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Default Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VII



[OOC Information]

Your Name: Josh
RP Experience: A good while
Your Character's Player Base: Toby Regbo


[Basic Information]

Character Name: Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VII
Character Age: 16
Gender: Male
Birthday (including year): April 2nd, 225
Home Castle/City: Mier, Arbrecht
House: Vulferam



Conan has many of the base traits possessed by many a Vulferam: passionate, hearty and determined. In many ways, the family is like the mountains in which they reside. There were times they could be majestic and a sight to behold. There were times when they were a safe haven and others when they were a danger. As far as many are aware, the mountains are a constant presence and to bring them down would require a tremendous force that is seldom seen in the world. Though, over time, a seemingly gentle touch can bring one down over the many years…

To describe Conan as a mountain would be partially apt. He is tall, like most Vulferams, but maturity has not yet allowed his frame to fill out. Most of the mountain in Conan comes from within. The harsh climate of Mier forced Conan from a young age to realize the harsh reality of the world around him, but this did not darken his bright personality. Rather than meekly accept what life offered him, Conan reaches out to claim what is his and sees the beauty inherit in all things. Indeed, this has led him to ultimately pursue one of his few passions: art. It is not uncommon to see Conan with a book of paper and a pencil, ready to draw at a moment’s notice. Even at his young age, his drawings are very accurate, though he does take artistic liberties from time to time.

As much as he enjoys art, Conan realizes he must pursue more practical skills. Like most Vulferams, Conan’s mind is quick and enjoys a variety of games be they based on board, word or otherwise. The games may be silly to some, but for Conan they help keep his mind moving and swiftly so. This quality has also benefited his growing skills in leadership, particularly clan leadership and military leadership. Though he hardly considers himself a tactical or strategic genius, the need to defend one’s home is a recurring issue in Arbrecht. It always serves to be prepared.

However, there is a darker side to Conan. Like his father, his stubbornness can be his undoing. Yet, something deeper lurks within Conan: a fire. Some mountains in the world are cold and stable within, often yielding a great number of treasures forged by fire. Within Conan, the impressive heat of a burgeoning volcano roils. Fortunately for all, it is very rare for such fire to emerge but when it does, it can be a very frightening sight to behold. The recent events in Arbrecht have served to make an eruption all the more likely.

His recent experiences in the war against the Fitzwulf saw the loss of a great deal of innocence. War was a real, dark and harsh reality that Conan could scarcely believe. Nonetheless, he managed to put aside his more nave imaginings of the world to stand by his father. Little did he know he would pay the price for such determination and loyalty, especially during his confrontation with Thomas Fitzwulf. Conan had honestly thought he might die and to this day, the experience does haunt him in his dreams. Combined with his father’s actions against the Blanchards and their isolation to Mier, Conan has grown subdued. Very rarely does Conan laugh, play games or draw anymore. Those desires still lurk within him, waiting to be set free once again.

As for his family, Conan has a strong and abiding love for all. His father has been his role model for as long as he can remember and his mother frequently served to temper Conan’s more passionate outbursts. The death of the latter was very difficult on Conan. Only his dear twin was able to coax him out of his imposed shell and breathe life back into Conan’s fire and passion. Conan does his best to maintain good relations with his extended family, finding a quality that is admirable in all of them such as Niamh’s wild passion, Maeve’s strong personality, Aisling’s quiet duplicity and Coralie’s dedication to elegance. Everyone has their place, after all and only together can a family be strong.




The second of a large brood, Conan likes to joke that his twin sister tricked him or ‘tripped’ him, preventing him from entering the world first. That shared adventurous spirit did lead them on many an adventure in their home during their early years. Conan does not have many substantial memories outside of facing the dark alone for the first time or finding some hidden passageway to share with Everild. As the years went on, the two of them would frequently use such adventures to keep them distracted. Their father was away frequently, dealing with this or that. Conan had learned from a young age that it was simply part of being the heir and eldest son of an important family. It did not click in his mind at that tender age the same would likely be expected of him.

More siblings were born into their family, the already large Vulferam family seeming to dominate the entire realm. For Conan, though, this seemed to be the test of leadership he needed. His father was a leader and since Conan admired his father a great deal, it was only nature he would seek to impersonate him. Unfortunately, most of the siblings tended to rebel against Conan’s attempts especially since their parents seemed to have a better handle on things. That Conan would become so frustrated and angry when his siblings would not listen ultimately worked against him. It took many years and many patient talks with his father to understand the error of his ways. Eventually, Conan molded into the brother that Conor expected him to be, though his father wisely pointed out that he would never stop learning.

