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Default To Lord Letalis, arriving 7/26

Lord Letalis,
I offer my congratulations and condolences in equal measure. Welcome as such an appointment as that you now enjoy must be, the price paid for it must weigh even more heavily when accompanied by the other losses to your family.

I know both Queen Fallon and myself look forward to greeting you in person should opportunity arise, but in recognition of recent events and not out of any lack of welcome or hospitality I will refrain from issuing any summons to the royal court and say only that if ever you wish to attend on Solbra your family is welcome. I cannot express the depths of our regret over what befell Lord Rex and Lady Aurora in our very city- but those responsible have paid in blood for their crimes against all our families and our realm. If you wish we will send you their heads, which are currently decorating the outer wall of Argent, but which I know you may have a place for in Vargholme.

Galeazzo Sanseverino
Shield of Sodra
Regent of Gyllene and Forsilvra

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Rendor Letalis
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Sent from Joqla 7/27, arriving in Solbra 8/1

Lord Regent,

Your sentiments are appreciated. Though the mourning blacks have been taken from the castle, many of our house still feel the loss acutely, particularly Rex's sister Regina. A few tokens from your walls might do well to ease her condition, though it would have been rather nice to have had one or two to dispatch in our arena. Alas for what might have been.

As you have said, being asked to Solbra at a time like this would not be in the best interest of my house or my province. No doubt you have heard how occupied we southerners have become this summer. Between keeping an eye on snakes and returning my province to order after my predecessor's demise, I cannot say when I will have the time.

Until matters change, please convey my regards to the queen.

Rendor Letalis
Shield of Joqla, Lord of Strom
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