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Default Tharis Mercer

Credit to Cass for the character.
Tharis Mercer


[OOC Information]

Your Name: Kamen
RP Experience: 6 years
Your Character's Player Base: Jon Hamm


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Tharis Mercer
Character Age: 37
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): June 13th, 204
Home Castle/City: Strum Bah Qo, Kellailes
House: Mercer, through and through.



Tall, with the physique of a hardy soldier. Raven black hair and five o'clock shadow.



Tharis is a dangerous man and is proud of this fact, he is pleased that people fear him and that his reputation has spread across the kingdom. He has the typical Mercer pride, few noble houses think as much of themselves as the Mercers, and Tharis sees his destiny to elevate his house to it’s rightful position on Kelailles.

Tharis certainly has a temper and is known for his angry and violent outbursts. But he is also a charming man; witty, funny, generous to his friends and can pass off his violent antics as merely a spirit of adventure. He is a man who constantly has a smile on his face even when he is moments from stabbing someone in the back. To many it seems like he does not take much seriously in life, and does not consider something as drastic as murder as terribly important.

Tharis generally looks to act in the appropriate noble way, to him this means being strong, direct, confident and maintaining certain standards and manners; he sees no contradiction in his usual good manners and his violent side, believing this is the correct way for nobles to behave. He is often cruel and vicious but is clever enough to realise that is not always the best way to achieve his aims and usually, but not always, if he uses violence or threats it is achieve a purpose.



Tharis was born in the small but very old city of Dhas, the second son of Cassen and Ariaxa. While in many ways it was a childhood of luxury and privilege it could also be very hard, Cassen was a hard, cruel man, who wanted a son who could handle whatever life threw at him, he had his heir, Henry, and from his birth Tharis was seen only as support for his elder brother. From an early age Cassen demanded Tharis be strong physically and mentally. Cassen also pressed upon Tharis the pride and indeed arrogance of belonging to their ancient house, of how despite they had been subsumed into a larger kingdom, and a lot of their power, prestige and wealth they were still great. Cassen however was a man always busy, usually with war, and so was not an ever present figure in Tharis’s life.

In many noble houses with such a father their could have been a rivalry between two young boys, but Tharis and his brother became very close, their father a borderline tyrant, their mother indifferent to everything except money, and their two sisters taking after their mother, they were all they had. It would be wrong to say that Tharis was the soldier and his brother the thinker, as Tharis had a cunning intelligence and his brother more than capable of defending himself but that was often the roles they fell into. In childhood Tharis displayed the traits that would define him in later life, temper, arrogance, charm and determination.

The Mercer’s rule of Dhas was strict and unforgiving, but they were usually capable administrators, and there was a tradition of the leading citizens of the city helping to advise the lord. But they did see their rule as absolute and Tharis was a perfect example of this, he did not feel himself subject to any law and did as he pleased. Even before he became a squire he caused trouble throughout the city, but Cassen saw this as perfectly natural and so did nothing about it, Tharis was regularly in fights and acted with such a superior attitude he offended virtually everyone he met/

As the Mercers were on such bad terms with the Storms, Tharis was sent to be a squire on the Abrecht mainland, to a friend of Cassen’s, Ser Illias Caran, a stern and joyless man but who saw soldiering as the most wonderful of all career paths. Caran’s lessons were hard but productive and soon Tharis had become a young man with a growing reputation as a swordsman and jouster, he also helped Tharis control his violent temper. As soon as possible Tharis started competing in tourneys, limiting himself to jousting, he impressed many, charmed some, and offended the rest.

Illness carried off Tharis’s mother but this troubled him little and not long after Cassen died in a drunken fight with a member of his court. For years Cassen had been a drunkard and a bore, the Cassen who had been a fierce warrior and skilled commander had given way to debauchery and gluttony. Again, Tharis mourned little, neither did his siblings. Their relationship with their father had detoriated quite a lot, and a faction at Dhas had plotted against the two brothers and wanted a rapprochement with the Storms. The return of Tharis saw him and Hadrian murder a number of advisers and supporters of their father who were against the brothers and pro-Storm. Some of the murders were carried out with brazen audacity and it was hardly a secret of their guilt but Cassen had done nothing, unwilling to get involved. With his brother now lord Tharis expected great things, Hadrian was intelligent, strong, ambitious and more than capable of reviving the fortunes of House Mercer. In Tharis, Hadrian had a loyal supporter and adviser, who naturally took over the army of House Mercer. Their house was not known for the strength of size of their armies, the majority of their forces considered quite weak, and a reliance on mercenaries and sellswords was the norm. Tharis continued with the employment of capable sellswords but did improve the standard of their soldiers (albeit the vast majority were only of use in defending the city). The two brothers ran the city well but were known for their heavy handedness and they quickly expelled and in some cases murdered any opponents in the city.

The plague hit Dhas and the population suffered, and Tharis’s wife, a pretty young woman from a noble family in Dhas named Sarra, died soon after becoming ill. The city suffered from the disruption to trade but being a small and well managed city and with Hadrian having no problem in applying strict solutions to the problem the city fared relatively well. When the War of Heldenbrecht began House Mercer had only a minor role, they did not care for the Fitzwulfs and offered little support to the Storms. Still, Tharis took his small force of sellswords and the noble soldiers he had and caused havoc on the mainland of Arbrecht. They more or less fought the enemies of the Fitzwulfs but Tharis was never very discerning and at one point attacked a small group of soldiers loyal to the Fitzwulfs and stole the gold and other valuables they were guarding.