In addition to his standard education, Conan discovered a love of drawing at a young age. Though his initial attempts were crude, consistent practice and a keen eye helped his skills grow by leaps and bounds. Thanks to a near eidetic memory, his able to draw many objects and scenes after only seeing them once. Conan has frequently claimed that drawing actually helps him focus, think things over and even purge some unwanted memories. His room became practically festooned with his sketches and drawings. Every one of them was precious to him in some way, especially the drawings of his late mother.

The death of his mother was difficult on the entire family. Conan became reclusive for a long while, and only Evee was able to draw him out. Life eventually returned to him, especially since Evee and Conor reminded him that life could be lived in the past, only the future.

Unfortunately, the future seemed to hold only war. Though the Vulferams were involved in several conflicts, the war against the Fitzwulfs was Conan’s first real taste of that dark and dangerous world. As his father had warned, it was not nearly as glamorous as the tales of knights and soldiers. It was gritty, harsh and almost too real for Conan. A great deal of Conan’s youthful innocence was lost. The confrontation with Thomas Fitzwulf gave him his first taste of death, finding it unpalatable but mind altering nonetheless. That he was forced that day on to rely on a cane only further reinforced this.

The next several events were a whirlwind as Conan fought to keep up with his father. Conor seemed angered by Corbin Blanchard’s perceived lack of gratitude for hiding the man for so many years. Because he possessed a strong sense of loyalty, Conan stood by his father in saving Lady Elanor Fitzwulf from execution. It was only after the dust had settled that Conan began to slowly realize the error of his father’s ways. It seemed that his father was affected by a deep fire just as he himself was. However, now Conan had a taste of how destructive that fire could be.

Isolated in Mier, Conan finds himself regretting what happened… but what could he do to fix it?


[Writing Sample]

Canes were for old men. Certainly, he had seen men without a gray of hair on their head with a cane due to this or that injury, but they were consistently older than him. A man at the age of 16 with a cane should have been unheard of. Conan detested the damn thing. To have to rely on a piece of wood so that he could go to and fro was still a bitter pill for him to swallow. Or perhaps it was the fact that his leg still hurt so much that was coloring his thinking.

No longer wanting to be cooped up in their family home, Conan struck out into the day intent on finding a new path to explore. That was what he did before the war and it always brought him pleasure. That he had his sketchbook with him was another encouraging sign. Surely, he could find something new, take a sketch of it and everything would slowly go back to normal. At least, that was what he fervently hoped. No longer would he focus on his useless leg or his family’s isolation.

However, that did not turn out to be the case. A new path was, indeed, found but he grossly overestimated his ability to navigate it. While on the trail, his cane landed on a rock, causing it fly from underneath him and suddenly put too much weight on his wounded leg. A cry of pain escaped him, his balance was lost and down he went. His body dragged down the hilly path a ways before he finally came to rest.

He rolled on his back, gazing up at the sky. A bird could be seen circling far above him and Conan gave into whimsical envy. If only he could be a bird and escape these bonds…


[Timeline of Events]


Year 225: The twins Everild Ammeline Sithmaith Vulferam and Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam VII "Conan” are born.
Year 226: Sigrid Isolde Rathnait Vulferam is born.
Year 228: Aurelius Seachlann Tuathal Vulferam is born.
Year 231: Egon Ragnvald Murchadh Vulferam is born. Meanwhile the plague of Turpis Morbi begins to surface in the city of Ernsaw and commences its ravaging throughout Forsilvra, claiming the life of Naomhan Andreas Tadhg Vulferam a year after he is born as well as Shirin Ailis Deirdre Vulferam.
Year 234: The War of Heldenbrecht commences with the Fitzwulfs attempting to overthrow the Blanchards.
Year 235: Clementine Tuilelaith Mavourneen Vulferam is born and Ammeline DeLauncey Vulferam dies in childbirth.
Year 236: Ivor Tancred Somerled Vulferam falls in battle during the War of Heldenbrecht while later that year Eimear Aingeal Rathnait Vulferam dies from a wound that becomes infected.
Year 237: On January 9th, Conchobhar Tuathal Murchadh Vulferam V accepts William Fitzwulf as his Liege Lord. Later that year in May he dies of plague, and Conor succeeds as Banner Lord for House Vulferam.
Year 238: The War of Heldenbrecht ends, favoring a Fitzwulf victory.
Year 239: Conan and Everild go missing for four days; return home, safe and sound.
Year 240: The last recorded incidents of the plague are noted, and Turpis Morbi officially ends its wildfire of illness.
Year 241: Present day, House Vulferam aids Corbin Blanchard in reclaiming his rightful place as Liege Lord in Arbrecht commencing the War of Arbrecht.

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Ummm let's just go @Adamsama me and @Jenn since he's basically leading the house atm.
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I would change "Elvee" to "Evee" if you are just going for the sister's nickname (that is the one they used.)

Aside from that, approved!
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