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Default [01.1] Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ is meant to help answer some of the common questions we get here at Forsilvra. If your question isn't on here, simply reply to the post with the question, and the staff will get it added along with the answer!

  • Basic Questions
    • How do I navigate this forum! It’s not software I know well?
    • I’ll be away for a week. Where do I post this?
    • How do I find my threads in this huge forum?
    • Is there an easy place to find the important links?
    • How do I contact other players?
    • Where does the old profile go for an adopted character?
    • Why does my avatar have to be 100x100?
  • Joining Questions
    • I just arrived and I’m lost! Where do I start?
    • I have no idea what character I want. Is there a good place to look at ideas?
    • I found the character I want, but the username is taken. What do I do?
    • Why do you only allow noble characters?
    • Why does my first character have to be from an established house?
    • Do you have a word count?
    • Do you have post requirement?
    • What are these points?
    • Do I have to have a minimum number of posts to make a second character?
    • What if I am struggling with a character to meet the requirement?
    • I just joined, do I have to meet the activity requirement?
    • Do I need an OOC account?
    • How do I setup my character account?
    • Do I need an avatar and where do I get one?
    • How do I know my character is approved?
    • Why do I need to copy the House Genealogy in?
    • What happens to an account when it is transferred?
  • Playing Questions
    • Is Forsilvra a strategy game or a storyline game?
    • I have no idea what is going on in my province. Help me?
    • I want to make a plot page and can’t find the right place
    • Where do I find travel times from city to city?
    • What is the weather for each province?
    • What is the comfort document for?
    • I want to post as NPC. How should I do this?
    • If I do NPC posts, can I allocate them to my character post requirement?
    • I returned to the game and my account doesn't work, help!
    • What are the secret forums for?
    • When do I get a secret forum?
    • What is the character group?
    • Where do I go to request to join and approve the requests?
    • What is the private group?
    • What do I do with the thread?
    • I can't see my secret forum with one of my accounts!
    • Do I add my characters to my private group?
    • Should I add other people to my character group?
    • Why do I get blocked from making new characters when I drop a bunch?
    • I didn’t create the house, but now I’m the only player in it. Will I be penalized if I drop that character?
    • What style of Game is Forsilvra?
    • Why such control from Province Lords?

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