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Default Aleydis Brabant



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Lana
RP Experience: A lot
Your Character's Player Base: Skyler Samuels


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Aleydis Brabant
Character Age: 17
Gender: Female
Birthday (including year): August 6, 225
Home Castle/City: Ernsaw
House [Birth and Marriage if applicable]: Brabant


Aleydis is a study in contradictions … a mixture of sunlight and shadow. She learned early how to manipulate others in order to get her way. Yet she does it in such a pure and guileless manner that most people do not realize they are being manipulated until it is too late. She can be sweet when she wants to be, but is quite ruthless when someone stands in the way of something she desires.

She is vibrant, flirty, and has a wicked sense of humor … but she can also be stubborn, calculating, and reckless. She is generally even-tempered, but when someone does raise her ire, her wrath is rather memorable. Aleydis is quite fond of throwing things, generally at someone's head. And her aim is excellent.

Her mind is ruled by logic rather than emotion, and she generally thinks out her moves in advance. She never gives up until she has exhausted all her options, and even then, she simply comes up with new ways to achieve her goals. 'Impossible' is not a word in Aleydis' vocabulary.

A very flexible young woman who can bend nearly as well as a contortionist, she is excellent at acrobatics and she juggles as well, skills she learned from one of her personal servants who had once been a street performer. She can also sing, dance, and tell stories that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. A quintessential entertainer, she loves nothing more than to be the center of attention.

Written by Deianeira
Naturally charismatic, Aleydis is beginning to learn to exactly what to say and who to say it to in order to "appeal" to them. If the person she is conversing with appreciates flattery, she will flatter. Likewise, if they prefer her to be blunt, she will be blunter than a club and without a second's hesitation. If she needs to use her feminine assets, well, it will not be difficult for her to flirt plenty and bat her eyelashes. Her wit is as sharp as the daggers she carries and if she intends to beat you down with well-placed insults there is no doubt she will succeed. If there was ever a game she loves more than anything else, it's the game of political intrigue. And she's becoming a good hand at it.

Martially, Aleydis' strength lies in the swift art of throwing knives and dual-wielding daggers. Her aim is impeccable and her acrobatics give her an extra edge in combat, making her an extraordinarily agile and difficult to hit target. She has tendency to fight "dishonorably" as often noted by her siblings who have been on the receiving end of her quick and dirty fighting tricks. As far as Aleydis is concerned however, "it's not dirty if the kill is clean". Her fighting skills aren't nearly as sharpened as her other talents, but she certainly puts up a good fight. And of course, as is her house's mantra, whether the battle be societal or physical, Aleydis fights to both survive and strive.



From the moment she was born it was quite clear that Aleydis was a different brand of Brabant. Born only the second daughter of Bartholomeus Brabant, it was expected that she might follow in the steps of her slightly older sister Rianne and be eager to fight and prove herself an equal to her three older brothers. But instead Aleydis was found a tamer sort as a child, much more inclined to sing and pretending she was a “proper noblewoman” rather than participate in the rowdy games of her siblings. Only with a little coaxing and the promise that she was allowed to quit whenever she so wished did Aleydis participate, and sometimes even then she seemed privy to “changing the rules” so that they sat in her favor.

She bonded more closely to her stepmother than her sister did, fitting the mold of a “lady” more easily and growing an inclination towards the fine arts of singing and dancing. Encouraged by a servant of hers who had once performed on the streets, Aleydis even took up juggling, acquiring a coordination that would prove to be quite useful in the years to come. Because she was growing to be so entirely different from her sister, Aleydis often found herself at odds with Rianne. Sometimes verbal fights turned into more physical ones, but in the end the two formed a strong bond. Aleydis’ traits proved a perfect foil to Rianne’s. While Rianne strove to match her brothers physically, Aleydis battled her siblings with her wit and cunning.

Initially, Aleydis’ apparent docility was mistaken for weakness. But when it came time for her to choose a weapon, Aleydis proved herself just as capable as any other Brabant in martial skills. Too small and slight for a sword, but having no desire to carry a bow, Aleydis found her skills were better suited for knives. It took a special kind of warrior to carry only knives, she was told. Agility as well as speed was needed in abundance along with the ability to plan ahead in an incredibly short amount of time. And then entirely different set of skills such as precision and timing were needed to actually throw them. Aleydis caught on quickly and eventually developed her own acrobatic fighting style.

Aleydis mourned with her family when the War of Heldenbrecht, but was perhaps one of the quickest to move on. Somewhat hardened by the loss, it was at this time Aleydis learned the importance of hiding personal emotions that could prove a fatal weakness and began tailoring her skills to a higher purpose than sweet-talking an extra tart out of the castle’s cook. While the Brabants had mastered warfare, Aleydis believes that her house has yet to develop a strategy for political intrigue and intends to be the first to become an adept at it. With the marriages of her siblings imminent, Aleydis awaits her own betrothal eagerly and hopes that she might be betrothed to an actual Banner Lord, or at the very least an heir. **


[Writing Sample]
Early morning, Aleydis had found, was one of the most peaceful times of the day. Thus, it was the perfect time for Aleydis to do things that were entirely not-peaceful by any definition of the word. She was a morning-person by nature, usually the first among her siblings to retire for the night (if there were of course no important social engagements she needed to stay the entirety of) and one of the earliest to rise. During these wee hours of the day, Aleydis did a number of activities; quietly of course, as to not wake her family. As of right now, she was stretching her limbs in her chambers for optimal flexibility, pulling her legs back one at a time behind her head to stretch them.

She silently contemplated the day ahead of her, planning her actions as if the hours ahead of her would be spent in battle. Well, partially they would be, she of course wouldn't be a proper Brabrant if she didn't make room for a sparring session every day. She thought it a tiresome "chore" compared to her other pursuits, but if she didn't make an effort she would be judged as "weak". So far there was no such thing as a weak Brabant, she would be a fool to become the first of such a trend.

Aleydis slowly let her leg fall so that she sat once more in a perfect split and then leaned forward and backward to stretch her back before carefully getting to her feet. It was time to seize the day.


[Timeline of Events]

Year 225: Aleydis Brabant is born
Year 226: Bartholmeus Brabant’s wife passes away due to sudden illness.
Year 228: Bartholmeus Brabant remarries.
Year 230: The keep at Roseherst is completed marking the first time the Brabants control lands.
Year 232: Ivan “The Mountain” Brabant passes away at a late age due to the plague. The same year sees his brother Zaan dying from the sickness, along with his wife.*
Year 234-238: The War of Heldenbrecht. Brabants immediately rallies under the cause of their Blanchard Lords. The plague-ridden corpses used against Heldenbrecht troops leads to the sudden illness and prompt death of Ser Falco Brabant. Bartholomeus & Hubrecht Brabant are slain during the capture of the Blanchards.
Year 238: Jager upon the guidance of Rikhart pledges allegiance to the Fitzwulfs; in return, House Brabant are allowed to keep their lands near the ruins of Heldenbrecht.
Year August 241: Jager led Brabant forces to aid the Storms' campaign against Ernsaw. In the aftermath, Jager had been given control of the city.
Year September 241: Jager joined the rebel forces under the control of Corbin Blanchard, and fought in the Battle of Mier
Year 241: Game Start

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