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Default House Jabłoński, Sosny Mały, and Samartia

[House Information]

Banner Appearance:White for purity and red for sacrifice; pure white blossoms rising unstained from a field of blood. A decoration of eagle feathers pays homage to the nation of the nation's symbol, the white eagle, and a key simply represents the doors opened to the family through the first lord's gift.
House Words: Honor, Cnota, Nauka (Honor, Virtue, Wisdom)
Unofficial: Gość w domy, Bg w domu (Guest in the house, God in the house)
Bez matki nie ma chatki (Without mother, there is no home)
Castle Name: Dwr Jabłoński
Original Castle Name: Hunting Lodge Noma

House Description: Honest, generous, and hardworking, the Jabłoński clan was well-respected for generations even prior to their rise in status. The humble family was famed throughout the village of Sosny Mały and the region beyond for judging fairly, offering shelter to anyone in need, and managing their land with gracious honesty and the wisdom of those close to the earth. They were a farming family from the beginning and seemed unlikely to be anything else, and they were content, but then a Jabłoński son went off to war. Tomasz Jabłoński inherited an unheard-of fire from his mother, a far cry from the typical placid nature of his ancestors, and this courage and drive served all of them well. It wasn't long before he was accepted into the ranks of the husaria, the fierce heavy cavalry, and not much longer before he'd saved the life of his friend and his lord, earning his family a place in the Samartian nobility. This was not wholly unheard-of, considering the Samartian fondness for the democratic process, and most were glad to see such a well-loved family getting the honor it so richly deserved.

The honor was short-lived. War returned, and this time brought desolation in its wake. At the last House Jabłoński was scattered or slain, only two remaining together to seek peace and safety across the waves in a strange and distant country.

[Timeline of Events]


760 BCE: A man finds a good patch of land with a single apple tree and settles down to till it, eventually being known by the name of the tree: Jabłoński. His descendants marry and have children and till in varying degrees of poverty for the next eight hundred years.
198: Juliek Jabłoński born.
209: Juliek Jabłoński orphaned. Decides to donate the land he is too young to manage for the use of the entire community, rather than sell, and spends the next few years working as a farm hand on other people's land. He becomes well-favored.
215: Juliek meets and falls in love with Marta Kowiatkowska, a merchant's daughter, who eventually returns his interest although he is well below her means.
216-218: First war with Hesse; Juliek pressed into service of the Hessian army.
218: Hesse loses. Juliek returns home and starts rebuilding an old cottage on the edge of town, setting up the land for farming with the help of the people who had been sustained by his gift years before.
218: Juliek Jablonski marries Marta Kowiatkowska.
218: Tomasz born.
223: Marszenka born.
226: Aniela born.
229: Twins Andrzej and Karol born, Karol with a club foot.
334: Jadwiga born, after one other pregnancy that ended in the first trimester.
230: Lord Sobieski decrees that basic schooling be given to all citizens, in tandem with his abolishment of the title 'serf', save as punishment for serious crime. Marszenka starts school and loves it. Tom starts school and mostly hates it. Both teach their younger siblings.
235: Tom makes the acquaintance of Lord Sobieski's son Mirosław. They do not get along.
235: The rest of the family makes the acquaintance of Lord Sobieski's son Mirosław and get along fine, especially the little girl who wants to know if the manor house really has books and flowers all year and if "Lord Mirek" has ever seen a piece of real, not-paste amber. Tom sulks that everyone is fussing over the 'nob'. Everyone else is used to Tom picking fights and assumes the mess was his fault. They're right.
235: A book, fresh flowers, and a piece of "real amber, not paste" are sent to the little girl with a lot of questions. The rest of the family is perfectly happy to have gifts of cloth, fur, and spice.
235: Tom changes his mind about the "nob boy" being a brat, admits it manfully, and the two become fast friends.
236: Tom decides to enlist as a professional, trained soldier, because in the event of war (which is already beginning), he'd be pressed anyway and because a life of action appeals to him much more than the stolid one of a farmer. After much discussion and some soul-searching on all sides, Marszenka volunteers to abandon her lessons to allow her restless brother to go. She hides her tears until he's gone, and does the best she can to keep up at home via books loaned from the manor. Already an excellent horseman, Tomasz is accepted to train as a hussar under the leadership of his friend and lord Mirosław.
238: Tomasz saves Mirosław's life during a skirmish and the family is suddenly the center of a lot of attention.
238: It is with great pleasure that the Sobieski family raises Tomasz Jabłoński to the rank of Lord and offers him the keeping of Sosny Mały and the land surrounding, excepting the Sobieski manor and immediate grounds. Courtesy titles are also granted to the new lord's parents and dowry for his siblings. The entire family is caught off-guard by this, none more so than Tom, who protests that he's not near fine enough or patient enough to be a lord...but the prospect of a better future for the sister who allowed him to follow his heart shuts him up and he goes to work with perhaps more heart than skill. Marszenka is over the moon and immediately starts reveling in the beauty of a private tutor.
240: Nightmares. Hesse storms in from the West and the North, with an army three times what Samartia is able to muster. The struggle ends in a month, with imprisonment, death, or slavery for many. Tomasz remains on the front, valiantly trying to stem the tide, but too far and too late to do anything about the home that is quickly overrun and the family that is largely slaughtered. Marszenka is pressed into service to a Hessian officer and his family, kept there for the better part of a year.
241: Tom manages to escape brief imprisonment behind enemy lines and is released from his duty by Mirosław, who encourages him to find the only other known survivor of the Jabłonski clan and take her to safety somewhere else - bonus points if he can also find anyone to help. With some reluctance Tom obeys, tracking down his sister and whisking her away.
241: Both siblings arrive in Belleile virtually penniless. Game start.


  • Juliek Jabłoński (43)-- Marta Kwiatkowska Jabłońska (43)
    • Tomasz Jabłoński (23)
    • Marszenka Jabłońska (18)
    • Aniela Jabłońska (15)
    • Andrzej Jabłońska (12)
    • Karol Jabłoński (12)
    • Jadwiga Jabłońska (7)


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