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Default Learning To Crawl ~ 7.13 ~ Alysenne, Open

The day was too beautiful to remain indoors, despite the fact that she still felt a little weak.

The light of the sun gilding the soft highlights in her pale blonde hair, Alysenne Ashpool sat on a bench in the castle gardens that faced a pretty little fountain surrounded by beds of bright summer flowers. The fountain was a simple one, with the water gushing from the top into myriad stone basins at variegated levels. These overflowed and spilled into the basins below it, before finally splashing into the pool at the bottom, sending sparkling little droplets bouncing around in the mid-afternoon light.

Her harp in her lap, she coaxed from it a gentle tune, a piece that she had composed on the journey from Sanka to Svavel. Alysenne added her voice to the music, singing no words, but simply accompanying the sound of the harp, playing with the lure of complimentary notes. This composition needed no lyrics, but her voice added a depth to it that she had to admit she liked.

Looking over at the fountain as she sang, she basked in the warmth of the sun and breathed in deeply of the sweet scent of the flowers. This was the first day that she had felt well enough to venture out of her chambers, and she hoped that meant that whatever illness had befallen her when she arrived in Svavel nearly a month ago was finally over.

Alysenne was not certain exactly what had happened to her. All she remembered was that as soon as she stepped off of the ship, the world had gone black, and she had awakened in a strange but beautifully furnished room in what would become her new home. The physicians who were called to attend her had not been able to put a name to her malady, but it was clear that she was ill she ran a slight fever, was not able to keep any food down, and was so dizzy she could barely raise her head from her pillow. She couldn't even read, for her vision was so blurry that the words seemed to swim around on the page.

All she had been able to do was stare at the ceiling and wish that she was home again where her real family would be able to take care of her, where her beloved brother Ethan would sit by her side and entertain her for hours with fascinating stories. She missed him so much and while she hated to admit it she even missed her infuriating sister Elodie. Even dealing with sister's constant torment was preferable to living in a strange new land where she didn't know a single soul.

Since her arrival, she had been visited by quite a few people, and they had all been pleasant to her, but it just was not the same as having her own family around her. Yet Alysenne had been curious enough to ask questions of her visitors and had learned many things about her new home. She had even developed tentative friendships with a few of them.

When she became a little stronger, her visitors would bring her books from the castle library tomes full of fascinating tales she had never read before. Reading kept her busy as she slowly recovered from the mysterious illness that had afflicted her on the day of her arrival, and eventually, she had become strong enough to walk through the rooms that had been given to her, and to hold her instruments again and play.

This morning, the soft rays of sunlight streaming through her window had beckoned to her, and she had decided she would like to take a walk in the gardens and finally see more of her new home than just the confines of her quarters, which were decorated in a lovely color scheme of white, gold, and purple. Her maidservants had helped her dress and had shown her the way to the gardens. Even now, they lurked about somewhere, waiting in case she had need of them. Alysenne had sent one back to the castle for a glass of fruit juice, for her mouth was dry from singing, but the woman had not yet returned.

Sighing softly, she continued to pluck the strings of her harp and sing, her high soprano voice carrying to nearby areas of the gardens.
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