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Default Teagan's Character Development Page

A place for all the little bits that make up who my darling brain babies are.

First round of questions:

Astrological sign:
What do you think is your best physical feature?
What about your worst?
Are you left-handed or right-handed?
Usual hairstyle:
Usual mode of dress:
Any accessories or jewelry you wear daily?
Political affiliation:
Accent, if any:
Ever had stitches?
Ever broken a bone?
Ever had surgery?
Have any allergies?
Ever had a serious illness?

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Prince Bertram Fontenot


Astrological sign: Aquarius
What do you think is your best physical feature? My skin. Sandstorms are miserable, but they make for great exfoliation with none of the work.
What about your worst? My eyebrows are a little too thick, my nose is a little too big, and my cheeks are a little too round. I don't let on often, but inside my head I'm a bundle of insecurities.
Are you left-handed or right-handed? right-handed
Usual hairstyle: I usually wear it down or braided into oblivion
Usual mode of dress: I wear what you would know as Indian style. Saris and Kurtas in cotton or silk, bangles and elaborate jewelry sets.
Any accessories or jewelry you wear daily? My mother gave me a ring when I was little, to remind me of my heritage from her side of the family. It belonged to my great-great-great grandmother, or something like that. Her name was Helena. I wasn't allowed to wear it for many years, but now it rests permanently on my left forefinger.
Religion: Devout Quintist, My uncle is the Keeper of the Five. How could I be anything else?
Political affiliation: Loyal to my family first and foremost, and then to the crown.
Superstitions: Nope, sensible girls don't believe in silly superstitions.
Accent, if any: Arabic
Ever had stitches? None
Ever broken a bone? Not One
Ever had surgery? No! Thank the gods!
Have any allergies? Hayfever, as I am discovering during my stay in Belliele.
Ever had a serious illness? Fortunately, no!

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