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Default [08.1] Houses of Forsilvra

House Fontenot
Belleile,The Royal House of Forsilvra
"Strength in Unity"

House Fontenot was founded over 800 years before the uniting of Forsilvra. Raised to banner lords by House Faerald in the old days, House Fontenot grew in power and prestige. Known for their military might, when the Great War broke out, they raised their armies and moved to fight against the invaders that threatened to take down all of Forsilvra.

After the Great War, in which the kingdoms now known as Forsilvra banded together to drive out the invades of The East. To ensure continued unity, they agreed to unite under one king, who would be located on an island independent of the others. The kingdoms would becoming provinces, which each former king now a sworn lord to the king. Jondé Fontenot, a high ranking noble on Caelain, who had been instrumental in the victory over The East was chosen as the king. He took on Ilsa Fitzwulf of Arbrecht as a wife as a sign of unity.

At first, the rule of House Fontenot was little more than a formality. The provinces each supplied high lords for council and knights to guard the king, but short of a few taxes and minor laws, little was done to consolidate the kingdoms. But as time passed, disputes were brought to the throne for rulings, and stronger laws were passed. A military force to protect the castle was added and both castle and town were surrounded by high walls. The island, chosen for it’s rocky beaches, cliffs, and steep slops is not impossible to breach, but able to be defended.

House Genealogy
  • Bernard Fontenot -- Aurianna Blanchard
    • Adrienne Fontenot Fleurant
    • Alexis Fontenot -- Blanche Toussaint
      • Arianne Fontenot Montrose
      • Joseph Fontenot -- Corenna Faerald
      • Stephane Fontenot -- Isabella Fitzwulf
        • Felicié Fontenot
        • Quintin Fontenot
        • Esmée Fontenot
        • Marc Fontenot
    • Jacques Fontenot -- Anwen Prothero
      • Jacqueline Fontenot Morgandy
    • Isabelle Fontenot DeLauncey


Licorn of Belleile, Forsilvra
Represented by Schloss Schwerin

House Fontenot
Second Line, Captains of the Guard

This is the branch founded by the second son of Jonde Fontenot and Ilsa Fitzwulf in Year 1. Each first son or first daughter’s noble husband would rise to the position of Captain of the City Guard. If no such man existed or the first son passed, then the position would fall to the second son or the first male cousin of the line. And so on.

House Genealogy

House Valentine
Vassal to the Crown
"All Hearts Bleed"

House Valentine has been established on the Isle of Forsilvra ever since they emigrated from a distant land well over a century earlier, arriving in Belleile in the year of 116 AF. The story has always been that the Linchao Republic seized their homeland, but some suspected there was more than that assuming treachery on the part of then Lord Alois Valentine VI. The family has always been wealthy and particularly inclined towards academia. Many scholars in health, healing, and medicine have come from this family. The Valentine family used their wealth to start a small Academy of Medicine and Healing in Belleile the year of 142 AF. All members of House Valentine are well educated, and are often sought after for their particular expertise. House Valentine has stirred controversy at times by getting into arguments and disputes with various religious groups, and has been rumoured to harbour many dark secrets.

House Genealogy

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