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Default Erwin Harcourt

Erwin Harcourt


[OOC Information]

Your Name: Mikhail
RP Experience: 18 years
Your Character's Player Base: Nelson Ribeiro


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Erwin Harcourt
Character Age: 30
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): July 6th, 211
Home Castle/City: Fyrsbruck
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Harcourt



Standing above average height at 6'1", Erwin stands solid with a toned, strong frame and carries himself well. With medium brown hair, hazel eyes he fits into the expectations of the Harcourt family. Like most soldiers, he has his scars, even if he has managed to avoid any prominent ones and most are faded, along with being covered by cloth. He doesn't wear the traditional heavy armors of his home, rather the hard leathers and chain vests of his former captors.



Having grown up in a small world he viewed as isolation, Erwin has learned to rely heavily on himself and the few people he lets close to him. While it helps him to feel more secure, it doesn't always mean he makes the best decisions because he's always looking out for himself, his current wants and needs in the now as opposed to the future. His life away from the 'civilized' world reaffirmed that as he gave away much of who he grew up as to become a stout figure mentally and physically, quite stubborn and full of mischief when he feels he can get away with it.

Despite being a member of the Harcourt family, he sees himself as an irrelevant cog in the machine that moves them forward. Being such, there are few eyes upon him, but he also knows it means that others would view him as expendable in many ways. Erwin has his doubts about whether love exists in the world, looking back at his own experiences with it, he's began to see it as more of something for the naive, something of a fairytale. Lust, it is however real and can be an evil mistress as his time with the Maelazani taught him. It also taught him that living near those who you don't trust, or understand can can be a path of enlightenment.

He has proven to have an unstable approach to handling pain and anger as it has led to him doing some very dumb things throughout his life, each having changed his life significantly. It is perhaps the part of his mentality that the Harcourt noble keeps closest to himself and hidden from the world. When pressed about his mistakes of the past, such as his illegal duel, Erwin becomes defensive and sinks away from whomever is pressing the subject. He has never dealt with being the center of attention and always feels like all eyes are staring at him, even in an empty room, because of guilt when it is brought up.



Erwin was born the son of Esau Harcourt and by relation a distant cousin of Ian and William Harcourt. Being born into an irrelevant and distant branch of the family, he spent the majority of his childhood learning the craft he knew he would wield as he got older: Swordsmanship. Being reserved, even from a childhood, he found the solitude good and grew close to only his little sister, brother and two other boys near the same age.

It was during that period of youth and into young adulthood that he was trained by his father, then by a pair of talented soldiers in handling a hand and half sword, along with a sword and shield. By the time he reach true adulthood, Erwin was regarded as an accomplished swordsman, but it meant very little to anyone for the moment and aside from his training the lone wolf focused on learning how to hunt, survive in the wild as the forests and mountains fascinated him.

For Erwin it was the year that his closest companion, his little sister, began a secret affair that he would find his world spun out of control and destroyed in a sudden fit of rage when his sister was found dead. He had rushed to find Ernri Vulferam and challenged him to an illegal duel as there were no witnesses. The other man accepted the challenge, believing he would easily win.

As it turned out, the Vulferam noble did not and instead of a trial or volatile action, Erwin was asked to exile himself and he agreed to. With his exile in place, the young nobleman left his home and took the sin of his duel and problems of the incident with him. While he dested the idea, it helped to save both houses from experiencing more trouble, even if it cost him what little honor he had managed to earn in his life.

With Erwin gone from Arbrecht, he missed many important and dire events, including the death of his father from the plague, his mother's foul luck with a riding accident and the admission his little brother was a bastard child.

Instead of dealing with those adversities, Erwin comitted himself to using the one talent he truly had, taking up a position as a caravan guard. It was an excellent choice for him as he befriended the owner of the caravan, became close to the man's family and during the months that passed, he found a new family of his own.

Nearly two years after joining the caravan it was attacked by a group of Maelazani and they slaughtered the other guards after an intense battle. Even if it was a loss of goods, he was eased of heart when the caravan merchant managed to escape. It was a note he made briefly before being attacked over and over, but managed to kill many of them before finally succubing to his wounds and exhaustion, only to be bested by the leader.

With Erwin still drawing breath, the leader chose to take him back with them as a prize and for being impressed with his skill, fortitude and loyalty to a man who had abandoned him. The exiled Harcourt noble expected to be tortured or executed in some obscure ritual, but neither proved true as they kept him a prisoner who would live comfortably and begin training their warriors. He learned their language, became of champion of the people and dueled for their honor. It was a comfortable life and one he enjoyed.

As the years passed, Erwin went from being a prisoner to a near member of their society. He began to join them on raids and it was because of those raids he finally found the caravan merchant again and he ensured he kept his life, especially with his family with them. This was five years after that fateful day he had been captured and it was a few weeks later when he was finally allowed to leave.

For Erwin at that moment he had two things on mind: Returning to his home in the north and returning to the merchant and his family. He did the latter first and was welcome with open arms, even if he had helped in the last raid upon the man's caravan. He had been the one to convince the leader to let them escape. Two months before he was planning to finally return home, Erwin lost the merchant and his two sons when they were attacked and killed by a group of vagabonds when making their return home from a short trip. He saw his actions justified as he sought the road thieves out and cut them down to a man. His anger was finally suppressed a few days afterward.


[Writing Sample]

A deep sigh escaped from dried lips as Erwin moved slowly through the forest, a bow in hand, sword on his hip along with several rabbits his traps had caught. For him it was an escape from the civilized world for a few days and a soft hum had been slipping from him for the past few minutes and slowly faded away when he noticed one of his traps had been broken.

Noticing a set of paw prints made his brow furrow as he followed them, wetting his lips in the process. Erwin followed that trail for nearly a half-hour before they finally vanished and he had noted they were wolves and that single set of prints had grown to what he guessed was six or seven of the canines.

His interest in finding them faded when he heard a groan. Tilting his head a little, he crouched down and wandered toward it carefully, knowing it was near if he heard a sound that soft. That seeking only took a moment, which surprised him little. However, the woman it belonged to did and stayed behind a set of bushes watching her. She was generally pretty, but completely out of element and he had intended to watch her in silence before shifting wrong as he twisted his ankle enough to cause a deep growl and him to nearly fall through the bush.


[Timeline of Events]

Year 211: Erwin Harcourt is born.
Year 213: Isobel Harcourt is born.
Year 214: Edan Harcourt is born.
Year 229: Isobel Harcourt dies, Erwin enters an illegal duel with Einri Vulferam and slays him. Erwin enters exile.
Year 229: Meets caravan merchant Aedan Cahal and his family
Year 231: Erwin is captured by Maelazani Raiders
Year 236: Erwin is freed and returns to Aedan's home.
Year 241: Game Start.
Year 241: Erwin returns home and starts over, yet again.



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