Hadrian becoming lord did not help with the relationship with the Storms, like Tharis, Hadrian had the excessive pride of the Mercers and only begrudgingly acknowledged the Storms as their lords. House Mercer sought allies in the rest of Arbrecht. The tourney Hadrian held shortly after the did not help matters, with every opportunity Hadrian needled any present Storms or people known to be their supporters. It was a hugely lavish affair with invitations sent across the kingdom and a large prize was offered. Tharis did his part too, determined as he was to win the tourney, competing fiercely and whatever he was, Tharis was a bad winner. In a close run contest Tharis did indeed win the joust, but the whole event was mired in disagreement and accusations of dishonourable conduct, and outside of Dhas people felt that while Tharis was good, he never would have won in a purely fair contest. In terms of demonstrating the prestige of House Mercer it was a success but it strained the relations between the Storms and Mercers to breaking point.

The Mercers were not diplomats, they were aggressive people and Tharis set off to hire more sellswords and other mercenaries. They had no intention of starting a war but did not trust the Storms at all. It was while Tharis was away on this mission that Hadrian died. One day he complained of a fever and feeling weak and the next night he was dead. Tharis was utterly convinced that his brother had been murdered by the Storms and did not hold his tongue. He returned home to Dhas to oversee his brother’s funeral, and of course, assume his inheritance. However, Tharis’s temper and love of alcohol proved too much and his accusations against the Storms and their allies grew more vocal and more vicious. Some urged Tharis to show restraint but he could not and it soon become clear that Tharis’s place on the island was no longer tenable, with rumours of his imminent arrest. Bitterly, Tharis left the island in a hurry and returned to Arbrecht where the small force of sellswords remained. Tharis endured a semi-exile, technically lord but his younger sister Aria and her husband Lorden, in control of their lands.

From Arbrecht and beyond Tharis sought out potential allies against the Storms but while there were some sympathetic to his cause, few were willing to provide any actual support. With the growing crisis in Arbrecht with the death of Jon Fitzwulf, Tharis saw this as an opportunity to achieve his aims.


[Writing Sample]

"My Lord."

The salutations bounced endlessly off of the walls of the great hall at Strun Ba Qoh. Fleeing from the lips of an understandably cowed steward, they became a cavernous sound as they reached the ears of the only other man who inhabited the Hall with him. Tharis, the recently exalted ruler of Kelailles, was pulled out of his reverie. His mind had been solely on the assaults he had waged with the Blanchards and the Harcourts. He knew it was only the beginning of an assured victory. Things were still in flux. He had to consolidate his claim before it was snatched away from him. Like the train of thought the steward had broken. His eyes, looked unfocused, almost as if he saw through the steward, until they regained their clarity. Their ferocity.

"Speak steward. You came to me after instruction that I be left to my thoughts. Pray what you say is worth my time."

"The council my lord. They received your summons." As soon as Isaac Harcourt had left Kelailles in his hands and sailed to join the young Blanchard, Tharis and his army had asserted their dominance over the Island. The time had come to legitimise it. The lord of the isle knew where his priorities lay. He would sail to join his allies in breaking the back of the Wolf in time. One never left to concern himself with another mans affairs before his own house was in order however. For Tharis, house cleaning had begun.

"And the Bannermen? The Knights?"

"Many have come to Kingstone in accordance with your missives my Lord Mercer, they wait on you to greet them. Though there are a notable absence of vassals from the north of the isle."

He grunted, To be expected. I still haven't decided what to do with the Hollen boy yet. It was enough. Enough lords had come. He had brought them to his keep. He would convince them. He would make them kneel. Mercer rose slowly from the seat and clasped his weapons, freshly cleaned and polished and drew his cloak closer to him to fight the mountain air chill. He broke his stride toward the steward and the exit only once, to look back upon the position he had just vacated. A place that had been for centuries been the purview of Storm blood. If only Hadrian could see him now.

"Make arrangements for a retinue to escort me to Kingstone. My guests enjoy a show."


[Timeline of Events]


Year 204: Born to Cassen and Ariaxa Mercer
Year 207: Loria Mercer born, sister of Tharis.
Year 210: Suria Mercer born, sister of Tharis
Year 218: Sent to Arbrecht mainland to squire under Ser Illias Caran
Year 222: Returns to Dhas
Year 229: Cassen Mercer dies; Hadrian becomes Lord of Dhas.
Year 232: Tharis marries Sarra.
Year 233: Sarra dies of plague
Year 234-238: The War of Heldenbrecht, Tharis leads sellswords on Arbrecht.
Year 239: Hadrian holds the Tourney Of Dhas and Tharis wins.
Year 240: Hadrian dies while Tharis is away on Arbrecht mainland.
Year 240: Tharis enters semi-exile on Arbrecht.
Year 241: The war of Arbrecht ends with the death of Eldric Storm and many of the Storm men. House Mercer is granted the rights to all of Kelailles by Corbin Blanchard

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