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He was rather divided, truth be told. The letter had made his options clear. Surrender and be a servant, or fight and possibly die. Though fighting meant a possibility of winning, too. This was not his war. It wasn’t meant to be his war. He was a mere servant to another crown, a crown that was now broken. Now he was left to finish the war his king had made him begin… And while the circumstances might have been most unfortunate, it did not mean that Theodoric was going to just give up immediately. The forces to the East were a powerful foe, that was not to be denied. But, so were his. There was much that he did not know of Blasa’s army… but the same could be said for his enemy in relation to him. He could see no distinct advantages he had over Althalos, but he could see no fatal disadvantages either. And Autumn was upon them…

“We’re making good time, my lord,” one of his captains reported as the men were getting settled for the night. Theodoric might have purposely been stalling for time. But… Well, it was a lot easier to supply his troops when he had the benefit of being in his own land. It’d be slightly more difficult for Leonard to keep it up. The captain left immediately, leaving Theodoric in the tent with the other lords and commanders. Taking a seat, he looked ahead at nobody in particular.

“So… thoughts. Opinions. They offer a ceasefire… At the expense of our fealty. What say you gentlemen? Do you fancy being lords to the King of Blasa?” Even saying it felt a little off putting. “Or would we prefer to explore other options first?”
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