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Just like Adam, summer is INSANE for me. I work 4-6 jobs, and usually 2 jobs per day. I post more during my semesters purely because I have a lot of time waiting for things to import/export/critiques/boring classes.
Anyways, here are my posting times and I WILL keep this thread updated with more dates.

June 21st aka TOMORROW night. What time night starts for me, I don't know, but night. Either way I intend on posting with each of my characters at least twice.

Sunday, June 22nd. Pretty much all day after 5pm.

POSSIBLY July 4th.

You will not be able to find me on Tues-Thurs after 6pm EST. I will also be sporadically online and on AIM/gchat. If there is a dire need for me, PM me and hope I see it or if you're close with Chrome she can text me till I get online. When it's not Tues-Thurs, you can probably count on light plottage if I don't have the brain to write, via gchat only as I don't have aim on my phone.

Love you all! <3 <3 <3 happy posting!
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