fall in love, but he had been hoping that she would at least be a little warmer towards him.

Soon after the birth of their son, Rhiannon took Balthasar down to the docks with her to view the food coming in for the castle. A merchant from another country brought in some fruit, and Balthasar was immediately suspicious. Having always enjoyed collecting various information, Balthasar had once stumbled upon a book containing pictures of fruit and details about them. Though he recognized the fruit, it did not look to be healthy. Having taken his pet monkey down, he knew what he to do, though it pained him to poison his monkey. In order to test the fruit, he fed one to the monkey, hoping that it would be worthwhile to prove to Rhiannon that he could be trusted. Rhiannon had begun speaking to one of the other merchants as the monkey took ill, falling off of Balthasar’s shoulder. The fruit had been poisoned, and the merchant was taken into custody. It was at this point that Rhiannon began to trust more in Balthasar, and respect his contributions more.
Since the birth of their first child, Balthasar has been completely devoted to the children. He absolutely adores them and will stop at nothing to see them smile and be well. For the most part, the children satisfy his need for love that Rhiannon doesn’t provide as well. As such, he is contented, though he still hopes that he and his wife will grow even closer.

Writing Sample:

Balthasar sat on a swinging bench on the porch, one leg folded under him as the other leg was stretched out to rest his foot on the ground. He had a pipe in one hand, a brush in the other, and a piece of paper on his lap. Lazily drawing on the pad, he used the pipe. In Balthasar’s mind, it was a lazy day, though it was mid-afternoon on a weekday. No one was around, which meant that it was prime time for him to laze about in his favorite silk robe.

“Balthasar,” came a voice, and he resisted the urge to jump. It was rather easy to catch him by surprise, though Bal never let people become aware of that. Looking up, he squinted into the sunlight, only to see his beautiful wife. Rhiannon did not look pleased, and suddenly he began to worry that he had forgotten something.

“Yes, dear?” He asked, smiling up at her as he quickly set down his brush and subconsciously scratched at his head. He was giving her his best innocent puppy look, though it didn’t seem to be effective.

Rhiannon gave him a dirty look, one which meant something along the lines of, “why in the hell are you on the porch, you are going to die you crazy man”, before scowling and turning around. Balthasar sighed, and then relaxed back in his seat. After his pipe he would head inside to please her, but she could wait that long.

[Time Line Events]

Essential Dates:
Year 202: Balthasar Merrick is born.
Year 208: Balthasar Merrick and Rhiannon Prothero are betrothed.
Year 220: Balthasar Merrick and Rhiannon Prothero are wed.
Year 223: Daughter born to Rhiannon and Balthasar Prothero.
Year 224: Blodwyn Prothero dies, Rhiannon Prothero becomes Ruler.
Year 225: Son born to Rhiannon and Balthasar Prothero.
Year 227: Daughter born to Rhiannon and Balthasar Prothero.
Year 229: Daughter born to Rhiannon and Balthasar Prothero.

Non-Essential Family Dates:
Year 183: Chadwick Merrick is born.
Year 199: Chadwick Merrick and wife are wed.
Year 200: Alastair Merrick is born.
Year 205: Mercia Merrick is born.
Year 208: Garden Merrick is born.
Year 212: Nathaniel is born.

Family Genealogy:

House Merrick [Dyos]

- <s>Olivia Merrick</s> -- <s>Husband Merrick</s>
&nbsp;&nbsp;<s>Chadwick Merrick</s> -- Wife
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- <b>Alastair Merrick</b> -- Wife Merrick
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- Balthasar Prothero - Rhiannon Prothero
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- Mercia Merrick -- Husband
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- Garden Merrick -- Husband Merrick
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;- Nathaniel Merrick -- Kenna Montrose
&nbsp;&nbsp;- <s>Osborn Merrick</s> -- <s>Wife Merrick</s>
&ngbsp;&nbsp;- Avelyn Merrick [54] -- Oden Everhart
&nbsp;&nbsp;- Nora Merrick -- Husband
- <s>Fullbright Merrick</s> -- <s>Wife Merrick</s>
- <s>Galahad Merrick</s> -- <s>Wife Merrick</s>

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Rhiannon says: get back inside and put some clothes on, people are coming over later.

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I was told I had to approve...

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