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Default [01.0] Forsilvra Game Rules


The Rules for Forsilvra have been divided into four sections as follows:

These rules are here are so that players can understand the requirements for characters, including explaining what major/minor characters are, adoptables, and rules for posting and holds.

1. The number one most important rule for any game is to respect all members. This is a game only, and OOC drama will not be tolerated. We’re here to write and have fun. If you’re having a problem with another member, either quietly resolve the issue between the two of you or bring the issue to one of the mods. There will be no tolerance for back-stabbing or drama-making. If you need to vent, do it quietly, then let it go.

2. No Godmoding. This rule is found in every RPG rule book and is one of the most critical. You cannot control another character’s motions, thoughts, or dialogue. What this also means is that your character can’t infer what another character will think or assume they will react in a certain way until the player RPs them doing so. Some exceptions to this rule do apply. If two characters agree to walk into a shop, one player may RP both character moving forward. In addition, if there is an action you feel would be beneficial to the scene for you to RP, simply ask the other player if you can control their character for a moment and what you’d like to have their character do.

3. No Metagaming. Another standard. In a game like Forsilvra, characters are entwined. Yours is not likely to randomly show up somewhere without anyone knowing about it. Remember 'the walls have ears'! Everything going on may affect your character, so if you're in the middle of something huge/dramatic/on fire/plague ridden (hopefully that darn plague is gone!) your character cannot just toddle about untouched.

4. The rating for this game is R/NC-17. This means that you should be 18 to join. Adult content will be allowed. This includes violence, sex, language and adult situations. All explicit scenes should be marked with a warning. Sex is fun, writing is it is fun, but we adults don't want to be liable for corruption of young eyes and young morals. Consider this a legal matter and not because we think there is something wrong with teenagers.

5. Grammar is required. Take an extra minute to reread your posts. A missed word or an occasional mistake aren't an issue, but if your post is so littered with grammatical errors that it’s illegible we have a problem. Google docs and some browsers have built in spell checkers as well to help you out.

6. If you are going to be gone for more than one week, please post in the Away Thread so that your fellow players know you'll be absent. If you fail to do this and you've vanished, we're going to consider you gone for good.

7. Multiple OOC accounts, using proxies, or posting as other member's characters using their accounts without prior discussion with the staff is grounds for banning.

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