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Default Announcement: Lordship of Strom

Sent from Joqla on 7/15. The message itself is written in a cleaner hand than the signature below it, and it is sealed with the lord's ring of House Letalis.

Arriving in Saefa 7/18
Arriving in Gora 7/19
Arriving in Orqua 7/19
Arriving in Trista 7/19
Arriving in Vadra 7/20
Arriving in Solbra 7/20
Arriving in Alska 7/22, forwarded to Pida 7/24
Arriving in Klya 7/22

To all lords of the realm of Forsilvra,

Let it be known that I, Rendor of House Letalis, have returned from my travels abroad to claim the rights and the duties that are the domain of my House. I take up the title of Lord of Strom and Shield of Joqla, by blood and by rights, from this moment until my last.

For the Honor and the Glory of my noble House,

Rendor Letalis
Shield of Joqla
Lord of Strom

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